Monster Integration - Chapter 1534 - Grimm Monster In Arena II

Chapter 1534 - Grimm Monster In Arena II

Chapter 1534 - Grimm Monster In Arena II

A surprise couldn't help but flashed into the Werewolf's eyes as it saw me dealing with its attack; it is not the only one that is surprised; I am also surprised too.

The Golden Energy, I had expected it to be like the Golden Liquid flames that Elijah had used earlier, but they are not, fire the only thing that is common between them; in everything else, they are fundamentally different.

The Golden Flames of Grimm Monster is way more powerful than th Golden Liquid Flames of Elijah. As the runes sucked and converted them, I sent all that raw energy into the formation of Everwings.

Now, I do not need to use the move to store the energy in it; it is one of the changes Ive made in the Everwing Set.

The surprise lasted on its face only for a moment before it turned back into the cruel smile it had before. With that smile on its face, it attacked me with its second claw during its first claw in contest wine mine.

Its plan is quite good, hold my sword with one claw and attacked me with another, and since its skill similar to mine, it should have enough confidence to hold my sword for long enough till his other claw gutted me.

Unfortunately, it is very wrong if it thinks it could hold me back with the same level of skill as mine. In the Ruin, there were many Ghouls who had much higher strength and skill than me, but they were still unsuccessful in doing that after I had painfully gutted by little more than ten times.


Its other claw came at me with more speed and more power, and just as it had covered one-fourth of the distance, my sword moved off from the claw; the Werewolf was very alert and tied to stop but did not able to.


Still, it is a Werewolf, and it would not be possible as it will let me go just like that. It let out a cruel laugh and moved his second claw at me.

He looked quite awkward is using both of the claws together, and usually, Werewolf did not attack with both claws same time as it makes them unbalanced and create more weaknesses which a smart opponent could easily exploit.

I could also exploit it, but I will have to use more strength, and if I do that, I have no doubt it will use the energy moves, and I do not want that to happen.

The slowly the battle will go, the better my chances of surviving would be, not only because of the help that will come but also because if it didn't, I would have enough data on him to survive on my own.

Seeing two of the Claws coming, I stopped my sword abruptly and placed it vertically in front of me when the two claws got close.


Both of the claws clashed against my sword, sending me shooting back at even more speed.

This disadvantage of huge weapons, if the werewolves claws hadn't been more than two times bigger than me and had been the size of normal claws, I would not have been able to do something like that.

Those two claws dwarfed me with their size, and I just place my sword in such a way that it will clash with both claws and prepared for the impact and the incoming energies, which I did.


I landed on the ground and looked at the Werewolf, who is looking at me from about a hundred-meter distance; it had not followed me with the second attack. If it had, then I would have had to use the move that I do not want to use this early.

"Can you answer my question?" A werewolf asked suddenly, its face look quite curious; I wanted to say no, but since it time waste without a fight, I decided to indulge it.

"Sure, fire away," I said.

"How can no energies affect you? Earlier I had attacked you with enough energies that would explode an Elite King, and the energies I had used just now are enough to explode ten Elite Kings, but against you, they are doing nothing; as long as they touched you, they disappear?" It asked.

Hearing the question, I couldn't help but feel quite surprised seeing how astute it is, and I would have said 'No' directly if not secrete of having Clear Heart Inheritance hadn't been revealed, but now I will tell them the answer it and others who are watching the battle had already had in their mind.

"I had created complex formation the energy and send then toward the multiple crus.h.i.+ng formations for it to be destroyed." I said, "It is a very efficient formation," I said, and it is the truth.

Though not about Inheritance Armor, is the truth about the ability Armor which I had incorporated into my Inheritance Armor before my Runes had changed.

He seemed quite stumped hearing me an answer, as he had not expected the answer from me and this answer strangely feels like truth.

"I don't know whether you have told me the truth or not, but it will be destroyed under my attack," It said, and a terrifying golden aura burst out of it.

"Lupine h.e.l.l!" It said, and two golden flamings wolf burst into its claws; now, instead of claws, flaming wolfs could be seen in the place of claws, and they are giving hair raising feeling to me.


The chucked and next moment disappeared and appeared in front of me, and I found a flaming wolf coming at me, this wolf had covered its claw and some part of its hand, making him six meters long, it is big enough to guzzle me down whole with its big mouth.

Seeing the first real attack coming at me, I did not try to dodge or activate the defensive method; they are not my best options; my best option is to respond attack with an attack, and that what I am going to do.