Monster Integration - Chapter 1554 - Lady Hera I

Chapter 1554 - Lady Hera I

Chapter 1554 - Lady Hera I

There is a very good reason why I chose these three things and not others. The failed potions are made of extremely rare Emperor Grade materials, and most of the materials are compatible with my Inheritance Runes.

There are essences of nearly a hundred very rare materials in it; it is like getting ten things at the price of one.

The other tiny piece of wood, I have to have it, my runes reacted to it, there is no way I will leave it.

The last thing is repelling rock; I don't what it is; neither my runes reacted to it but strange enough that I feel like very useful to me.

The repelling rock looked like a violet-blue rock, but it is not a rock, not completly; it is made of very dense herbal essences that once upon a time used to be herbs that are above Tyrant grade.

But as time pa.s.sed, it begins to lose its efficacy and reduced to Emperor Grade; such things are quite common in the Alchemical labs found in the runes; it was found in one of such labs a few centuries ago.

The reason it is called 'Reppeling Rock' because sometimes it repels thing, it repels air, water, anything that one throw on it, only sometimes, half of the time the fell on it, while other half time they get repelled.

There was the incident a decade ago when it begins to burn things, it had even melted Emperor Grade metals, but that had happened only one time.

"Are you sure about these things?" Aunt Georgia asked, "Yes," I replied; she nodded and opened the screen on her badge before tapping few b.u.t.tons; as she finished, a green light appeared on the three things, and aunt Georgia collected them one by one.

"Now that you have collected your first reward, it is time for your to collect your second reward; you will get it from Lady Hera," Aunt Georgia informed as we walked out of the vault.

It had quite surprised me, who is Lady Hera, she is one of the most powerful people in the whole world, even if my performance were so great yesterday, given her busy schedule, I would not have gotten the appointment with her.

It is especially true after the mess Grimm Monster had made by sending their member to a most fortified place of the humans; I am sure Lady Hera would be very busy dealing with its aftermath and perpetrators who help in causing it.

Since yesterday, there is no place in Orcoz city that is not covered in the Tyrant's soul sense. Their soul sense is very faint that King like me could not sense it, but to Tyrant like a professor, it is very clear.

Professor joked yesterday that such a number of probing consciousness are quite irritating, and if she had been on the battlefield, she would have repelled these consciousnesses hard.

Knock Knock

Twenty minutes later, we stood in front of the simple wooden door which emits ancientness; the Pyramid is old, more than ten thousand years old, and since then, the office of its leader hadn't changed.

"Come in!"


A voice came from inside, and the lock of its clicked opened, "Go in, I will wait for you here," Aunt Georgia said; I nodded and opened the door before walking inside the big office.

As I walked inside, I saw a huge gla.s.s wall from which one could see the whole view of Orcoz city. the Pyramid is the tallest building in Orcoz City and its leader's office at one of the most top floor.

The office of lady Hera is big, three times bigger than that of the teacher, and filled with things that are both ancient and modern; the most notable thing in the office is a rusty ax that had many cracks on it; it is a centerpiece.

One might feel it will crack into pieces with the slightest push on it, but it will not happen.

The ax may seem rusty but had a faint aura that makes me shudder from my core; I don't think I would be able to touch the ax without getting cut into pieces from that faint aura along.

"It is Magnus Ax, the ax that decapitated leader of Grimm Monsters in first Era War," Lady Hera said.

There was a lot of information about the first-era war, a war in which the Grimm Monsters had nearly successfully invaded the whole world, but if not for the Magnus the Moutain Cleaver.

He was the leader of human forces that led the charge against the Grimm Monsters and stopped us from total extinction, but there is very little information about him.

He is like a phantom; he appeared at the start of the war out of nowhere and disappeared within a week of war ending; there is no information from where he was born and where he came from, or what Inheritance he had.

People only know his name, Magnus the Mountain Cleaver.

"Take a seat, Micheal," Lady Hera said as I turned toward her; I walked toward her and took a seat as she had asked.

"Your performance yesterday could be said to be beyond amazing, and with the revelation of your Inheritance, you know what will happen, right?" she asked, and I nodded; I have a pretty good idea about what is going to happen.

"Every Grimm Monster will be out for your blood; it is not only Grimm Monsters but also their spies and people who they paid an enormous amount of resources, or the people who you have a feud with will be out for your blood covertly and openly," She said with a sigh, and a small wooden box appeared on the table.

"Your performance and the Inheritance you have made the Pyramid Rate you a Millenia Talent and for your protection, the Pyramid bestow you this," she said and pushed a light wooden box toward me.

I looked at him inquisitively, but seeing a smile on her face, I took the box in my hand and opened it. Inside the box is a simple black band, on which faint runes could be seen s.h.i.+ning.