Monster Integration - Chapter 1545 - Harvest

Chapter 1545 - Harvest

Chapter 1545 - Harvest

"Hahahaha, Ive Finally got you human, and this time, I will not let you off my grip!" It said, and as it pushed the destructive fire into Vine Giant's chest through which it spread internally.

"The battle had taken longer to finish than I had imagined it to be, but it is finally over," It said and lifted me while holding my chest; it even twirled me around in three-sixty degrees for all the crowd to see before placing its other claw on the vine giants head.

Puch Puch Puch

"Human, watch how I will burn your Champion into the Ashes; the same will happen to those who will resist the Grimm Race!" It said and pierced its fingers of its claws inside the vine giants head one by one.

When all of the fingers pierced through the head, the closest finger was just half a meter away from me.

"Human, you have struggled hard, but your struggles end here, BURN!" The Werewolf roared, and the next moment, all the destructive fire covering its body moved toward two of its claws.

Till now, it had never used the destructive fire covering its body; it had produced new fire but never used this one, but now it had used, and this fire far more dangerous than all the fire it had attacked me till now.

'I hope all the preparation I made will be enough; if there is the slightest mistake, this fire will burn me to ashes before I even begin executing my plan,' I said to myself.

The fire reached its claw before entering the vine giants body through them; I could hear the horrified gasp from the crowd, but I have no intention to focus on that; the moment I had been waiting for has arrived.

As the destructive fire burst into me, the formations lighted up like never before; not only active formations but also the formations which had not been active since I morphed them from the vines had also lit up.

The place where the runic formations are densest in my head, nearly every part of it filled with formation, so just as the sharp claw fingers produced fire, all of them lit up and begin to suck the fire like crazy and convert and sent toward the storage formation.

The runes are appeared not only internally but also externally; every part of my Vine Giant covered with them, so when they revealed, they began sucking blazing fire that covering the Vine Giant.

The Wereworlfs eyes popped out in shock like never before, as it saw its most powerful attack is getting sucked at such speed, it was shocked so much that it wasn't able to react for a second; the shock is too much for it.

The formations were so powerful, and I infused so much will into them that they had sucked 70% fire within a second and converted into raw energy.

The Werewolf understood something big going to happen, as it had immediately begun to remove its claws off me; it wanted to get away as fast from me when that happened, its instinct from deep down screaming at it to do that.

Unfortunately, it reacted a second late.

Everwings+First Boost+Second Boost

I pour all strength of Everwings and First Boost, and Top of that, I activated Second Boost and began to burn my essence; as I did, the b.l.o.o.d.y aura had covered the whole vine giant.

I also poured all the raw energy I had collected, whether stored in my body, wings, or vine giant.

All the energies, whether its Inheritance Energy, Essence Energy, or Raw energy, got divided into the three streams, two streams into the formation in my head and chest while the third went to my sword and activated both of its Enchantments with the power like never before.

Sup Sup Sup

By the time I did that, The Werewolf has already removed its claws of my chest and head when it suddenly saw something coming toward it at a very fast speed.

Thousands of thin hair thin vines shoot toward it; they come from my head and my chest.

"b.a.s.t.a.r.d, YOU DARE!" Werewolf roared in rage but immediately activated the defensive method, a golden barrier with Grimm Monster's murals begin to appear around it.

By the time hair-thin vines reached it, the defensive barrier had been completely formed.

Even King Stage' Monster' would not have been able to activate the defensive method fully this fast, but it is not King Stage Grimm Monster but 'Monster' of Emperor Stage.

Puh Puh Puh

There was a victorious smile in its rage-filled face, but immediately, that victorious smile stiffened as the hair-thin needled pierced through its defensive method like it was paper and moved toward its body.

This attack had contained raw energy of more than ten of its attacks. For this attack, I had made the vines as thin as possible and poured them with all the energy I have.

My totem artifacts enchantments have made these vines very sharp and heavy that they can have the ability to pierce through the defensive method of Emperor Stage' Monster'.

A look of disbelief flashed into its eyes, and its aura shot up, and it moved its claws and defended against them, and its claws were fast enough each it before, the hair-thin vines could pierce it.


A loud metallic sound rang out as its claws appeared in front of my thin hair vines and began stopping them; seeing that smile couldn't help but appear on my face.

Puch Puch Puch

If its claws could stop the attack, I wouldn't have burned my blood for it. Its claws were only able to stop the attack of a few hundred thin vines while the rest had begun to pierce through it, including the few invisible ones that I had made using the rules bending power as a precaution.

The hair-thin vines begin to pierce through it, and even that Inheritance Armor and Emperor level body was not able to stop the a.s.sault of my string.

As the vines pierced through the body of Werewolf, their natural formation had activated.

It is formation; I had the first formation cast on my vines when I designed them; they are made to do this original, they were made of 'Harvest' the Grimm Monsters, and that is what they will do now.