Monster Integration - Chapter 1532 - Blown Away

Chapter 1532 - Blown Away

Chapter 1532 - Blown Away

'How does he know?' I asked myself; there are very few who knew about it, and I would have liked it this way till I am confident tell others that would have been in the Tyrant stage.

But now, everything had gone to waste; with him voicing it out, it would take an instant for others to connect dots; they would have already connected and had gotten affirmation from a teacher.

Still, I recovered in a moment and opened my mouth to say something when I stopped when I saw feral expressions on Elijah's face, and at that exact moment, I saw hundreds of colorful rays striking the forcefield of the arena before transforming into runes and spreading all over the forcefield.

"The Runes!"

I said with alarm; these runes are Grimm Runes; anyone who had fought in the Grimm Battlefield could tell them as Grimm Runes; they are very distinct from the general runes we humans used.

"Hehe, surprised?"

I was just processing what is happening when I heard the voice beside me; it is not Elijah's voice but very familiar, the accent is very familiar; it is of the Grimm Monsters.

I looked toward the voice and saw Elijah, and my eyes couldn't help but widen in horror. Elijah, who was fine a moment ago, now had hundreds of cracks on his body as he had bloated and continues to become bigger.

He had already reached above three meters, but he is still becoming bigger and bigger at a surprising speed, and as he got bigger, the cracks began to widen further, and his skin begun to the dryer.

A few seconds later, he became five meters long and looked like an abomination, all the moisture from his body is gone, and now he looked like he is made of clay.

I did not get a good feeling from this abomination that is growing in front of me, and I wanted to destroy it, but whenever I tried to move my weapon, I froze up in fear.

My instincts are telling me that attacking the abomination would not be a wise decision, so I waited even if I did not want to.

A few seconds later, the abomination reached above eight meters height, and now I could barely find any semblance it had with Elijah; if I had not seen the Elijah turned to this abomination, I would not have connected these two together.

Crack Crack Crack…

After reaching a little above eight-meter, its stopped growing, and cracks begin to form on it; there are already hundreds of cracks but thousands forming by second till it reached the point where there is not a single surface of abomination that hadn't filled with cracks.



The abomination exploded like a clay day doll, sending places all over the revealing the form in the and when the dust is cleared, the form is revealed itself in front of the whole arena and seeing it, millions of people gasped in horror.

"Hahahaha, human's bow under the glory of the Grimm Race!" Roared Werewolf with a cruel smile.

Yes, a Grimm Monster had entered the arena and not a normal Grimm Monster either; a Werewolf from the Golden Flame Tribe, one of three most powerful Wolfmen Tribe in the world.

A Minute Before In Grand Hall


The three old monsters who were looking at the Headmistress of Riverfield Academy suddenly turned and disappeared from their spots and appeared beside the forcefield.

By the time they have arrived, the hundreds of colorful rays already struct against the forcefield and transformed into Grimm Runes that are beginning to spread all over the forcefield.

"Girl, bring down forcefield," Matron Mavis said without looking back at the Lady Hera, the leader of the Pyramid.

This time, she did quip back at order and simply took out a palm side controller and begin tapping b.u.t.tons but soon, a shock spread on her face.

"Matron, the forcefield is not responding; the central command of the Arena had lost control over the forcefield," She responded before begin shouting commands to her holowatch at the oversee and technicians in central command.

"F.u.c.k, these Grimm Monsters!" Matron Mavis cursed before she looked at angela, "Any clues about it, angela?" she asked her before glancing at the four old monsters that silently appeared beside her.

Every Supreme had kept some of their old monsters had Pyramid, the four that arrived are from the group that stayed in the Pyramid, the others would have stayed in Pyramid to deal with any other mischief that Grimm Monsters had done.

"What is this formation, Angela?" Matron asked again, hearing no reply from the Grand Tower Mistress.

"These Grimm b.a.s.t.a.r.ds have pulled a very sophisticated trick," Grand Tower Mistress replied, "This formation is jamming formation unless we did not do anything; it will do nothing other than leaving the control of forcefield from central command of the arena,"

"Can Grimm Monsters control it remotely?" Patriarch Brandfort asked, barely containing the horrifying aura that is bubbling inside him.

"No, the Grimm Monsters can not control it remotely but don't try to attack it, Bradford, a single attack and failsafe of the formation will activate, and it will destabilize the s.p.a.ce and kill anyone that is within" she replied, and I sighed in relief.

If those b.a.s.t.a.r.ds could control it remotely, it would have been a disaster.

"These wily Grimm Monsters had used the perfect moment; if they had done something like it, we would have easily broken through the formation with sheer strength and rescued that little guy, but now we have stretched the s.p.a.ce inside the arena, it made things thousands of times harder," she explained while cursing the Grimm Monster even more.

She had just found the hope for her organization and had a chance to have another Catherine Roosevelt, but these Grimm b.a.s.t.a.r.ds have to interfere; once that little guy is results, she will personally destroy a bunch of their outposts.

"Grand Tower Mistress, how long will it take you to solve these runes?" the Pyramid leader asked.

"The runic formation is sophisticated enough to take me forty minutes to undone it safely, but with this little toy I have, it will take me no more than ten minutes," she said and took out a black diamond which seemed exactly the same as normal black diamonds but it not.

It is a very precious formation tool, found in ruin three decades ago by Duke stage child.

She would have never revealed this tool if it is not that little boy with Celestial Inheritance, in front of his worth, this little tool is nothing; she will sacrifice tens of them without thought.

"What is the name of the world is that?" she was about to begin solving the puzzle when something strange happened that caught everyone's attention, the boy from the sundering peak begin having changed.

He started to get bigger and bigger, and his skin dryer, and in few seconds, he had become an unrecognizable abomination.

In their very long life, they have never seen something like this happen, and they desperately wanted to know what is happening, but they could not be pa.s.sed through it, nor they could live in their sense, in fear of triggering the formation.

When the abomination reached about eight meters long, it burst apart, revealing a Grimm Monster; seeing it, the minds of all old monsters got blown away.