Monster Integration - Chapter 1553 - Vault No. 12 II

Chapter 1553 - Vault No. 12 II

Chapter 1553 - Vault No. 12 II

More than one hour pa.s.sed since I had entered the vault, and I had gone through nearly one-third of things that had been placed here, and till now, four things have made it to my list; all these things are great if I don't find anything interesting, I will choose three things from them.

But that is not going to happen; I had only covered less than half of the vault's s.p.a.ce, there is a lot more, and I am sure I will find things ahead, and I am very much looking forward to it.

After pa.s.sing three more weapons which are very good, but I do not need them, Ive come across the potion bottle; in the bottle, there are four colors of liquids, it looks like someone had just added four different colored liquid in the bottle, but that is not the case.

It is failed experiment of Emperor Grade regeneration potion, a potion that could help in regrowing a limb. The Regeneration potion of this grade are quite rare, and not to forget, the Alchemist was not trying to make a normal regeneration potion.

Usually, when one drinks the regeneration potion, they can regrow their lost body part, but this newly grown body part is not strong as their original one; they had quite a time and resources to make that body part strong as other parts of the body.

The Alchemist was trying to make Exceed Regeneration potion; these potions regenerate the body part that has the strength of lost body part or close to its original strength.

Using such potions, one had to spend minimal to no effort in getting them strong as original body parts.

Though these Exceed Regeneration potions are amazing, they are hard to make. Saying 'hard' would be an understatement, as they are extremely difficult to me, and there are maybe around ten Alchemists, including an old monster that could craft potions of that caliber.

This potion is failed attempt of Grandmaster Goldsmith, and drinking one might even kill an Emperor; the caution is written on the bright red words, but I am not the caution but the list of ingredients it had been used to make.

When I finished going through the list, my eyes couldn't help but light up; the ingredients used in making it are extremely rare, and most importantly, the 75% of ingredients used in making it is what I need in the resources.

"Micheal, this is failed potions; if you drink it thinking you might have a chance regrowing the limb that might be lost in the future, then don't; Grandmaster Goldsmith had clearly stated that it wouldn't work healing potions," Aunt Georgia warned.

"I know, aunt Georgia," I said and walked ahead while taking that failed potions top of my list; the failed potions are better than all the things that I had on my list combined.

I continued to walk ahead, giving each resource a few seconds before moving forward; such forty more minutes have pa.s.sed, and my list has grown to eleven, but the failed potion is still topping the list.


Soon, I come across a tiny pinky nail size of a piece of black wood and stop suddenly with an expression of shock appearing on my face, which instantly disappeared as I controlled my emotions but sure, aunt Georgia had noticed.

"This wood was found in the storage of killed Tyrant Stage Grimm Monster, it was quite bigger when it was found, but Alchemist's spent most of it. This unknown piece of wood is a great herbal catalyst of Emperor Grade,"

"It could be used in all the experiment, and alchemists had fought tooth and nail for it, till this tiny piece had remained," Aunt Georgia said and looked at expectantly; my reaction earlier had made her quite curious.

While my face may look calm under aunt Georgia's gaze but I am anything but calm; I am utterly shocked inside me.

I am shocked because my runes reacted to the tiny piece of wood; my runes had never reacted to any resource before; it is the first time they have reacted.

I don't know whether it is whether due to the bloodline they consumed yesterday or something else, but this reaction changes things, and also, I am getting this piece of wood.

I wanted to know what is it about it that made my runes react toward it, and also, once I got back to the academy, I am going to ask the teacher to let me see the notes of her Her Excellency Headmistress, it is time for me to get some guidance from my predecessor.

I spend few seconds around the tiny piece of wood, as I do with other resources before moving forward, now I am very curious; I wanted to see if I could get a reaction from my runes again; I hope there are some more things in this vault that my runes liked.

Little more than two hours have pa.s.sed, and I finally inspected all the resources here, and my list had grown over a hundred; there so many precious things in the last third of the vault, half of them are of Tyranid Grade.

"Have you chosen the things you want?" Aunt Georgia asked, and I nodded; there are hundreds of things I want from here, but I could only take three things.

"I would take a failed exceed regeneration potion, tiny alchemical black wood, and repelling rock," I said, hearing that surprised expressions couldn't help but appear on aunt Georgia's face; she is very surprised by my choices.

All three things are Emperor Grade; if I wanted to, I could have chosen Tyrant Grade material, but I do need them; of the three things, two of them are very hard to find outside.

Before I left for the Pyramid, professor had told me to choose the things I would need to breakthrough Emperor Stage; the academy will give me resources for breaking throught the Tyrant stage.

So, with that worry gone, I was able to choose the things I would truly need for my breakthrough into the Emperor Stage.