Monster Integration - Chapter 1546 - Bloodline Awakening

Chapter 1546 - Bloodline Awakening

Chapter 1546 - Bloodline Awakening

"My G.o.d!" I said in shock, what a reversal of battle this is? They had never thought he would counterattack.

The most they had hoped from this child that he would hang on the battle longer and when he reached his end, could not contend against the Werewolf any longer, they will save him.

It is not she and others who looked down on him when they thoughts this; it is natural for them to think such a way give their huge experience.

The difference of strength between them is too much; he is a Mid Level King, even he is a prodigy with Celestial Inheritance, the difference in power between him and the Werewolf is too great.

His opponent is Peak Emperor of the 'Monster' category, and on top of that, it is from the top tribe of Grimm Monster and has fused his abilities, such opponent no King could contend against, no matter how powerful they are.

But now it looked like this child seemed to have some chance to defeat his opponent with that move of his, which seemed more powerful than Golden Fire the Werewolf attacked a second ago, to be able to pierce such powerful defense with such ease.

The attack he performed is phenomenal as the way he utilized to collect energy to perform the attack.

The runic knowledge of this child is really amazing, but it least surprising aspect of him given the Inheritance he has.


I heard from behind me; it is the current Headmistress of Riverfield Academy that said it.

"Isn't this the move which the little guy use to turn the Grimm Monsters into Rose?" Angela asked; the headmistress nodded.

"His Roses are quite good; gemma is quite interested in them and had asked me to procure them for her when he could harvest them at Emperor and Tyrant Stage," Old Bradford added.

"This good move, but don't you think it bore some similarities to Her Excellency River Saintess's flowers from the Wonderland?" I asked.

"Yes, it does bore faint similarities to it," Angela said before she turned toward the Headmistress of Riverfield Academy.

"Little girl, how much Inheritance blueprint of Her Cxcellencies Inheritance have you shown to your student?" Angela asked.

Only Wisdom Tower and Riverfield Academy have the complete blueprint of River Saintess Inheritance, while our Hawthorn Sea has the incomplete one, the Supremes have bits and pieces of it.

"None, Micheal did not see a single part of Her Excellency Headmistress's Inheritance or complete part of any top Inheritance, I only gave his accesses to thoughts and pieces of some mid-level Inheritance," "I wanted to have his ideas as original as possible," She said shocking all those who were listening especially Micheal's Mother and Grand Tower Mistress Angela.

Grand Tower Mistress Angela had studied the Inheritance of River Saintess as she herself is creating Inheritance. The other Inheritances are nothing in front of River Saintess Inheritance; it is vast and powerful, one can dream of creating such Inheritance.

"Are you telling the truth, girl?" Angela asked, and the Headmistress River Academy nodded with a hint of pride and who wouldn't have pride having such a prodigious student.

Angel opened her mouth to say something, but she had stopped as the interesting turn had come to the battle.


The huge Werewolf scremed loudly in pain when over five hundred thin vines that pierced it returned to their original size and began the harvesting process, which is extremely painful to the Grimm Monsters.

The vines begin to come out of its body and wrap him and expanding; as they expand, the process became even more painful, that even Grimm Monster could not think straight in it.

"Human, don't be happy yet, my mission was to kill you, and I will do it. My only regret is that I had to do it in this shameful way!" It said, and an extremely powerful dark red aura burst through it.

"Let's Die Together, Human! HAHAHA…" It said and began laughing madly without care for the world.

It had started self-destruction, and within a few seconds, it will explode. I wanted to run away, but there is no place, even get as far as way from it, the explosion of it will really kill me.

It is the core of Emperor stage Grimm Monster that will explode and not normal Emperor either, but a 'Monster' with specialization in Fire.

Even if I somehow survived the explosion of its core, I will still die, as such a powerful explosion will destabilize the stretched s.p.a.ce, I will be immediately thrown in s.p.a.ce sea and shredded into pieces.

Seeing the horror on my face, the Werewolf roared even more loudly; from the beginning, the plan of the Grimm Monsters is perfect; they wanted to kill me at any price.

Suddenly, the mad laughter of Grimm Monster had stopped, and as it saw me come toward it.

I had hugged it before it does anything, shocking not only it but also the whole audience, and it was not able to stop me despite feeling something is wrong with my actions.


As I hugged it, Dimond Vine Giant's vines began to unfurl and created a sphere with both of us inside before piercing through every part of it.

Most of the vines focused on its core which is burning like a sun as it prepares to self-destruct.


It gains begins to scream as it begins to feel pain like never before; all the thoughts it had vanished in pain it is feeling.

It is not the only one that is feeling the pain; I am also feeling the pain as I forced my vines to suck the core's energy at their greatest speed.

The vines sucked energy before gathering it into a smaller sphere of vines to create the Essense Rose.

I had made the harvesting process safe; I had done great research on it due to the powerful energies that involve it, but now, I am making the process even faster; I want to finish sucking the core before it could explode.

It is not only my mind that is under immense stress but also my vines; steam could be seen coming from the vines that are covering the core, the slightest mistake on my part could break the vines and make the whole core explode, taking me with it.

Still, after a few seconds, I got the hang of intense energy; it is not the first time I am trying to harvest the exploding core; I had done this many times.


I just relaxed slightly when suddenly my expression transformed that of utter horror.

An ancient power rumbled from deep inside, and it is rapidly awakening; it did not take a moment for me to know what type of power it is.

A Bloodline, this f.u.c.k.i.n.g Grimm Monster is awakening its f.u.c.k.i.n.g bloodline. I had heard about some bloodline hidden deep within one awakened when one had precipe of death, but this my first time seeing it happening, and it is happening to my f.u.c.k.i.n.g enemy.

Seeing this happening, I wanted to pull out my hair in frustration; after experiencing hundreds of near-death attacks, I was finally made a move, and it worked as it intended.

I dealt with its self exploding core by barely controlling the energies of it and had thought I had succeeded, but no, fate seemed to want to screw me over as this Grimm Monsters f.u.c.k.i.n.g Bloodline is awakening.

I am in deep f.u.c.k.i.n.g trouble now!