Monster Integration - Chapter 1528 - BrooChapter Of Silver River

Chapter 1528 - BrooChapter Of Silver River

Chapter 1528 - BrooChapter Of Silver River

A Minute Before

"Broch of Silver River!"

Two old women shouted in unison in Grand Hall; huge shock could be seen in the eyes of the two very older women.

One who shouted is Matron Mavis, an old monster from Hawthorn Sea, and the other is Angela Leon, the Old Monster from the Wisdom Tower, the current leader of Wisdom Tower is her direct descendent.

Old monsters from each Supreme had decided to attend the World Champions.h.i.+p final due to the warning they have received through the deviner of their organization. However, other than Patriarch Bradford and Matron Mavis, the others are not present in reality.

The two women looked at each other before they turned their heads toward the headmistress of Riverfield Academy, who was present in projection form, but when she felt the gazes of two old monsters, she shuddered visibly.

"Little girl, what's the meaning of this?" Old monster Leon asked, her voice is chilling as if she is very angry.

"You should not have given the Brooch of Silver River to your student just because he reached the final of Champions.h.i.+p."

"The brooch represents the great history, and it was once worn by the two most powerful people the world had ever produced," Old monster angela thundered in her soothing voice as she looked at the headmistress of Riverfield Academy before she turned toward the council members of Riverfield academy.

"And what are all of you were thinking, giving the Brooch to your headmistress student because she asked by it, have you forgotten the dignity of that Brooch and courage that Marcella Roosevelt has shown she pinned this badge on the chest of her student," She roared as she looked at each and every member of Riverfield Council in the eye.

From the day Rivefield Academy had been established around four thousand years ago, each of the headmistress or Headmaster of it came from the Wisdom Tower as the one who established the Academy was a member of Wisdom Tower.

It is Wisdom Tower that used to choose the next leader of the Riverfield Academy, but that tradition broke away when the eleventh headmistress of Riverfield Academy forged the Brooch and declared her student Ramona Hawthorn as her successor in front of the whole world.

It was a courageous decision, not because it is going to put Academy on the crossroads of Wisdom Tower but because Ramona Hawthorn was hunted by the most powerful Supreme of that time, and that Supreme even officially declared war on the Academy due to that decision.

Though the Brooch remained in the chest of the Ramona Hawthorn only for few days before she gives up that position and left the Academy to protect it.

The Brooch is later worn by her Excellency Catherine Roosevelt, who was the daughter of Marcella Roosevelt, who later went to become the leader of the Wisdom Tower and brough them up from their lowest stage.

Due to it was once worn by their glorious leader and founder, the Brooch is very important to both Supremes, and they would not let anyone besmirch the honor it represents.

"Grand Tower Mistress Leon, it is the Council's decision, not Headmistresses to give him Brooch of Silver River; it is the unanimous decision of all Council Members that Micheal Zaar deserved to be the third owner of Brooch of Silver River," Councilwoman Marla said, shocking the whole grand hall.

No one can believe what they had said, their words indirectly saying that they believe Micheal Zaar, their member, have the potential to become the next Hawthorn or Roosevelt, which is a crazy thought to all of them.

Some even started laughing visibly, especially from Sky Saber and their affiliate organizations, loudly saying people of the Rivefield Acadamy have gone crazy.

Those two had reached the height till no one was able to reach; In more than three thousand years, people had not even accomplished 10% of the things that those two were able to accomplish.

Angela Leon is fuming by what she heard and about to open her mouth to say what she feels when she felt a gaze from the Hawthorn Sea table.

"Angela, the battle about to start soon," Matron Mavis said; she looked at Mavis and understood what she means to convey; she has no doubt Mavis is also furious as the Brooch was forged in keeping founder in mind.

"The Brooch is property of Riverfield Academy, and I have no right to say anything, and since you decided to give the Brooch to your student,"

"I want to see what he has to deserve it; I will join all of you soon," Said Angela Leon in a voice that has no hint of anger before her projection disappeared from Grand Hall.

Her words have surprised quite a lot of people; it had been quite a while since three old monsters will come to watch the Champions.h.i.+p in person.

It is already very rare for the old monster to watch the Champions.h.i.+p with their projection, though they may secretly, that did not count.

Three old monsters are one place is rarely happened; they are strategic resources, they do not leave their place unless it is very important, they prefer to live in isolation or spend in guarding a very important location of human territory.

Elijah and I looked at each other without saying anything; Elijah has that wolfish smile on his face that he had flashed yesterday, and he is also projecting that hair-raising feeling at me.

Though today, I did not shudder visibly in front of it, still it had shocked me and made me question again that whether I will be able to win against him or not.

I immediately throw out that thought as there is no use thinking about it; from on, the only I could do is fight, fight with every speck of energy I have, and I had shown that to Elijah when I looked directly into his fearful grey eyes.

My reaction surprised him, but soon the surprise disappeared, and his wolfish smile on his face grew bigger, and for some reason, I begin to felt like prey to his hunter; I do not like this feeling at all.