Monster Integration - Chapter 1509 - Jill Vs. Mira I

Chapter 1509 - Jill Vs. Mira I

Chapter 1509 - Jill Vs. Mira I

The rules may seem a little complicated, but they are not; they are very simple, and most of the crowd had understood them, and those who did not are too dunce to understand anything.

As per rules, Elijah had finished the battles quickest; he will directly go to the semifinals. The four of us, Mary, Jill, Ellen, and I, will fight in two groups.

If I win the battle of my group and Mira of her group, then two of us will fight Elija in the semifinals one by one. If it is Mira who won the match against Elijah, she will directly reach the final, and I will have to win my battle against Elijah to reach the final.

If I lose the battle against Elijah then, it will Elijah who will reach the final and battle against Mira one more time, but If Elijah wins the semifinal battle against Mira, then I will not have to fight him today since he and I will reach the battle completely.

It means, if Elijah wins the first semifinal battle, he will not have to fight the second semifinal battle; he and his opponent of the second semifinal battle will fight in the finals tomorrow.

Elijah will have to win only one battle from now on to reach the finals, while four of us will have to win all the battles to come at us; losing a single one means losing the chance to finals.

"It is time for the first Quarterfinal Battle," Marla said loudly, exciting the already excited audience. A screen with four images and names below them appeared, and they begin spinning, and three seconds later, the four names separated into two groups.

Seeing that, a smile couldn't help but appear on my face, and I looked to my right and found Ellen is looking at me with the smile mirroring mine; after all these years, we will finally fight again, and this time it will be in front of the whole world.

While I will fight against Ellen, Mira will be fighting against Jill; it is now the question of which group will battle the first.

"The First Semifinal Battle will be between Jillian St Palen of Hawthorn Sea Vs. Mira Alexander of WindG.o.d Temple," announced Marla, and the crowd went mad like crazy.

These two women have proved themselves in the battles, and both of them possess the specialties that only appear in the world once in thousands of years.

As their names were announced, both of them got up and flew toward the arena with a very serious face.

Both of them know it would not be going to an easy battle; it is going to the hardest battle they have fought in the Champions.h.i.+p or their whole life, and they are going to give their all to win it.

While they may be serious, I am very excited. There is a very high chance that I might be able to meet one of them in the Final, and the data I will gain about them in the final battle will help me a lot against them if I meet them into the final.


They landed on the arena, and soon the countdown has begun as their gazes became intense; sparks begin to fly around their bodies as they begin to build their strength inside them.


The countdown finished, and both of them immediately burst out of immense strength as they moved toward each while their Inheritance Armor appears on their body.

Till now, since the Champions.h.i.+p begins, Jill had never shown her Armor; at max, she had covered herself with her abyssal fire as she did at her last battles, but in this battle, she had finally revealed her Inheritance Armor, and it is a lot different that of the Ramona Hawthorn.

I have seen the images of Ramona Hawthorn, and her Inheritance of every stage and the Inheritance Armor she had at King Stage is lost different. The biggest difference was that Ramona Hawthorns Inheritance Armor was an Armor, while Jill's Inheritance Armor is a battle robe.

Her battle robe looked extremely amazing; it dawned all the Inheritance Armors, including the angel forms of all Angel Inheritance holders.

Her battle robe is black and looked like it is made of Abyssal Fire itself, and above the robe, she is wearing silver light Armor, which looked like it is forged from the silver light itself.

Seeing the Armor, it is very clear; she had reached the 3rd Level of Forma, a level higher than Sarah, who had reached the highest form in the Champions.h.i.+p and now her record broken by the Jill.

The third level of form provides one's immense strength, and when one has inheritance as the Abyssal Star Inheritance, one could not imagine what degree of power it is providing.

Jill is not the only one who revealed the amazing Inheritance Armor; the Bloodline Armor revealed by Mira is no less amazing. It is different from the bloodline armor she wore in her battle against Raina; its grade is way above that; she had not revealed her full power in the last battle.

In the earlier battle, she was wearing Armor, and now she is wearing a yellow and while beautiful gown; there is even a beautiful crown made of yellow and white chrysanthemum flower on her head.

Unlike the holy white gown of Ellen, Mira's Gown had pieces of Armor covering her fatal spots; these pieces of Armor looked very delicate; they are made of flowers, but I have no doubt these pieces of Armor would be as strong as the totem artifact she is holding in her hand.

Seeing Mira in such regal form, I couldn't help but get attracted to her even more. If she had been beside me, I don't when whether I would have been able to control my hands or not.

I shook my head of those thoughts and focused on the fight as it is going to be very interesting.