Monster Integration - Chapter 1521 - Smash II

Chapter 1521 - Smash II

Chapter 1521 - Smash II


She smashed on the forcefield hard; I had not shown her any mercy, I have very much had intentions of making her b.l.o.o.d.y and break some bones of her.

The force I had thrown her into the forcefield is really great; if I had used a similar amount of force on Herman, I would have killed him, but to Ellen, it is not much; it will break some of her bones at most.

I had not forgotten the beating I had taken from her and how much fun she had breaking my bones in the name of the 'Spar.'


After hitting her on the forcefield hard, I finally released her, and she fell with a thud. She had not fallen unconcious by the throw; she had just became disoriented a little; she will need a second to two to recover fully.

"Need any help?" I asked as I appeared in front of her and fetched my hand for her, she glared at me intensely before a smile appeared on her face, and she took hands to get up.

"The vines were a nice move; you have kept your best for the last," she said as she hit me on the shoulder.

"Congratulation on the win, savor it well, next time when we fight, I will break every bone of your body," She said while looking at me from up to down as she is already decided which of bones she is going to break; feeling her gaze, I couldn't help but shudder internally.

She is right; if we fought again now, I would not be able to defeat her, and with her strength, she would beat me to pulp within ten minutes now that she knows all my tricks.

I have nearly used all my trump cards in this battle, from mapping one combat style to showing the powerful Everwings; I will have a difficult time in the semifinals when I battle against Elijah.

"The Winner is Micheal Zaar of Riverfield Academy," Marla announced, and right after that, the quiet crowd cheered like never before; seeing such cheers, I couldn't help but waved my hands to them.

In the Grand Hall, the atmosphere is quite different; here, everyone is very surprised by the battle's result; not a single one of them, except for those of Riverfield Academy, have thought Micheal would win.

Even in the Riverfield Academy group, there were still people who had not thought Micheal would win; they are the people who do not know the reality of Micheals's Inheritance.

Only Leader and Council Member know the truth, and even they have sworn the oath to not let this fact out without the Headmistress's permission.

"Marina, Congratulation, you got very talented student," Said the leader from Crystal Domination's station; she is Lady Vivian, the older sister of the leader of Crystal Domination and teacher of Ellen.

"Thank You, Lady Vivian," Marina replied; she had tried to keep her expression neutral but seeing her student win such a battle that no one thought he could win, her heart couldn't help but feel pride, and it is leaking on her face.

"There are not many things I regret, but now I am regretting not taking Micheal when my student had asked me to," she with a sigh before her expression turned neutral.

The people of Crystal Domination station and Riverfield Academy station got surprised to hear that. Lady Vivian is one of the most powerful people of Crystal Domination and if rumors to be believed, more powerful than her younger sister, leader of Crystal Domination.

She is also their best recruiter. The best the Crystal Domination had in thousand years, that now they had talents equal to that of the Hawthorns Sea and Marla, the previous champion, was also the person she recruited into the organization.

So, admitting a mistake is a big thing; people as powerful as her rarely do such things, especially in such a public setting.

While some people are happy with his win, some are very angry like those from the Sky Saber as things just got very difficult for them, as the difficulty of killing him had increased hundredfold, even thousands fold.

He had established himself to be the best talent of the decade, of Century seeing his performance and now Pyramid will try their all to protect and nurture future powerhouse who will become another wall in front of Grimm Monsters.

Doing something to him will have great repercussions, even for Supreme, but still, they will do it; no one can besmirch the honor of Sky Saber and live.

"Mavis, how strong do you think his vines are?" Patriarch Brandfort asked, in these vines, even if anything had surprised him more was the resiliency of the vines, the surprise of vines even greater than that of the winner of this battle.

"They are very strong, stronger than they should have in their current stage; the vines have even power to bind the even Top Emperors," Mavis said while having a hard time believing the words she said.

"Yes, from what I had understood, they seemed to have been able to contend against the traces of Divine Energy contained in that little girl's energy," Patriance Bradford muttered softly.

He was lucky enough to see the Divine Crystal in his life; his predecessor had found few grains of them, along without very precious treasures, which are most precious treasures of Bloodsun.

He had research and knew how deadly they could be, even they present in a very faint form.

"Will, your student, would be able to deal with if she faces these vines?" he asked, hearing that smile that appeared on Mavis's face.

"The strength of these vines remain in their surprise attack, and now she knew about them, she will be very careful against them when she faces this boy," Mavis said, completely dodging the other meaning of the question, whether or not jill will able to break out of vines once she is caught.

He did not ask the question again and looked at three people who had reached the semifinals; only two battles have remained; after the semifinal, there will be a final tomorrow. He is feeling quite worried about tomorrow.

If Grimm Monsters make a move, they will make it tomorrow on the day of the final, where nearly all people of Central Continent and the whole world would stick their eyes to their screen to watch the final.