Monster Integration - Chapter 1520 - Smash I

Chapter 1520 - Smash I

Chapter 1520 - Smash I

My vines reached Ellens's arms, and despite very powerful protective energy covering her arm, the vines tore through it and bound her arms just like the rest of her body and also consumed the protective energy that is covering any part of her body.

Now, except for her head, every part of her body bound in the vines. She now looked like a shackled G.o.ddess, bound with delicate vines.

Ellen is struggling hard against the vines, and all she could do is move them ever so slightly, and she can do that because I will try it; if I wanted to, I could have made them tighter that they could not move even an inch.

I let them little loose, not because she is my friend, I will not do that, this is battle, and I will give my all without showing any mercy, I had let kept them little loose because I wanted to watch her struggle fruitlessly thinking that a way out is around the corner.

This feels a little s.a.d.i.s.t, I know!

My vines are extremely powerful, and they close reflection of my special Inheritance Runes; even Ellen, with all her strength, will not be able to break these vines.


She struggled for a whole minute before her terrifying aura rose from her, and the next moment, dense Violet and Gold flames came out of her body; these flames seemed to be a reflection of her conviction she had, and they attacked the vines with a vengeance.

A huge amount of dense Purple and Gold fire came out of her that begins to burn the air itself, but when it targeted the vines that had bound her, she saw her dangerous fire is getting sucked by the vines.

She even had hope that her fire will burn the vines from inside, but a few seconds pa.s.sed, and no result came out while my vines greedily sucked these twin-colored fires.

This Twin colored fire contained the trace of divine energy that my Runes loved very much.

Within a minute, all the fire sucked by the vines, and Ellen is fuming seeing her powerful attack turned into failure; she even glared at me before she summoned out another powerful attack.

She launched attack after attack at my vines; she is relentless; despite the failures, she is bringing out one attack after another, and after the fifth attack, I noticed the power behind her attacks is growing.

Her Bloodline had begun acting up and providing her with more power.

Seeing that, I wanted to throw her at the forcefield and finished the match. She might launch a really powerful move that will get rid of my vines, but my greed for divine energy and my thrust to see how my creation will contend against moves from powerful Bloodline held me back.

I know I should not be greedy, but I can't move my mind to throw her across the forcefield; I want to see her struggle to use her strongest move against my vines.

If I want to have some chance at the next round, I want to know the limit of my abilities. I have knowledge of all my other abilities as I have used them widely, and many people were able to deal with them.

Ever since my runes begin changing, my vines have never been broken, even all-powerful Green Kings with their strange abilities have not able to break, and I want to see whether Ellen, who is more powerful than any Green King Ive faced in Ruin.

At first, her Bloodline has reacted slowly, but soon, I could feel her Bloodline without putting all my focus on it.

I have sensed many Bloodlines, but never has any Bloodline has given me a sense of vastness as of the Ellen's. The Feeling it gives me is far above that of the Phoenix Bloodline of Elina has.

I watched her launch attack after attack on my vines; each attack is more powerful than the previous.

I watched it all and recorded everything in my mind, from the power of Ellen's attack to the reaction of my vines against it, and most of my focus is on my runes, on how they consume the trace of divinity in the energy vines sent to it.

"Are you finished?" I asked ten minutes later, the attacks of Ellen still going strong, but I felt like it is enough; I have watched enough, and now I want to throw her forcefield.

"What scared that I will break through your little vines? If you are that scared, then you can fling me at forcefield," she replied angrily; hearing that a smile couldn't help but appear on my face.

"Nice try, but with you, I will never take such risk," I said and moved her toward the forcefield.

I will never throw her like a ragdoll; I will not release my vines off her till her body touches the forcefield; only then will I release those vines.

Her earlier statement was a provocation; she wanted to throw her at forcefield as I had thrown her Herman, but I am not an idiot.

I am sure once she released the grip of my vines, she could stop the momentum, no matter how fast Ive thrown, and once she released, I don't think I will be able to capture her again; h.e.l.l, she will able to beat me to a pulp with her current strength.

So, I better not release her until her body part touched the forcefield, and I won official.

She is looking at me with very angry eyes seeing how I am moving her toward the forcefield like a little girl who had extremely naughty, and her parents don't have any choice but to bind her to get her home.

Seeing those angry eyes, I smiled and watched as she continued to launch the attacks on my vines in the hope of getting free; even in such hopeless condition, she had not given up, she is still trying her all to win, and I couldn't help but admire her will and tenacity.

Finally, my vines reached near the forcefield, and as it did, I moved it toward the forcefield like a sling using all my strength.

I still had to take revenge for last time; it will be no fun if I did not draw up even slight blood from her and broke some of her bones.