Monster Integration - Chapter 1529 - Intense

Chapter 1529 - Intense

Chapter 1529 - Intense


The countdown begins; even then, we did not move our eyes away from each other; we continued looking directly into the eyes of each other.


The crowd said in unison in their loudest voice yet, and as they did, Inheritance Armor appeared on both of our bodies; it all but took an instant for them to appear.

Elijah did waste even a moment; just as the crowd shouted 'Fight,' he came at me with the speed that would even 'Monsters' will find it blurring.

He had directly summoned his Level 1 Advanced Form; a beautiful golden brown armor had appeared on his body, projecting strength that would easily make the knees make a normal King's knees shake.

Seeing him coming at me, I did not move; I just stood waiting for him with my sword ready.

A small surprise flashed into his eyes before disappearing as he appeared in front of me and swung his sword at my neck.

The way he swings his sword and the way he looked at me while doing that made me feel like he really wants to decapitate me and the strange thing is while doing that, he did not emit even the tiniest bit of killing intent.

I know that because it is extremely hard to hide the killing intent from me even if it is speck due to my const.i.tution and Killing Rule, I had comprehended.

Seeing his sword coming at my neck, I also swung my sword. The attack was direct, but I am searching for the weakness; if I found a great one, then I would not hesitate to activate the 'First Boost' and 'Everwings' together and finished him off.


Our swords clashed, and I couldn't help but feel surprised; the physical strength behind that attack is far greater than I had imagined; If not for yesterday's level up, I would have been flung back by this attack.

I am not the only one that is being surprised; he also looked surprised seeing me taking his attack before the wolfish smile appeared back on his face.

"Myradon's Rage!"

He said, and a terrifying aura burst out of him; the aura is so powerful that it scared me.

'First Boost!'

I did not waste any time; just as the terrifying aura burst out of him, I immediately activated the 'First Boost,' and it is a good thing I did; if I had been a moment late, I would have found his sword in my chest, as it had already crossed distance halfway into me.

This attack of him is no simple attack; it is the second most powerful attack of him. Yesterday, he had used seven to eight different attacks before revealing this one, and now he had directly used it as his first attack.

It is like he wants to finish me as soon as possible.

I reacted to his sword immediately; my sword became a blur as it moved toward his sword, and when it had reached it, I found it trying to circ.u.mvent my sword in a very skillful manner.

I am shocked seeing the level of skill he used; it is even above that of Ellen, equal to mine. It had shocked me greatly because yesterday, he did not reveal this degree of skill when he fought against Jill yesterday.


His sword clashed against mine, immediately stopping its ascend. I had not spent six month into the Ruin for nothing; if his skills had notched above mine, I would still be able to stop it; the old Ghouls in the Ruin had given me enough skills to do that.

Just as our weapons clashed, he called back his sword and swung it at me even faster speed and more power.

I could feel the challenge in his gaze, wanting me to stop the attack his possible. Seeing the challenge, my lips curved slightly in a smile, and I moved my sword to respond to his powerful attack.


Our weapons begin to clash at a very fast speed; they are clas.h.i.+ng so fast that that only monsters level Kings and above were able to see our movements. With each move, they are getting faster and stronger.

If it had been yesterday, I had not been able to fight with such flexibility and strength,

The level up of yesterday had done much more than increasing my strength. With me using a specific amount of resources for the specific runes was instantly able to increase the coordination between my body, soul, and Inheritance.

It is extremely helpful to me, and due to it, not only could I summon the energy faster, but I can also react faster, it is the difference of a fraction of seconds, but it is helping me a lot.

I wish I could have been able to use the resources rune-wise, but my runes and body were not ready for that. Even at King stage, I would not have been ready if not for the Diamond Seal, it had not only helped my body and soul, but it also altered my runes.

It had helped me take that step a level before; if not for Diamond Seal, I would not have able to use the resources by runes before I reached the Emperor Stage.

The level up yesterday has to game many good things; it may not have given me a chance to add the new move, but it helped me immensely; all the moves I had in my a.r.s.enal had improved drastically, including the 'First Boost' I am using, it had become a lot more efficient than before.

We continued fighting, attacking every second, not stopping even for a moment which is likely why we had exchanged a thousand moves in nearly five minutes.

"Hehe, you have not been a disappointment so far; let's see how you deal with this move of mine," Elijah said with a laugh, and his aura became even more terrifying.

"Golden Blade!"

He said, and golden sheen appeared on his sword; I became very serious seeing this as this move defeated Jill.

I harnessed more strength from the 'First Boost' while thinking rapidly for a reason for his intense attacks; in less than minutes, he had used the most powerful moves he used in yesterday's battle in which he took nearly an hour to use them.

Why is fighting such intensely? It is not a wise strategy when one has to win the battle but to see the way he is fighting; he did not seem to care about winning, or may these moves are not his trump cards, and he is just expanding through them fast just to test me.

This thought had terrified the h.e.l.l out of me!