Monster Integration - Chapter 1515 - Everwings Vs. Honor Of Divinity I

Chapter 1515 - Everwings Vs. Honor Of Divinity I

Chapter 1515 - Everwings Vs. Honor Of Divinity I


Our attacks have got faster and faster, so fast that even monsters had to use quite a bit of concentration to watch the fight.

Since her transformation, we have exchanged thousands of moves, but n.o.body could gain the edge over the other; we are equally matched.

The power behind the attack is greater than mine, but I beat her in technique and control, thus effectively neutralizing the edge she had over me. There may be no one is gaining the edge right now, but it would take a second to change that fact.

One smallest mistake from any one of us and it will cost us great, it could result in the defeat, so we both are very careful and fully concentrated on the battle, other than the battle, we are not caring for anything.

"Punishment of LANCES!"

She said, and hundreds of purple golden landed materialized behind her without warning and came toward me, piercing through the air; these lances looked amazing, and when they tear through the air, I felt like even a group of Emperors would not be able to do anything against them.

The speed of the lances is phenomenal; if anyone unprepared were to face such powerful lances, they would be dead before they know it.

Thankfully, I was very much prepared, and the moment she launched the the the runes inside me lit up.

"Rose Blades!"

I muttered, and hundreds of beautiful Rose Blades materialized behind me and tore through the air to clash against the lances.

My Rose Blades are a third of the size of the Lances, but they are equally beautiful with their red blades and green handles; not to forget they are very dangerous, they will be able to stop the lances.


My rose blades begin to clash against the lances; each of their clashes would deafening sound and have shockwave strong enough to rattle the forcefield and hundreds of them clas.h.i.+ng.

Colorful charting energies begin to spread through the whole arena. The air begins to burn; the chaotic energy has become strong enough that a normal King would become heavily injured just spending a second in the chaotic energies, and within a minute, a King would be completely vaporized.

The lances and rose blades continued to clash as we did not stop summoning them. We are continuously summoning them to attack each other, but due to the close strength of both attacks, no attacks were able to gain the upper hand.

The chaotic energies have reached a whole new level; even I begin to feel slightly uncomfortable in it. It is a good thing, the formation in the arena repeatedly sucking up the energy; otherwise, it would have become over of chaotic energies, and from what I read about them, they are very dangerous.

The attacks are getting faster and stronger, and they begin to take more and more energies; while I fight, I am also refining the energies crazily, my attacks need huge energies, if I did not have such refining Tower, I would not have been able to have such huge amount of energy to power up my attacks.


About ten minutes pa.s.sed, and when I noticed small curving up on the lips of Ellen, and I sensed very faint changes in energies, the change was very faint that very King's ability to notice it.

I did notice it, and it shocked the h.e.l.l out of me; Ellen is about to launch a very, very powerful attack, and I shouldn't waste any time in taking all my strength before she finished me off in a single move.

"HONOR OF DIVINITY" "Everwings!"

We both powered up at the same time; a said her move in her strange hypnotic, oscillating voice, and Gold and Purple runes covered her body, and at the same time, I summoned the 'Everwings.' Giving the glimpse of my new move to the world for the first time.

We have summoned out our most powerful moves; I could feel this powerful move is at her limit, and everything is my limit; if I want more strength, then I will have to burn my blood which I am unwilling to do in Champions.h.i.+p and using it will automatically lose the battle.

The sacrificing types of attacks are forbidden in Champions.h.i.+p; those who used it would directly be disqualified.

As we summoned our most powerful moves, we did not attack immediately. She would have attacked me if I had been a moment late in summoning my wings, but I had summoned my wings at the same time she activated her attack, so I lost the chance of a surprise attack and finished me up in a single move.

"Wings, I don't know you had wings; they looked quite on you," Ellen praised, "The sparkles quite suit you too," I said; the purple and golden runes appeared on her gown, and sword are s.h.i.+ning enchantingly.

"So, this is it, hun?" she asked, "Yes," I said, we do not have to explain at all; this is our last move and my most powerful move when I use the everwings with the 'First Boost' which I am doing right now.

If Ellen could take out something even more powerful, then it will be game over for me since I could not burn my blood, which if I did, it would be grand me enough power that I will full confidence to face Elijah, Jill, and Ellen in battle together.

They might have something like blood burning too, but chances are low; usually, most inheritances and bloodlines kept such abilities locked until they reached the Tyrant Stage.

"Let's begin then." She said, and the next moment she became a blur to me; even with all my senses working, she had become a blur; I had to concentrate all sensory powers and employ my sensory field to see her, and I did, I flapped my wings and moved toward her with the greater speed she is coming toward me.