Monster Integration - Chapter 1552 - Vault No. 12 I

Chapter 1552 - Vault No. 12 I

Chapter 1552 - Vault No. 12 I

Amidst the rows of reporters, I walked into the entrance of the Pyramid, which is a lot bigger than I had first thought it would be.

There are a lot of reporters waiting for me when I arrived at Pyramid; I had to entertain them for fifteen minutes before I went in, right on time with my appointment with the representative of Pyramid, which will take me to the vault.

"There are quite many reporters outside; I hope you did not have any problem?" A familiar voice asked, "No, I got used to them, Aunt Georgia." I replied it is Aunt Georgia who spoke.

"Call me Inquisitor Georgia; I am on official duty," she said in mock seriousness, "Inquisitor Georgia," I said with a smile, and she nodded, and we begin to walk.

"As the winner of the World Champions.h.i.+p, you will get two rewards from Pyramid, first is a fixed amount of rare resources, that is enough for an average King to reach Tyranst Stage, and the other is choosing three things from No. 12 Vault."

"Usually, the Champion could only choose one thing from the No. 12 Vault, but since it was the 1000th Anniversary of the Champions.h.i.+p, the Pyramid Council decided to let the champion take three things," Aunt Georgia explained as we walk.

On the way, we have come across many people; many of them seemed to have watched yesterday's battle as they whisper and pointed toward me and as we walked with Aunt Georgia.

The Pyramid is an Ancient Artifact, contained the s.p.a.ce of small city inside and this s.p.a.ce is lot stable than the one outside that even powerful Tyrants will have a hard time in breaking that s.p.a.ce.

We have walked far inside that now; we come across barely any crowd, and those who across us were all Tyrants, who nodded at aunt Georgia and looked at me before moving to their way.

We had walked for more than fifteen minutes before we reached a huge gate which No. 12 written in huge bold grey letters.

As we appeared from of it, Aunt removed the Pyramid Shaped badge off her chest and placed it on a small surface; as she did, a while scanning ray released from it and began to scan us.

"There are sixteen vaults in the Pyramid, the first five vaults are only available to leaders, and n.o.body knows what is stored in them, as for other vaults, each of them stores a distinct type of things," Aunt Georgia said and while light continued to scan us.

"The vault No. 12 is reward vault, it is always had been reward vault, all the rewards that Pyramid give to those who performed the exemplary services have come from this vault," Aunt Georgia informed and a moment later, the while disappeared.


As the scanning light disappeared, its doors slid opened, and the only thing that is between us and the things in the vault is a grey layer of energy, which makes it really hard for one to see what is inside.

"Come, it is time for your to choose your rewards," Aunt Georgia said with a smile and walked through the energy layer, seeing I followed her behind and entered the vault.


A gasp couldn't help but appear on my face as I entered inside the vault. The first thing I noticed about it that it is huge, far bigger than I had imagined, and it is filled with things, and all of them looked very precious.

The No. 12 vaults, also known as officers vault or reward vault, all the things here are very precious, even the lower-level thing could very useful to kings and highest level, even tyrants would fight.

"You can pick three things, and nothing is off-limit here," Aunt Georgia said, and there is a strange smile on her face when she said it.

I looked at her for a second, thinking what her smile means before I moved toward the things around me.

The first thing that had caught my eyes was the silver ax; it was placed on the white marble stool.

Above the ax, its information is flas.h.i.+ng, and as I had thought, this ax was found in the ruin, the design of the ax different from the weapons we create in our world.

This silver ax is a powerful weapon; it could merge with an Axe Type totem artifact and increase its power.

I looked at it for a moment before moving forward; I am not going to take any weapons. The only thing I am going to choose from here is rare and powerful resources that will help me when I break through the emperor stage.

The first three items I saw were weapons before I come across the herbal resource. This resource is palm is a piece of bark; it is brown in color with purple blotches here and there.

The Bark of Ise tree; the trees are found in Central Continent's southern marshes, a king-level resource with immense vitality.

A potion made by this instantly heal a King that is at its last breath; it is also used in vitality burning poison.

"It is a great resource; it will greatly help your materialized runes," Aunt Georgia said behind me. I am not surprised she knew about the materialization of my Inheritance runes; those with enough knowledge would easily saw it in yesterday's battle.

"It is a good resource; I would have thought about taking it if it had been level higher," I said, surprising her little.

I walked ahead, checking every resource Ive come across, a.s.sessing their compatibility with my const.i.tutions seven elements that runes have Inheritance or the compatibility with bloodlines that my runes have consumed.

I have found a few of them that will be beneficial for my runes, but their grade is too low for my taste; I would need at least at the High Emperor Grade before I could even think about choosing them.

And I am lucky that I am in the vault of Pyramid; I am sure there are resources here that I need; the resources I might not find anywhere, I just have to find them.