Monster Integration - Chapter 1535 - Grimm Monster In Arena III

Chapter 1535 - Grimm Monster In Arena III

Chapter 1535 - Grimm Monster In Arena III

Thick melted diamond energy came out of the Runes, and it begins to spread through my body, giving me even more strength than I already have.

With such strength coursing through my body, I had moved my sword toward the fiery wolf claw that is coming at me. The attack is very dangerous, and I have to be very careful about seeing it have the other claw ready for the attack.



My sword clashed against the fiery wolf enveloping the claw, and just as they clashed, the fiery wolf let out a rage-filled howl and moved up from the sword and directly came at me.


I was a little surprised seeing it and about to move my sword against it when I saw another fiery wolf claw had reached me and coming toward me, so holding the first claw, I moved my sword a few inches so its could defend against the second claw.



The second claw struck against my sword, and a six-meter-long fiery wolf came at me just like before.

The first fiery wolf reached me and moved its mouth toward my head; I did not do anything and just let the fiery wolf came at me, most of the focus on the two claws my sword is holding back.

The Werewolf is trying its all to move past its claws of my sword, so it could tear me apart, but my sword is holding them back.

My sword is tiny compared to its claws; it is a little more than a meter long, while the claws are five meters long; it looked like a child's toy in front of its claws.

The Golden Fiery Wolf took my head before taking a rest of my body, and soon, I myself inside a six-meter long fiery wolf's body; it is very hot in there, hot enough that gold will turn to liquid in second.

The next moment, the temperature increased three times more as the second golden fiery wolf merged inside the first, tripling its immediately.

"Human, you are too overconfident; my 'Lupine h.e.l.l' is not a pure offensive move; it is a caging move. Once caught, the Golden Fire of mine will painfully torture one till one turned to ashes," The Werewolf said with a laugh.


A loud gasp rang out of the audience hearing it; they looked devastated seeing me captured in this insidious move and partly blame me, as they thought I had uselessly taken the risk fighting against this move head-on, I would have either dodged or use defensive method to deal with the attack.

Inside the fiery wolf is an absolute furnace; the Golden Fire is not simple. I had heard about the fire of the Golden Fire Werewolf tribe and how lethal it became when their tribe's Inheritance merged with it, and now I am experiencing it, I believed it.

No wonder the Golden Fire Werewolf Tribe is the top of all werewolf tribe and have their member in High Table of Grimm Race, but it will not be able to stop me, the Werewolf has underestimated me too much.

I looked around the blazing Golden Fire that was attacking me from all directions and concentrated on my runes; as I did, that suction is created from all of them.


Next second, blazing hot energy began to get sucked inside me; after reaching the King Stage, I could somehow control the natural sucking ability of my runes.

Before reaching the King stage, I was not able to do something like that with my runes; the only thing I could do is activate and deactivated the formation of my Inheritance.

This natural ability used to activate on its own, as the energies touched my armor whether I wanted or not, but now I could control it; it couldn't help but make me happy.


The runes kept sucking, and three seconds later, everything is over. The fiery wolf that had eaten me had got eaten by me, seeing that crowd couldn't help but gasp loudly, it is not just the crowd that is shocked but also the Werewolf.

"You are not that powerful, but you have quite a few tricks to deal with powerful attacks; Lord has warned me about it; I should have listened to them," It said as rage begin to appear in its eyes.

"You are not the opponent who will be dealt by with some simple attack; I will have to use some powerful ones to deal with you," It said and as it looked directly into my eyes.

"Claws of Vaerensod!" It said, and a phantom of huge Werewolf appeared behind it. This Phantom also had golden fur and a symbol of flame on his head, but it looked a lot more regal, and when I looked into its eyes, I felt a fear like I had never felt before.

I quickly looked away, and its a good thing; I did as the Werewolf coming toward with its claws s.h.i.+ning, seeing the glistering s.h.i.+ne and mute terrifying aura that cloaking the Werewolf; I know this is no simple move like last time.

I had to take it a lot more seriously; underestimating this attack would have my pieces lying on the arena the next second.

'Rose Vine!'

I said, and five hands made of the diamond vines hands holding red diamond sword same design and size of my sword came out of my back; at the same time, my runes sucked more energy from the tower for the 'First Boost' and provided me with more strength.

The five-diamond vine hands to deal with the two claws may seem excessive, but it is not. If the power I am sensing from this attack is true, then I would need these hands and might even summon more.

Those two claws of its glistering with power are vibrating in it. I had deployed the sensory field; it gave me information on this attack that it wanted to hide.

If I were to deal with this attack as a normal attack, then I am f.u.c.k.i.e.d; I will be finished in a single strike.