Monster Integration - Chapter 1518 - Two Minutes

Chapter 1518 - Two Minutes

Chapter 1518 - Two Minutes

"H…how?" Ellen asked in shock; she could see I had stopped her attack even without shaking, and I had not used any extra strength; I had used the similar amount that I had using for more than half of hour.

I had destroyed the momentum of the sword before it could push me back; the only thing she could not understand is how I did that when she is was extremely careful about this thing.

She is not the person who underestimates her opponent even if she is dominating in the battle; she would especially not underestimate me.

"You find out," I replied and disappeared from my spot and attacked her from behind, one of the spots where she had intentionally created the weakness to fill the other weakness she had in other weakness, and I am attacking it.

She had hidden it very well, but I was able to find it and some other weaknesses.


She reacted fast and barely able to defend against my attack, and this time too, I had broken the momentum of her sword.


The attack was just beginning, as I begin to attack her weaknesses, and despite having the strength greater than me, she had reduced to responding pa.s.sively.

She first did not understand how I am doing, but as we clashed more and more and I targetted her weakness at every attack, she understood, and realization dawned on her face with a trace of horror.

"You mapped me!" she said in shock; she was more shocked than before when I blocked her attack without much shaking as she understood the implication of what I did; this implication is a reason she had a trace of horror on her face.

Mapping is what one called when one studied others fighting style deeply that they identify all the mistakes the other has; I had been doing that since I got the Killing Rule, but what I did with Ellen is much deeper; it needs far more than a sensory rule and a.n.a.lytic mind.

The members of Supremes, especially the core ones and even more important members, Heirs, are given very special training.

In this training, they have to comprehend one sensory rule and train their battle style to such a degree that no one can map their battle style in a matter of few hours or even a day.

Even with the powerful sensory rule as the Killing Rule and a.n.a.lytic mind I had blessed with, I would not be able to do it if not for my experience in the 'I' Ruin.

From Silver Ghouls to Green Kings, all of them were expert fighters that had hones their fighting styles for centuries and millennia that when I started fighting them, I had barely able to win against them.

I had fought thousands of life and death battles with them, and through these battles, I had earned immense experience.

This precious experience is not only helped me refine my battle style that barely anyone with the same level as me could match, but it had also given me a huge amount of data; with the help of data, I could even map extremely complicate battles style of Ellen.

There are ways against such methods, and I am sure as Ellen understood it, she had already begun to change her fighting style, but it would take some time, at least half an hour, with her capabilities.

I have to defeat her in that time, or I will have to begin over again, and in that, many things could happen.

"Don't think you will be able to defeat me, Micheal, because you have mapped me; there are ways to go around that," She said, gaining back her previous confidence.

"Yes, there are ways, but you will be defeated before that," I said while attacking her, "Oh Yeah, let me see how you do that then," she replied with a confident smile which put a smile back on my face.

She had already begun covering her weakness, but it does not matter; my mapping is not simple; even if she is covering her weakness, she revealing new, and since she is doing that very fast, she is having a problem hiding them very well.

She is better than I had thought, but still, I have twenty minutes, and I am very sure I will be able to defeat her.

It is time to use that then!

I said to myself, and the next moment, I activated a formation; just as I did that, my diamond wings begin to s.h.i.+ne, and that s.h.i.+ne spread through my whole Armor, my wings have collected power for nearly two hours, and it is time to use it.

Their storing formation had only filled 16% In two hours, which means I have about two hours to finish the battle before the power runs out, and I will finish it.

I felt the intense power coursing through my whole body, giving me strength that is equal to that of Ellen.

As the strength spread through my body, I had disappeared and appeared directly in front of her and attacked; seeing me appeared in front of her so fast, a great shock appeared on her face, but the shock did not stop her from responding.

She moved her sword toward mine, but I changed the direction of my sword, seeing that she stopped moving her sword and put it into the defensive posture.

She clearly understands that with both of us having the same strength and with me being mapping her, she would not be able to stop my sword; instead, she would give me a clean way into her, which she did not want to happen.


Step Step

My sword clashed against her, creating a huge shockwave and sending her back; since the first clash, It was the second time I was able to do it, but it will not be the last.

In the next one and half minutes, I will make her repeatedly take a step back till I defeated her.