Monster Integration - Chapter 1544 - The Plan II

Chapter 1544 - The Plan II

Chapter 1544 - The Plan II


I said with the victory's smile; I had finished within ten minutes as I had said, with my precious toy, I had only needed nine minutes and seven seconds to break the formation.

I couldn't help but feel proud of my work; it is a very difficult formation, and I had cracked it within ten minutes; I couldn't help but feel proud of myself.

Though she had broken the formation, it did not look like it. She had kept the Runes; she did not want those who are fighting to know she had broken the formation; all the fun will be gone if they come to know about it.

"Matron, you have broken the formation! Please rescue my son," Pleaded a young woman; I glanced at women who once would have become a pillar of the world with her Empire of Mist, but those idiots at Mistson broke that pillar before it could grow to its potential.

Well, no worries, she had produced such a talented son, and it did not belong to the Mistson.

"Not yet, little girl; we will only rescue him when his life truly in danger, and right now, he is holding on," I said, and no old monster objected.

The powerhouses forged in blood and steel, fighting on the edge of the death and the path he had chosen, require him to do that; the only baptism of blood will make one uneath all the potential one had.

The destructive fire is dangerous, a single wisp of it could burn that child to ashes in an instant, but it will not happen. With the formation broken, all of the use kept our senses locked on the child; the moment the child about to die, we will rescue him.

Till them, let him fight the Grimm Monster; only such battles could make him grow to his potential.

"What do you mean, you won't rescue him? Do you want my son to die!" The young woman roared for her son, and black runes begin appearing on her body; in just a moment, her whole body got covered in the cursed runes.


Mavis appeared beside her and clapped on the young women's shoulder; as she did that, the cursed runes begin to disappear into her body under the suppression of Mavis's power.

It is still a mystery how this girl had survived that battle; the curse master that attacked her was no simple Cursemaster, but she survived, she and that b.a.s.t.a.r.d Cursemaster.

'How much time did she have?' I asked Mavis telepathically, in her uncontrolled emotions, the curse had acted and seen how it had covered her whole body; it seemed like it had reached the dangerous stage.

'Not more than three years. This girl is quite capable, to fight off the curse cast by a student of that b.a.s.t.a.r.d for such a long time, but the curse had matured, and within three years, it will consume her whole,' Mavis replied, and she removed her hands from the shoulder as the young women had calmed down.

"Little girl, you don't have to worry; we will not let him die, but he had to fight till he could, only this way he will able to grow to his full potential," Mavis said to the young girl, who this time did not burst and just nodded unwillingly as she watched her son fight for his life.


Another fiery claw stuck at me, sending even more fire at me with a vengeful will.

I am very happy that, unlike the other moves, it can not launch this destructive fire repeatedly; it had to ama.s.s the power for at least four seconds before launching the next attack and wait is more, if the quant.i.ty of the destructive fire is more.

It is was its twelfth destructive fire strike, and with this attack, the destructive fire covering Diamond Humonoid has become even denser, wanting to burn the vines it is made of to ashes, but they are not successful.

Crack Crack Crack

It may look like it is slowly burning the vines, and it is happening because I am letting it happen. Not only that, but I am also slowly damaging my 'Rose Petals,' and with each attack, their damage became graves graver.

To those who are looking, it looked like I am slowly losing the battle; even Werewolf have begun believing that it is very close to defeating me, and it is just a matter of time before its fire consumes me.

Lets this b.a.s.t.a.r.d believe it with its whole heart; when I counter-attack, its reaction will priceless at that time, as at that contest of real life and death, the battle will start between us.

I had finished with most of the formation, and now, I again started creating the storage formation.

What I am planning to do, require a lot of energy, a lot, and I have that energy in the form of destructive fire; I just need to collect it and store it till I have all the energy I needed.

Time pa.s.sed by, and it continued to attack me, and I created formation after formation and store the energy stored the energy into them, which I had got from converting the distractive fire.

"It's over for you, human, and now break!"

The Werewolf and attacked me with its destructive fire claw.


Its destructive fire claw clashed against the first layer of the 'Rose Petals,' and unlike before when it was stopped by it, this time, the first layer directly shattered the petals into fine dust, and the claw came down toward the second layer with even more force.



The crowd gasps seeing the first layer of my 'Rose Petals' destroyed, but there was still hope in their eyes when they saw the second later, but it got crushed as its claw crashed on the second layer of 'Rose Petals' and destroyed it before cras.h.i.+ng on the third, the last layer of petal defense.


The destructive Fire claw clashed against the third layer of 'Rose Petal', and it immediately burned like paper dipped in kerosine; it did not produce even a slight defense against the claw.

With all the defenses broken, its claw vent toward my chest, my swords went toward it to stop it, but the destructive fire covering flicked it away like a toy.


The claw pierced into my vine humanoid chest, and this time, it did not pierce just outer skin but deep. It had gone from one side and came out of another; the crowd gasped in horror when they saw it.