Monster Integration - Chapter 1522: Semifinal: Jill Vs. Elijah

Chapter 1522: Semifinal: Jill Vs. Elijah

Chapter 1522: Semifinal: Jill Vs. Elijah

I opened my eyes as hour-long break had nearly pa.s.sed, and I opened the privacy s.h.i.+eld I had erected; the quarterfinals are over with Jill and I winning our respective battles.

Now, in the semifinals, we both will fight Elijah one by one, unless he wins his first battle, and then he and another partic.i.p.ant that had remained to battle will directly fight in the finals.

If I fight against Elijah now and lose, he won't have to fight against Jill as he would reach the final directly and fight with Jill there.

In the past hour, I had been working on my Inheritance, and now, there is only a small percentage of work had remained, which I am very sure, I will be able to finish by tonight.

I very much want to level up right now seeing, most of my moves have been revealed, and it will be very hard for me to defeat my next opponent since they have already seen all my moves.

But I stopped myself from doing that if I had did that, not only I had revealed a lot of my secrets, but also I would not have been satisfied with my Inheritance as its creator.

I want my Inheritance as perfect as possible, and for it, I do not skim on the work or time I had put into it. I wanted it to be perfect as I could make it, and when only when it satisfies all criteria, I use it.

The upgrade is nearly perfect with one last inspection that will be finished in the night, I will be ready, and this time, I had perfect resources which I did not have in the ruin, so the upgrade I will get from the level up going to be even greater.

"I a.s.sume you all are as excited as for Semifinal as I am?" Marla asked the crowd as she speared in the center of the arena.

"Your cheers are telling me you are very excited about it," she said after hearing defeaning cheers from the crowd.

"So, let's see who will fight against Elijah in the first battle of Semifinals," Marla said, and the images of Jill, Elijah, and I appeared in front of her.

Elijah's images on the other side, while the image of Jill and I is side by side, and now they are spinning, and three seconds later, one image flew toward Elijah's side, and it is the image of Jill.

Seeing that bright smile couldn't help but appeared on my face as now, I wouldn't be the only one whose all the trump cards have been revealed.

Both of them have the nearly same strength; to defeat one of them will have to reveal all one's trump card; this battle would give me all the data I need to fight my next battle.

"The Battle is between Jillian St Palan of Hawthorn Sea and Elijah James of Sundering Peak," Marla called out their names, and the crowd welcomed them with deafening cheers.

Both of them got from their spot and flew toward the arena while not looking at each other even once; only when they reached the arena do they looked at each other, and both of them have the battle fire burning in their eyes.


The countdown begins a few seconds later, and their gazes became more intense as they readied themselves for the big battle.


The crowd roared, and both of them disappeared from their spot, leaving the air with the burning sparks as they moved toward each other with great speed.

It took them a moment to summon their Inheritance Armors, and as they did, they launched their attacks. Their attacks are powerful from the beginning; the attack that Jill used is more powerful than the attack she used to defeat Mira, so I can imagine the caliber of the attacks they have launched.

From the next moment, the arena begins to shake wildly; there was not a second when the forcefield had not stretched and ripple.

Both of them had burst out with terrifying strength and did not hold back anything; the battle is intense from the start, and top of that, both of them seemed to be an equal match of each other as none one was able to gain an edge over the others despite using the power moves.

The crowd had been mesmerized by them, as not one single person in the crowd decided to make a noise, all of them watching the battle with silence.

I also activated all my ocular abilities as I watched the battle; it is quite regretful that I could not sense the power and flavor behind their attacks due to the forcefield's protection.

I could only use my eyes to the best of my abilities and collect as much data as I could through them.

Fifteen minutes pa.s.sed into their battle when a sudden change had occurred, both of them gone through the shocking level of transformation when both of the revealed Level 1 Advance Form of their Inheritance.

It had shocked the whole arena; the first three common levels of Inheritance rare, but Kings have then. Then comes three levels of Forms. Only very few kings have them, especially the last level, which usually Emperors and Tyrants have.

The Advance form is only Tyrants could have and, in my memory, served right then it had been more than fifteen hundred years since any King had revealed the advanced form of Inheritance while still being King.

Saying it is extremely rare would be an understatement, but no two people have revealed the Level 1 Advanced Form together.

I would not have been surprised if it had been only Jill would have done that as she had legendary Inheritance and her predecessor had also performed this feat in her time, but Elijah revealing Level 1 advanced form had shocked the h.e.l.l out of me.

It is no easy feat, but he was able to do that, which makes him no simple person; he has a similar level of talent as that of Jill, who had the legendary Inheritance.