Monster Integration - Chapter 1533 - Grimm Monster In Arena I

Chapter 1533 - Grimm Monster In Arena I

Chapter 1533 - Grimm Monster In Arena I

"Humans shudder, today I will slay your champion, the holder of Celestial Inheritance, the one with the greatest potential, I will slay him in front of you and show you the strength of the Grimm Race," The Werewolf roared.

It is a huge and eight-meter-long body filled with muscle and mark of Golden flame on its temple, a symbol of his tribe.

It has a Golden Armor with a flame design covering nearly covering every part of its body; the only head remained opened, other than everything is covered in Golden Armor.

As for the weapon, they have changed completely; it now had five-meter long, golden claws in both of its hands; they looked very sharp; I felt like they could tear through anything without much problem.

The most shocking thing about it is its level; it is an Emperor Stage Grimm Monster, a Peak Level Emperor at that and releasing aura that made all the hairs on my body stood up.

The silly thought I had before Elijah being Emperor Stage powerhouse was not silly. It is Emperor Stage powerhouse; as for how it has appeared here and whether it is Elijah or someone other, I have no idea, nor I care.

It is Emperor Stage Grimm Monster and a pretty powerful one at that, and top of that, they have done something to the forcefield, so I don't think I will get any help soon.

I will have to deal with this powerful Emperor Stage Grimm Monster on my own against which I have no confidence but have no choice, either resist till help arrives or die under those Golden Claws.

"Human, you should feel proud that you will die under the claws of n.o.ble Golden Flame Tribe," The Werewolf said as he finally moved his gaze from the shocked crowd.

I really missed this self-importance of these Grimm Monsters; no matter what condition they are in, even in their last breath, they will not let go of this arrogance of theirs.

"Do you really think you can defeat me?" I asked back with a confident smile, I have no confidence, but I could not appear weak in front of a crowd and the whole world that is watching; even if I die, there had to be a smile on my face.

If I died like a dog, it would damage the humans' morale, and that is a bad thing.

"Good, you have some spine; an hour would be more than enough for me to break that into pieces," It said with the cruel smile that promised torture and came at me.

It is a blur, a complete blur to me; if not for me activating all the ocular methods I have, I would not have even been able to see the blur.

It had taken a moment to cross the hundred-meter distance between us and attacked me with its huge claw, which is 2.5 times bigger than me and easily slices me to pieces.

The speed of its claw was phenomenal in that it appeared in front of my sword just as it launched the attack.


The claw clashed against my sword with noise that is enough to make one deaf for like and had the power, more than I had imagined.

Puh Puh Puh

As our weapons clashed, I stayed on my spot for a moment before I flew back like a rocked while puking out blood that was mixed with pieces of my internal organs.


I could hear the huge gasp of the audience as they saw me moving back, bloodied. The people who are near the forcefield had not blocked the battle from the crowd; it is a quite gutsy decision as if I lost, it will have repercussions.

The attack was a simple physical attack without the usage of any move that had injured me greatly, making me marvel at the strength this Grimm Monster has.

The Werewolf did not have any intention of letting me; as I flew back, it followed me blurringly and launched another claw attack at me; seeing the attack, my eyes couldn't help but become serious.

The attack is no longer a simple physical attack; I could see golden energy covering the claws, it is not a move, but he is using the energy.

'It looks like it is time to us that,' I said inside me, and liquid diamond energy begins to pour out of my runes and spread into my body, giving me the strength like never before.

Last night, I had not just leveled up; I was also able to make a breakthrough into my Refinement Tower. My mana is getting refined under the 5th floor, having three-time more purity than before, which absolutely amazing.

Earlier, I had been using the trickle of this energy, but now I am using the real deal, and it had given me more power than I had thought I would get.

Yesterday, after getting that feeling from Elijah, a huge pressure built in my heart; I had channeled all that pressure into breaking the seal of the fifth floor; if not for that extra help from the pressure, it would have taken me few more days to break the Towers seal to me.

A tiny frown appeared on the face of the Werewolf as he saw my sword smoothly moving toward its claw and doubled the power and speed of the claw instantly; seeing it, I am not surprised.

The Grimm Monsters are very insidious, especially these Werewolf b.a.s.t.a.r.ds; I have fought enough of them that I would not get surprised by any of their tricks.


Its golden claw clashed against mine, sending out huge physical force and golden energy that wanted to burn me alive, but this time, my armor is powered by this refined Inheritance energy, which made its defense far more powerful before.

As the energies touched my armor, they were instantly sucked inside. Though the physical force spread, I could easily deal with it any way I want; I let some of it spread into my body.