Monster Integration - Chapter 1530 - Thunderous News

Chapter 1530 - Thunderous News

Chapter 1530 - Thunderous News


Our weapons clashed, and I felt as if a mountain had crashed on me; under its power, I shook visibly.

No wonder Jill had lost under this attack, this seemingly normal move which does not contain much flash pack the serious power. If I had not been prepared, I would have flung back like a ragdoll.

I am shocked by the power of the attack, though I had expected it to be powerful since Jill had been defeated by it but not this powerful.

My shaking was the physical aspect of the skill, but this is not shocked me despite it being above what I had imagined before our sword struck; the shocking thing is the ravaging energy that came with the attack.

The energy is in huge amounts and is very sharp and heavy. It is powerful enough to tear through the defenses of powerful Kings and turn them into the b.l.o.o.d.y mist.

This powerful energy, in combination with physical prowess, had spelled doom for Jill.

Unfortunately for Elijah, it is the energy I specialized in dealing with; my runes are the best method to deal with them; as long as there is no huge difference of power between us, his energies would not affect me.

Still, that does not mean his attacks would not affect me; they will affect me hugely, and if I am not careful, it will not take him even a second to put his sword on my neck.

As his sword clashed against mine, he tried to use to slide past it but, I had kept his sword locked in mine.

"Good, you were able to defend against my first attack; let's see how you do against the next few," He said with a laugh and launched the attack, and this one was even faster and stronger than his previous attack.


My sword clashed against his second attack, and this time, I did not even shake; I was prepared much better for the attack and even had a huge amount of energy poured into the 'Weight' Enchantment of my sword.


But that was just a start; from the next moment, a wave of golden blades came at me; they so fast that barely any King Stage powerhouse, able to see them, even I begin to use some of my ocular ability.

The name of moves and effect it creates is very simple; it just made his blade golden, but when one experiences the attack, one truly understood the power behind it.

I feel like the golden torrent had surrounded me; the golden streaks are coming toward me from all directions, and they are very skillful; if I did not have the experience from the ruin, I would not have been able to deal with such attacks.

This had been the part where Jill had begun to lose the battle; Elijah's skillful execution of his attack had left her hounded; all she could do is defend against his attacks pa.s.sively.

She tried many methods, from mid-range to long-range attacks to field attacks domain which was very impressive by the way, but all of them were failed to slow down the golden blades of Elijah.

While I am also fighting pa.s.sively, I am not at disadvantaged against him; due to my unique runic advantage, the most powerful aspect of his attacks won't work on me.

To me, his attacks are very fast and skillful; as long as I dealt with them, his attacks would not affect me.

A minute had pa.s.sed, and in the minute, we had exchanged more than a hundred moves, but not a single move had been able to do anything against me, and that seemed to make his angry.

The smile on his face all but disappeared, and he is looking at me with a gaze that made me feel like he wanted to cut me into the thousands of pieces; feeling such gaze killing intent couldn't help but rose in my heart, but I kept in my heart, I had not let it out.

"You are good, very good, far better than that disappointment; I had fought yesterday." He said as he suddenly stopped attacking me.

The anger couldn't help but blaze in my heart hearing it, but I had controlled it and looked at him, waiting.

He had so much strength hiding inside it, and I want to see what he used the next against me.

"Since we have reached this stage, let me show the most powerful method of Stevheim Inheritance," she said, and aura in the form of rusty golden flames burst out of his body.

"Stevheim Burst!"

He said and came at me with a blade bathing in golden flames; these golden flames are very different from aura golden flames covering his body.

The flame on the blade is the real deal, while the ones covering his body are the side effects of flames covering his blade.

The flames on his sword are completely different; the flames on the blade looked like they are made of melted gold, while the Golden Flames are covering his body, looking lost like normal flames but of Golden Color and a lot more dangerous, dangerous enough to burn a king to the ashes.

Seeing the flaming blade coming toward me, I did not hesitate to harness more power from the 'First Boost' and pour more energy into my sword to power up the 'Weight,' Enchantment further.


Our weapons clashed, and half of those liquid flames climbed toward my sword while the other half exploded like a water balloon and came toward me.

I watched in shock horror as the splashed golden blobs coming toward my Armor at blurring speed while the other half of the Golden Flame already climbed half of my sword despite facing the resistance and now coming toward my hands which are holding the sword.

If it had been yesterday, I would have immediately activated my defensive method to deal with it; today, I will do nothing of that sort; I want to see how my Armor deal with it.

It is a very dangerous thing to do, but I want to do it; he might have said it is the most powerful attack of his Inheritance, and his words sounded true, but I do not believe them.

The feeling I got from it made me feel his strength stronger than this, and if my Armor did not defend against the coming attack, then it will be near impossible for me to defeat him.

So, I let the Golden Liquid flame came at me, and I did not resist like I am in shock at what is happening and could not react to the condition.


Pat Pat Pat!

The golden flame flowing through my sword and kindles of it came at me at once; as they struck me, I felt like I had been struck by a hammer; I shook visibly and barely able to stop myself from taking a step back.

As the flames stuck me, they seeped inside me and turned into a sea of flames, wanting to burn to cinders, but as they tried to do that, there is suction created through my body, and a second later, all the energy got sucked into my runes and all I felt slight heat.

"Powerful attack!" I praised; the praise was genuine as the attack was really powerful; if not my armors defense, even my strong body would have burned to ashes by the fiery metallic energy.

A stumped expression appeared on his face before they turned smile before turning into a mad crazy laugh that made all the hairs of my body stood up in attention.


He laughed and laughed crazily; I did not dare to use this chance to attack him; I can feel it will not be successful.

He continued to laugh for more than a minute, till tears begin to stream out of his face, but soon he stopped and looked at me with all seriousness.

"You are powerful, far more powerful than any King, but it is to be expected from a host of Celestial Inheritance," he said, wiping the tears out of his eyes.

His words struck me like thunder; a shock and horror appeared on my face seeing him knowing my greatest secrete. The Clear Heart Inheritance is a Celestial Grade Method, and very few people know about I have this Inheritance.

Even my parents did not know about it, not even Supremes knew about it, but this person from the Emperor Grade organization know about it somehow.