Monster Integration - Chapter 1527 - Final II

Chapter 1527 - Final II

Chapter 1527 - Final II

"Welcome to the last day of World Champions.h.i.+p, The Final," Marla said as she appeared, bringing a loud cheer from the crazily excited crowd.

"Are you all excited for the Final?" she asked, and again she got the answer in defeaning cheer from them. It is a good thing there are absorbers across the arena; even the ears of Tyrants would not be able to bear such loud sounds in the semi-contained s.p.a.ce like the Grand Arena.

"The past month had been filled with exciting battles; the battles of the battles had broken the many records." "It would not be wrong to say this is the best World Champions.h.i.+p that occurred in anyone's living memory," Marla said emotionally.

She is right; the battles of this time have shattered all the records; if one compared all the battles, then this Champions.h.i.+p, arguably the best in the past thousand years.

"Thousands of battles have been fought, each battle bringing out best Elites of the world till only two of the best have remained and now, the two you will fight, and we will have the greatest Elite of this generation and if I may be bold say, the greatest elite of the Century," She said and that strangely quite the audience.

Her words have got quite a meaning, and they have got millions of people looking at Elijah and me and had all the cameras of Arean, focused on two of us.

"It is my great pleasure to call the finalists of World Champions.h.i.+p for the last battle, to fight for the t.i.tle of Battle King of this generation," Marla said as she flew out of the arena.


The crowd begins to cheer as our names were announced, and at the same time, dense runes appeared on the arena as it begins to stretch from inside; it silenced the crowd within a second as they watched in wonder.

It happened in the final of every World Champions.h.i.+p, but its still filled the audience's heart in wonder.

They are stretching the s.p.a.ce inside the arena covered in the forcefield; nothing will change on the outside of the arena, but on the inside, there will be a huge change.

Few seconds later, the runes have disappeared, and now the s.p.a.ce inside the forcefield has been strengthened by seven times which is absolutely huge; now, even if I fight in Vine Human form, I will not feel the constraint of the s.p.a.ce.

Marla returned inside the forcefield and looked around the arena with a bright smile before turning toward the crowd.

"Now the arena had been ready; it is time to call out the two champions for the final battle," she said, and the crowd cheered madly.

"The Crowning Battle will between of Elijah James of the Sundering Peak Vs. Micheal Zaar of the Riverfield Academy!" Marla announced; a crowd became even madder as they cheered for us.

'It is time,' I said as the expression on my face became serious; it is a battle I wanted to fight since I entered the Champions.h.i.+p, and now I am going to be fighting it.

My heart is feeling very heavy; it is literally screaming at me that I will have to win this battle; I rarely get such huge instinctive urges, but when I do, I take them very seriously, as they have never been wrong.

I just wished I knew if I could win the battle, Elijah is too strong for me to predict my win against him, and even I know it will be very difficult for me to win the battle against him.

I may not be able to predict the outcome of the battle, but I will try my all to win it, use every speck of it.

With that thought in mind, I removed the box from my storage and opened it. I could feel thousands of gazes at me, but I did not care; I opened the box and took out a six-inch-long silver brooch.

It is a simple brooch with the shape of a silver river; there are not many ostentatious designs on it, but despite that, it is very elegant; whoever forged it must be an accomplished artist.

The two council members who came in the morning have given me this and asked me to wear this during the final match.

It is not a magical artifact from what I can sense as they are not allowed in the arena; the council members said it is one of the heirlooms of Academy, which is a big thing, but I think there is something more to it as when I saw their expressions when they looked at this brooch, I felt like this brooch is more than heirloom of the Academy.

I had asked Professor about it, but she dodged the question, and Elina did not know anything about it.

I took the badge off the box and placed it on my chest before standing up and flying toward the arena.

I could see the screens focusing on me and some even focusing on the brooch I am wearing; commentators who usually seemed to know pretty much everything has got stumped by seeing the badge; they did not know what it is.

This is quite disappointing as I was hoping they would know something about it; still, there is hope, billions of people watching it, and if this brooch had appeared in history, people would find out, and it will not take them long.

There are many organizations that are exciting for thousands of years, and they keep records of everything; I am sure many people would scanning their records for any mention of this badge, and once they know it, they will tell immediately.

Since I wore it and billions of people watching it, it is there, or their organizations change to shot to fame. Fame is very important, especially to low-level organizations, a simple mention of their organization's name on the world stage will help them get better seeds for their organizations.

Soon, I entered the forcefield and came face to face with the huge battleground, which is stretched seven times of original side, but it does not feel different, except for being way bigger than before.


I observed it for a second before flying toward the center, and a few seconds later, I landed on the ground, opposite Elijah, who gave me a wolfish smile when I looked at him.