Monster Integration - Chapter 1517 - Fighting Back

Chapter 1517 - Fighting Back

Chapter 1517 - Fighting Back

Seeing her sword coming, I moved my sword according to her. I knew she would do something like it, and for it, I had been prepared.


Step Step Step

Again her sword clashed against mine, sending a huge amount of energy at me. The bloodline energy had been immediately sucked by my runes, and so is most of the physical energy, and what my runes did not suck, a small amount spread all my body and soul while rest spread in my wings.

My runes could absorb all the energy I could give them; there is no need for me to transfer some small amount to my body and

The wings are great at sucking energy; in every diamond feather of the wing, they had to swallow formation to swallow and convert the energy, and storing formation is store the energy.

My runes are the only thing that could swallow the energy, but they are the most efficient ones; they barely lose any energy during the conversion process while the wings lose 15%, which is huge.

Still, I am sending the small portion of each energy into the wings, and since the battle had begun and they had been storing the energy into the small little storages, they have.

I have not used the energy in those storages; the time of them had come, I will use them when I became sure I could defeat Ellen; it is one of my trump cards.


Step Step Step

Attack after attack descended on me; Ellen did not seem to want me to give a chance as she is raining down attack after attack at me, and she is coming from every direction, up and down.

She wanted to defeat me, and for that, she is leaving no stone unturned; she is using everything in her a.r.s.enal to defeat me.

I am quite shocked at the strength she is displaying; I am not the only one to feel that. She had transfixed the crowd with her strength, and now they are cheering for her to defeat me.

While she is trying her all to defeat me, I am trying my all defend; I am using the old trick that requires me to stay long in battle and make my opponent use as many moves as she had.

"Micheal, you had already reached your limit; why don't you just accept the defeat?" Ellen asked while continuing to attack from all sides.

"Who said I have lost? As long as your blades are not the only neck or I crashed on the forcefield, I am not lost," I replied with a smile, and this seemed to irk her even more, as her attacks have become faster and more powerful.

"So, I have to beat you till you have became bloodied, hun," she said, and her attacks have become even more forceful.

With my amazing runes, it had become very difficult to draw blood out of me; one had to hit directly hard enough to see any blood from me; as long as their weapons clashed against mine and there was no overpowering difference of power, one will have a hard time seeing my blood.

Still, that does not mean I am invincible among those with the same strength as me; those with the greater skill could defeat me; they just have to hit me a couple of times on a fatal spot, and it will be game over for me.

Few more minutes have pa.s.sed, and I could feel Ellen getting angry as she to had reached the limit and seeing no way to defeat me.

I am barely able to defend against her attacks but still defending, and till now, she was not able to breach my defense.


Seeing normal attacks are not working, she tried attacking with different methods, but all these methods were weaker than the previous attack; I easily dealt with them all and even started fighting back with her before she again used the same attack, and I had fallen back to defense.

This attack of her very powerful; it is like a ravenous storm that is h.e.l.l-bent on causing destruction; it is very hard to stop such storms, the only way one could stop it let it do whatever it wants and spent its energy till there is none remained.

It will not happen with Ellen; she had a very powerful Bloodline. She is powerful enough that she could keep attacking me with this attack for hours, even a day; I can't predict it very well due to the involvement of the dive energy.

I couldn't help but sigh when I think about Divine Energy; ever since I read about it, I couldn't stop dreaming about it. It will make many things easy for me; if I got my hands on it, even small pieces as a grain of sand would be fine.

Her Excellency Headmistree Roosevelt have found it, and if I am not, she may have used it on her Inheritance. I could tell that as I would do the same, and since she was also like, a host of Creation Heart Inheritance, an only person who successfully practiced Creation Heart Inheritance.

Half an hour pa.s.sed, and now it had been nearly two hours since we begin fighting, and I have collected enough data on her and formed a plan to deal with her.


She attacked me again, and I moved my sword according to it, and when our weapons clashed, I did not step back as I used to before, even used sword power to stop my momentum as before the attack I was moving back as she never gave me a chance to stop.

Her eyes went wide as saucers as she saw me stopped her sword without much shaking; I had not only stopped her sword but also crushed the momentum of it, and this utterly shocked her seeing she had been very careful against tricks from the beginning and remained careful even after she began to dominate me.