Monster Integration - Chapter 1543 - The Plan I

Chapter 1543 - The Plan I

Chapter 1543 - The Plan I

"Take this human!"

It said and attacked me with its claws covered in the destructive fire which is covering its whole body.

The most dangerous thing about this fire is twinkling black stars; they felt like black holes that consume anything that got close to them, they are giving serious scare.

The fire really feels like a world-destroying fire; it is named. The black dots inside the fire looked like the personification of destruction itself. My body will turn to ashes if even a wisp of it touched me, my body is strong, but it is nothing in front of this fire.

'Rose Petals'

I really don't want to use the defensive method, but I have no choice but to do it; I haven't had finished creating the formation I needed, and if these flames directly clashed against vines, it will be disastrous.

As I activated the 'Rose Petals,' three layers of huge rose petals have appeared as the vine giant. I had kept the 'Rose Petals' on standby the moment I saw the destructive fire, and now, I activated it; I had poured all the stored energy I have in the petals.

I have not only used all the raw energy stored in the Vine Humanoid but also used the energy stored in my wings and armor.

The destruction flames attack is very powerful that it would even hold power to burn my vines if used in enough quant.i.ty, and unlike my vines, these petals did not have natural energies of runes.

To make up for that, I had poured all the energy I have and begin to morph vines into formations at speed like never before.

I want the petals strong, strong enough that they could resist this destructive fire, I am not going to be totally dependent on them as I know they will not be able to bear the fire long than three seconds with energies I have providing them, but it is fine, as long they are able to hold the destructive fire for two seconds, I will survive.

The beautiful pink petals in all three layers began to glow resplendently as a huge amount of energy poured into them. Whether it will be enough to stop the destruction flame claw coming at me, I will know in a moment.



The destructive fire claw clashed against the fetal like a meteor, having such power that tiles of the arena, which had been powered by a formation that made them impossible to crack, had not only cracked but turned to powder as my Diamond Vine giant had slid meter deep inside it.

I would have been shocked by such a scene if I did not see another unimaginable thing.

As the destructive fire claw clashed on the first petal barrier, the destructive fire spread. It immediately covered the first petal barrier and went to the second, which also begin to burn before turning to the third.

The third layer of petals begin to burning, and now, the fire came at me. This attack is no simple attack; it is a fusion of Racial Ability and Inheritance Art; it having a 'will' is not surprising, but it is going to make things even more difficult for me.

It had already made things harder; it took but instant for it to cover all the layer of my defensive petals, and now it is coming toward me.


The fire came at me and instantly covered Dimaond Vine Giant; as it covered the Vine Giant, I truly felt the power of the fire and couldn't help but be shocked; the fire is like anything is Ive seen before; it is far more destructive than I had imagined.

As the fire covered the vine Giant, the formations appeared on the Vine Giant and began to suck the fire. I could think of the Grimm Monster in the fire, which is resisting the formations.

Seeing, I closed my eyes and concentrated on the central runic formation of Inheritance and infused all my will inside it, and through it, I spread it into the formations of Vine Diamond.

It is not the only one who could infuse the will into its attack, I had been able to do that for quite a long time, and in the ruin, I had got much better at it and that now, I could use my will with needle control, especially with the help of my Inheritance.

My will spread through all the formations, and it begins to fight against the will of the Werewolf as the formation sucks the golden fire. While it is happening, I had created more and more formations as the current ones are insufficient to deal with.

The destructive fire energy is very difficult to covert since it is very powerful, but once it does, it converts to a huge amount of raw energy.

The converted raw energy immediately gets sent to the 'Rose Petals' and Vines, which are burning under the destructive fire; the petal constantly needs a huge amount of energy to resist the fire.

I am not only proving the raw energy I had got from converting but also my own energy; I had been crazily operating my refinement tower, providing them as much as energies I need.

I am doing a lot of things simultaneously, and it is giving me blinding pain. It is very painful, and I just want to stop, but I could not, as stopping means dying, and since I have not been saved, I could not stop.

More and more formation appearing inside and outside of the Vine Giant, and I am encompa.s.sing them with my will so that they could suck the destructive fire energy faster.


Barely three seconds had pa.s.sed since the first destructive fire attack when I had another distractive fiery claw clashed against my 'Rose Petals,' and this time, the claw had more destructive fire than last time.

Crack Crack Crack

As the second claw crashed into the 'Rose Petal' fire, it spread into them like last time, but this time, it had not only started to break them but begin to crack the petals.

Seeing that horror couldn't help appear on my face, and I began to create the formation at even greater speed.

Pop Pop Pop

The strain on me had increased so much that veins on my head and in my eyes begin to burst part, h.e.l.l my internal organs, which had just healed, begin to get injured under this strain.

I have no choice but to bear this strain; as soon as enough formations are created, I would be able to take a sigh of relief and begin making preparation into killing it.

Yes, I am going to kill this b.a.s.t.a.r.d!

A few minutes ago, this was impossible for me but now a daring plan formed in my head.

This b.a.s.t.a.r.d had put me in so much pain, and if I did not kill it myself, I would never be able to myself my eyes. I will kill the b.a.s.t.a.r.d the most painful way, even the plan is dangerous, and I might lose my life; I will do it as I have no choice but to do that.

I don't think the rescue will come soon; it might be too late. So, instead of waiting, I decided to become proactive and kill this b.a.s.t.a.r.d for good.