Monster Integration - Chapter 1557 - The Party II

Chapter 1557 - The Party II

Chapter 1557 - The Party II

"Wow," I couldn't help but said when I saw the Ballroom where the party held; I have to say, I am impressed.

I had spent about an hour answering the reporters' questions before I finally entered the Ballroom, which is really impressive; it is not only but also glittering in magical lights.

"Yes, Wow," Elina repeated as she took a complete view of the Ballroom, where more than a thousand people have already gathered. All the people here are finely dressed and not a single weaker than the King.

Members of all organizations are present here, and so are people who were in the top 100.

All of them were mingling with each other, but when they noticed us entering, all of them stopped and nodded gently before continuing with their conversations.

"It took you all long enough," Said the woman wearing a long blue gown as she came toward us, "We are right on time, mother," Elina replied as a teacher came toward us.

She is wearing a long emerald blue gown, it is very regal, and it looked amazing on her.

"Teacher," I greeted, "Come, Micheal, there are too many people who wanted to meet you; I don't if this night will be enough to meet with all of them," the teacher said as she took my hands off from her daughters and take me to meet some people.

The projection is not simple; it is corporal projection; bodies made by them had the strength of the average knight, so except for eating and fighting, the projection does everything else.

Teacher wasn't joking when she said there are a lot of people she wanted me to meet; most of these people are from Supremes; we met people who command Supremes, from Elders to leaders to old monsters.

All of them had indirectly asked me to consider their organization, lot of them even promised to come to the mansion for the private meeting; I hope when they came teacher and professor deal with them, I have to lot of things to do, in these few days in Orcoz City.

"So, you finally got time for your girlfriend," Mira asked as she took gently took a sip from her drink while looking at me; seeing her look, a sigh couldn't help but escape from my mouth.

The teacher took nearly three hours to introduce all the important people she wanted me to meet; while I was doing that, Mira often caught my eyes and invited me, but I could not see the teacher had a lot of people who wanted to meet with me.

I did not answer her, just gave her a small apologetic smile. I might not be good as Elina in interactions, but I still know enough about when to open my mouth and when not.

Saying anything is not wise; whatever I say will going to have the opposite effect. So, I better smile to mute whatever burst she is going to have.

Seeing my smile, Mira glared at me fiercely before her expression softened, "By the congratulation on Winning the battle, I had not said it before because I wanted to congratulate you personally," she said and kissed me on the lips.

The kiss had lasted for a couple of seconds only, but when it was over, all the anger in Mira's eyes have disappeared.

"Your performance was great in the final battle; my parents were quite impressed; they have asked me to invite you for dinner, day after tomorrow," she asked with a smile.

"Off course, I will come," I replied with my brightest smile.

To be honest, I had better plans than spending nearly a night at my girlfriend's parents but seeing the smile on Mira's face; I know I have to go; the price of not going will be very difficult to bear.

Mira and I talked for about fifteen minutes before her brother came and took her to meet some people while I went to meet my friends, and to my surprise, I found three of them together.

Jill and Ellen are sitting in the corner of the bar, talking softly with each other; there also Madeline with them, Ellen's fiancé.

"Oh, look who it is, Micheal the Great, Slayer of Werewolves, Host of Celestial Inheritance," Ellen said in an outlandish fake voice; it good they have enveloped themselves in the sound barrier; otherwise, it would have created quite a scene.

"Oh, stop it," I said and took a seat beside them, "You really kept quite a secrete, hun Micheal, I thought my bloodline was great, but here you come, creating your own Inheritance," Ellen said while finis.h.i.+ng the drink in a single gulp.

"You are unmatched, love," Madeline said as she sn.a.k.e.d her arms around Ellen and kissed her.

"Really, it was quite a surprise knowing you have Clear Heart Inheritance," Jill said. To that, I just smiled.

Both of them seemed fine on the surface, but I could tell the World Champions.h.i.+p have given them quite a shock, especially Jill; I could tell how hard she is trying to appear cheerful.

"How are you guys feeling?" I asked after few minutes of talking, hearing that both of them became sober and their real emotions showed on their face.

"To be honest, the strength of Werewolf and you defeating it was shocking. If any of us had been in your place, we would have died in the first attack of it," Jill said with a sigh.

"You know before the champions.h.i.+p, I was considering myself quite a big shot, having this Inheritance made me think I am invincible in my level and except for Ellen, n.o.body is capable of challenging me," "but my defeat by Elijah and you are defeating the Werewolf have given me a quite big reality check," She added and picked up a new drink and finished in a single gulp.

"I have decided that unless I could defeat someone with the strength of Werewolf in a single attack, I would not level up from the King Stage, no matter how much time it took me to get that power," Ellen Said with conviction.

"Me too, unless I could burn 'Monster' Cla.s.s Emperor in a single attack, I would not level up to Emperor stage," Jill repeated, and as she said it, her eyes begin to burn in the Abyssal light.

I again smiled at that, and this time, I don't what I could say.

They both at the peak of King Stage and had plants to make the breakthrough after the champions.h.i.+p as they had felt they had harvested they could from their Inheritance and Bloodline at their stage.

And now they want to harvest even more power and this time amount of power they are planning to harvest is not small. It is huge that they will have to go through many life and death situations, and it might even take years for them to do that.

If others had something like that, I would have laughed at them, but with these two, I believe they can do it.

I think that not only because they have the most powerful Inheritance and Bloodline but also because these two are the most hard-working people I know, once they put their mind into something, they will not stop till they accomplish the thing they wanted.