Monster Integration - Chapter 1542 - Fusion Ability: WORLD ENDING FIRE!

Chapter 1542 - Fusion Ability: WORLD ENDING FIRE!

Chapter 1542 - Fusion Ability: WORLD ENDING FIRE!

"Materialisation, this is the materialization of Runes," Said old man Rufus; He is a member of the Wisdom Tower, just four decades younger than Grand Tower Mistress Angela.

"He had not only materialized the runes but also projecting their power in its vines; otherwise, these vines would have turned to ashes long ago," he added while feeling extremely giddy inside.

The Grand Mistress would have felt the same if not for her being busy with breaking the formation; still, this is amazing news. If this child survives, they will have to try everything to recruit him.

"Rufus, even if runes have materialized and he is projecting the power of it in its vines, he still should not have been able to bear the power of this Golden Lightning; he is creating the formations inside the right?" Matron Mavis asked as she looked at him with twinkling eyes.

'This old hag!' I cursed her inside my mind; it is very difficult to hide things from this hag; she had already s.n.a.t.c.hed that little girl with Abyssal Star Inheritance, and now she is planning to this one too, we will never let this happen, Grand Mistress will fight with tooth and nail against it.

"Yes, matron, he likely employing the formations inside, taking full advantage of his special vines." "To be honest, what he is doing is quite shocking; the number formation he is creating is mindblowing, and these formations are very good; if they were not, the lightning would have torn the vines apart by now," I replied.

I am genuinely impressed with this boy; what he is doing is no King could do it, h.e.l.l no Emperor in Wisdom Tower is capable of doing that, and they have the best scholars in the whole world.

"Headmistress, you have done a remarkable job producing such admirable student," I said to Headmistress of Riverfield Academy, and my words are genuine.

The headmistress had done a remarkable job not only for producing such a student but also hiding the truth about his Inheritance successfully.

If any of the Supremes come to know about it, we would have s.n.a.t.c.hed him away long ago before he could too much loyalty to the Academy, but now it is clear he is very loyal to his organization, and we will have to try the same approach we had tried with Her Excellency River Saintess.

The headmistress did not look at me as if she did not hear me; all her focus is on Grand Mistress, who is completely focused on breaking the Grimm formation; from what I can, Grand Mistress nearly broke the formation, in minutes it will be finished, and we will be able to rescue him.

We, the Wisdom Tower, will do that.

"You b.a.s.t.a.r.d!"

The Grimm Monster roared, and I found myself going up before falling down at really high speed.


The Werewolf had smacked me on the floor had; there is still some Golden Lightning remained on my body, but the Werewolf did not seem to care about it since is it not affecting me.


"Why won't you just die, you b.a.s.t.a.r.d!" "All the moves Ive tried, you always had the tricks deal with it; I am f.u.c.k.i.n.g tired of your f.u.c.k.i.n.g tricks!"

It roared before it begins to kick me madly.

'Is it gone crazy?' I asked myself, seeing it crazily kicking me; I am not the only one who is thinking that; the crowd is also thinking the same, it is clear from their faces.

His kicks are fast and powerful, but they are nothing compared to the Golden Lighting that is covering me; the kicking seemed to be a way of venting out its frustration.

I all too happy to be its punching bag; it is not only wasting time but also giving me time to create more formations inside me. The more time it will give me, the more prepared I will be to deal with its next attack.

The Golden Lighting is not its most powerful move; it had indicated that itself, so when the powerful moves and they will come, I want to be prepared, and for that, I increase my speed of morphing vines into the runes caring about the pressure I am feeling.

A minute later, when it finally stopped, the craziness seemed to have lessened quite much after a minute full of kicking.

As it stopped, it looked above at a bunch of old people who are standing by the forcefield, likely trying to break the formation covering it and seeing the formation not broken; a brief relief flashed into its eyes before it looked at me and its eyes again became furious.

"Like a magician, you seemed to have a lot of tricks in your sleeve; you always have something that helps you against my attacks, right?"

It asked, and when it asked, its voice is gentle but full of fury.

"What can I say? I always liked to be prepared," I said while shrugging my shoulder, which had drawn out a chuckle from quite a lot of people from the crowd.

The Werewolf itself surprised, and its surprise had quickly turned to fury as air itself begins to vibrate around it.

"Yes, yes, everyone likes to be prepared; let's see how prepared you are for my most powerful move,"

It said, and the next moment, an earthshaking power burst out of him; the strength it had released made the Golden Lightning he used earlier like average move, whatever move it is going to make is going to be horrifying.

"Human, let me show you the move you have never seen before, Fusion Ability: WORLD ENDING FIRE!"

It roared with hands wide open like the showman, and as it did, golden fire burst out of the fire symbol on its temple and spread into his body, and soon, it got wholly covered in flames.

It looked like a G.o.d of fire, originator of all fire, my fire nothing is compared to this fire released from it and seeing it, I had decided, if I survive, I will try to make my fire as strong as its.

This Golden Fire that covered it totally different; it had black dots twinkling inside; these black dots looked like specks of destruction, holding power to destroy anything they touched.

This attack is no simple attack; it is a fusion type attack, a merged attack between Racial Ability and Inheritance Art.

Members of powerful tribes had Racial abilities, and they are awakened when they reached the Tyrant Stage, only talented ones awakened their racial abilities at the Emperor Stage.

This Werewolf of Golden Fire Tribe awakening its ability is no surprise since it is 'Monster'; what surprised me is the fusion of special Racial Ability and Inheritance Method.

It hard for even Tyrant stage Grimm Monsters to do that, but this Emperor Stage Werewolf did it; it seemed like the Grimm Monsters had not spared any efforts to kill me; they even sent such talented Werewolf to kill me.

They might even be successful seeing the destructiveness this fire is emitting; I really have no confidence dealing with it. I don't know if I would be able to survive against it or not, but one thing is sure, I will try my all to survive.