Monster Integration - Chapter 1537 - Giants

Chapter 1537 - Giants

Chapter 1537 - Giants

"Magados Form!"

It shouted, and the next moment, a phantom of Golden Werewolf appeared behind it. This phantom is a lot more vivid, and the phantom is built like a mountain.

"You will now know the true power of Golden Flame Tribe human," said, and the next moment, the phantom had shrunk and merged.

For a second, nothing had happened, and I really had urged to attack it with my all, but that feeling of it will be futile had stopped me, and I watched as a painful expression came over its face, and as it did, it begins to grow very fast.

It is like someone had put fast forward on a child's life; it is even faster than that. It is simply beginning to grow, and in just five seconds, it had grown over fifty meters before it stopped, and painful expressions had eased on its face.

It had grown over fifty meters long; I simply looked like an ant in front of me. It could easily squash me like an ant in its fingers.

"Say what you have to say, human, once I begin, the only thing that will come from your mouth will be the torturous screams before I squish you like an ant you humans are,"

It said in a booming voice; I felt like going deaf hearing it, that I immediately applied for the protection on them.

"You think only you can grow bigger," I said back to it before diamond vines erupted from every part of my body and enveloped me in a coc.o.o.n before that cac.o.o.n rapidly started growing with a speed that was no less than it's.

Five seconds later, the diamond vine coc.o.o.n stopped when it had grown fifty-four meters before it begins to unfurl itself.

Three seconds later, the cac.o.o.n disappeared, and in its place is a slim diamond vine humanoid which is made of beautiful red and green diamond vines; there are now two thirty-meter long swords in my two hands which are exact replicas of my totem artifact.

My artifact this time is not hidden in one of the swords but the center of my chest; there is no need to place it in one of the swords when I could project its power into two

This vine humanoid looked way different than the one I had used in an earlier battle. There is a difference of sky and earth between them; it was not only bulky but also bit to operate.

This one, on the other hand, is made using all the precious data I had collected on this battle.

It had the perfect dimensions so that I would be able to operate it without any problem. I was even able to better fas.h.i.+on my sword; it looked exactly like my totem artifact, which is serving as its core.

"You have quite well repackaged the c.r.a.p that you had used last time,"

It said with its booming voice and came at me with its terrifying aura blazing, the claws of it had also grown big with its body, but now they do not look so big, they looked normal size, now that we have the same size.


As I moved toward it, I summoned 'Everwings'; without using it, I would not be its match.

It did not even take a moment for huge wings to appear on my back; the huge red diamond wings with forest green ting looked amazing on this huge humanoid.


As the wings appeared, I flapped them, and the next moment, I appeared beside the huge Werewolf and swung my swords at him; both are being enchanted with the enchantments of my totem artifact.

A cruel smile appeared on its face as it swung both of its claws at the same time as me. One claw is coming toward my heart while the other toward my head, where I safely operate the diamond vine humanoid.



My sword had stopped the two claws before reaching my humanoid's head and heart, but the huge momentum and energy had sent me taking a step back; the power of its claws are phenomenal that despite using more than 60% power of First Boost+Everwings, I had to steps back.

Huge energy entered vines before it came at me, and the first time since the battle begins, I felt slight pain when my runes sucked the energy for conversion.

My runes may not have a limit, but these runes are present in my body and soul, and they have the limit.

I have a very powerful body and soul and something special given by the Diamond Seal; with its help, my runes could suck a lot of energy without damaging my body.

But everything has a limit, including my body and soul; once the energy reacted to that limit, the energy will start to harm me, and this time, the energy was in such an amount that it made me feel the pain.

Though it is only slight pain and the limit is quite far, this Werewolf is a very powerful Emperor Stage powerhouse; it won't take long to reach my limit.

As I dealt with every attack of it, I was never under the illusion that I could defeat it, I knew my limit, and I could sense its power; the most I would able to do is stall it, it is extremely hard for me to defeat this 'Monster' level Emperor Stage powerhouse from one of the most powerful Grimm Tribe in the world.

I hope those old monsters successfully break the formation and rescue me otherwise;, it would be very hard for me to survive.




The Werewolf chuckled, seeing me taking steps back repeatedly, and appeared in front of me and attacked with double the strength of before.



My swords clashed against its again, and I moved back at even greater speed while dealing with energies that came at me, which this time gave me lacerating pain; feeling the pain, expressions on my face couldn't help but change abruptly.

It looked like I did not have as much as time I had thought if its keep increasing its power, such as speed, three two four moves, and the energies will begin to hurt me like they are intended to.