Monster Integration - Chapter 1536 - Grimm Monster In Arena IV

Chapter 1536 - Grimm Monster In Arena IV

Chapter 1536 - Grimm Monster In Arena IV

The first claw came at me; there is nothing special about it except for the glistering s.h.i.+ne, but as it appeared, I moved my sword and two vines hands holding diamond blades toward the huge claw.

I could feel the faint mirth in its eyes when it looked at three swords that are moving toward its claw as it did not believe they could do anything against its claw.



Step Step Step

Three swords clashed against its claws, and just as they did, my eyebrows shot up, and I puke the blood as I begin to take steps back.

The power behind the attack was too much; it is an attack that had a huge amount of energy melded into a very high-frequency vibration, that even if I am deal with all the energies, the vibration will still damage me.

The attack is very insidious; if it had gotten the ideal result, all my internal organs and the bones would have shattered into pieces; unfortunately for it, I had prepared against the vibrating attacks when I had few very nasty encountered in the runes.

So, I had designed the formation to deal with such attacks if they came, and now they came, the formation still. I had immediately poured more energy into the formation, as to form the next attack, it will deal with it even more effectively.

A flash of surprise flashed into its eyes, seeing me fine, but anger blazes in its eyes, and it disappeared in front of me and appeared behind me and attacked while I am still taking the steps back.


The three remaining vines' hands immediately moved back and clashed against the coming claw.

As they did, the two momentums clashed inside me, and I stopped on my spot. It is a very nasty feeling having two momentums striking against each other; it gave me a vomiting feeling, which I controlled as the Werewolf is fuming.

"You human b.a.s.t.a.r.ds are full of tricks," It said with gritted teeth and came at me, and this time, it came with even more power than before; it is using more than three times power than before, it couldn't skip my heart as I begin to harness more power from my 'First Boost' to deal with it.


Puh Puh

Steps Step Step

It begins to attack me with fury from all sides; the roiling vibrations are hitting me from every direction.

It begins to move me like a puppet, sending me opposite of whichever direction it attacked me from me before stopping as it attacked me from other direction; not to forget, it is the increasing power of its attack that is making me puke the blood repeatedly.

To deal with its attack, I am reaching the limit of the 'First Boost'; it won't be long before I begin to harness all of its power, and that time, I will have no choice but to use the everwings.

The worst thing is, I could not do anything against it; I want to use First Boos+Everwings and the 'Second Boost' on top of that.

The Bloodburning and these two moves will give me huge strength, far more than I had imagined, but I feared it would not be enough.

If I used Blood Burning and it did not work, I would be completely at its mercy. It had a weakening period; it could be hours to days to months, depending on how much essence I had burned.

So, the only thing I could fight as slowly as possible; with pa.s.sing time, the chances of me being rescued would increase, it will also help me collect more data about it and prepare for my chance as I do not think the rescue will happen soon.

There is no hurry seen in Werewolves face; it seemed to think it had all-time in the world to finish me off, if it had only ten or twenty minutes, it would not have wasted the two minutes and begin to use attack as powerful as this from the beginning.


Steps Step Step

Another two minutes have pa.s.sed, and I had got a good hang of the coming vibration and made a quick adjustment which had helped me enough that I had stopped puking, but there is nothing to celebrate.

The 'First Boost' had reached its limit; now I couldn't harness any power from it, and if I want to power, then I will have to use the Everwings.

"So, you have finally reached the limit," The Werewolf said; it did not take more than a few seconds for it noticed as the power of my attacks had not changed at all.

I did not reply to it; I just continued to respond to its attack; while my strength is not increasing, I could still deal with its attacks with the data I had collected; I have made a quick adjustment to my armor that will help me effectively deal with its attacks till they reached a certain threshold of power.


Suddenly it stopped; I had thought, seeing me reaching my limit, it would continue its a.s.sault with full power, but it had just stopped after a few seconds, and now looking at some weird smile that made all the hair on my body stood up.

"I do not believe you have reached your limit; there are still some tricks you are hiding, and I would have loved to find out slowly, but unfortunately, I am on a time limit to finish you early," It said with a sigh.

The expression on its face made me think of an unwilling kid who wants to play with his toy longer, but he had to G.o.d school, here instead of going to school, it has to kill me painfully, torturously at that.

"I let you have the honor to die under one of my trump cards," It said, and the air around him begin to burn, and a heavy feeling came to me; it made me feel like I would soon getting crushed by something heavy.