Monster Integration - Chapter 1516 - Everwings Vs. Honor Of Divinity II

Chapter 1516 - Everwings Vs. Honor Of Divinity II

Chapter 1516 - Everwings Vs. Honor Of Divinity II

We appeared next to each other as we have teleported, and as we did, our weapons moved.

There is nothing grand about our attacks; our weapons are blazing with the fire or covered in lightning nothing. I looked like I am swinging the sword like I usually do while Ellen's sword is covered with enchanting runes, which made it looked beautiful, not grand.

Our swords moved toward each other like a normal sword about to have clashed against each other.


Our sword clashed, and for a moment, nothing had happened before a very sharp clas.h.i.+ng sound rang out. The sound nearly broke the curtains of our ears, and the forcefield produced from it had shaken the arena as if there is a loud earthquake.

The forcefield, on the other hand, stretched half a meter like rubber before ripple spread across it.

The audience let out a huge gasp seeing such a grand display of power from such simple attacks, and burst out in the cheers.


We did not focus on the loudest cheer we have ever heard from the crowd, nor could we see it as right after the first, we disappeared from our spot and clashed ten meters away from us before disappearing and clas.h.i.+ng into different places in the arena.

The power behind her attacks had shocked me to my core, and the most shocking thing of all is the energies that came with the attack. The energies were concentrated and completely different from the other type of Bloodline Energies Ive ever seen.

The Bloodline Energy of the Ellen is a lot different, and if any energy could come close to it, then it is the energy of Angel Inheritance that Jim and Racheal have, but their Inheritance paled a lot in front of Ellens.

If I am not wrong, then there is divine energy present in Bloodline Energy which makes it very powerful, and that also explains such a resilient body that Ellen has.

Divine Energy is one of the most precious energies of the world as it could be used to anything, only G.o.ds have it, and there are no G.o.ds in our world.

Some people have found the Diving Crystal before, including her excellency Roosevelt. She had left the detailed record of it, and I was able to read some of it, and what I read about it had shocked the h.e.l.l out of me.

As I said, divine energy could be used to do anything; it could give you a const.i.tution, increase your body or soul tremendously, and make Totem Artifacts powerful beyond compare.

In the intelligence, it is guessed that Ellen's Bloodline of G.o.dly Nature is the bloodline of a very powerful G.o.d, and fighting with her, I am very sure she has the G.o.d's bloodline and thus divine energy.

No, wonder she has such a powerful body and soul to match me in body and soul, which I had strengthened from eating hundreds of Green Source.

My runes are eating this divine energy; it is the first time something like that had happened; ever since they begin transformed, they never ate any energy when it comes to they just converted it and gave me back, but now they are eating all the divine energy present in the Bloodline Energy while converting the rest.


The attacks of us got more and more powerful, and I began to use more and more energy from 'First Boost' and 'Everwings.' Every second, thick melted crystalline liquid is coming out of the runes spread through me.

I do not want to admit it, but I am reaching my limit of strength; it won't be long before I reached my limit, and if Ellen continues to increase the strength behind her attacks, I will be in trouble.

The thought of that couldn't help but make me smile; ever since I had returned from the ruin, n.o.body was able to push me to my limit, Ive won all my battles very easily, including the one I had fought with Sarah.

Ellen is the only one who had pushed me this far, and I couldn't help but proud of my friend.

I like this feeling of reaching the end; it forces me to dig out more potential, nearly every day in the ruin was like this, but ever since I had come back, I had nearly forgotten that feeling; I should be thanking Ellen for that.

With the strength she is displaying, there is a good chance I will lose, but it is not sure, if I lose with having inferior strength, I would have died in the first week, I had trapped in the ruin.


Our weapons clashed again, but this time, my body shook, and I had barely stopped myself from taking a step back.

"So, you do have a limit," she said while flas.h.i.+ng her pearly white teeth in victor before attacking me, and this time her attack is far more powerful than before. Seeing the way she is looking at me, it is clear she wanted to splatter me at the forcefield.

Seeing her powerful attack coming, I gripped my sword tightly moved it toward hers; from now on, the real challenge begins.

Anyone could win with superior strength; those who win with the inferior strength are the real champions, and I very much plan to win this battle, even if Ellen is stronger than me.

Her sword came at me, and it wanted to stab me into my chest directly, but how can I let her do that.

My sword moved according to her's, she is faster, but I have more skills; I followed her sword accurately no matter how she wanted to trick me; I could see slight frustration appear on her face when she realizes she could not get past my sword.


Our swords moved closer, and they finally clashed, and as they did, it took all strength I have to myself as stable as possible as I begin to take a step back, and like a vicious viper, she and her sword followed me, not giving me single chance to stop and stabilize myself.