Monster Integration - Chapter 1510 - Jill Vs. Mira II

Chapter 1510 - Jill Vs. Mira II

Chapter 1510 - Jill Vs. Mira II

It did not take them even a second to reach close to each other and launch powerful attacks.


When their weapons clashed, I felt like the whole arena would crash, and the forcefield covering it would shatter, but nothing of that sort happened, but the attack had really rattled the forcefield.

It was just the start of the battle; after the first attack, many more attacks came, and each of them more powerful than the previous begin to rattle the forcefield with intensity.

Their battle had started with the bang, and their momentum began to rise.

To people watching, it looked like both of them are being matched equally, but very few could spot the real detail of their combat that is telling them that one partic.i.p.ant is holding a faint edge over the other.

Jill had been suppressing the Mira in the battle, and she had been doing that since the first attack. It was obvious as the suppression is very faint, but it is visible to those with keep eyes.

It is not a surprise to me; I had expected Jill to suppress the Mira due to her legendary Inheritance, its not like Mira's Bloodline is not strong, or her attacks are not powerful as Jills.

Both of them are using similar strength attacks; it could be even said that it is Jill's attacks are a little weaker, but despite that, she is able to faintly suppressing Mira and reason for this her technique and control.

Jills' technique with her weapon and her energy control is really great; it is above that of the Mira. Until now, Mira was one of the partic.i.p.ants who had one of the best techniques of weapons and energy control, but now Jill had beaten her to it.

I couldn't help but marvel at her; gaining such weapon techniques and energy control is not easy, even when on have worlds best teacher, they are not easy.

They could only help to a certain degree; it one that has to refine one's battle technique and energy control.

The quickest and most reliable way to improve the battle techniques is life and death battles in an untamed environment. There are thousands of studies done throughout the thousands of years, and the life and death battle is the best way to refine the battle techniques and gain experience.

As the gaining fine energy control, one just has practice, practice for hours, days and months, and years. It is extremely boring to some; they would prefer to fight hundreds of life and death battles than spent hours every day refining the energy control.

That is why many people have refined battle techniques, but they would lack energy control.

Both Mira and Jill have great energy control and technique; they have already surpa.s.sed the most Emperors stage powerhouses, only a select few could compare to them, especially Jill.


In just a few minutes in the battle, they begin to use their real strength. Mira started to use the attacks that contain the hint of life and death while Jill revealed the real power of her Abyssal Fire that in one time used to terrify the s.h.i.+t out of the Grimm Monsters.

Ramona Hawthorn alone burned the armies of Millions of Grimm Monsters and turned them into her Abyssal Fiends; with this Abyssal Flames, she alone was the Army herself.

Her Abyssal Flames began to burn through the attacks that contains the shadows of life and death and started to suppress Mira even more, but Mira did not back down in front of those legendary flames and brough out even more power.

The strength of their attacks has reached such height that sparks could be lightning up across the whole arena.

Usually, after a powerful attack, the residual energy is quickly sucked by the arena; there is a powerful absorbing formation inside the arena.

The absorbing formation much in any arena where Kings battle, the arena may look big, but it is small, and when the energies of Kings filled it and reached certain density, they became extremely dangerous.

It is why, few seconds after the attack, all the residual energy is quickly sucked by the formation, but now, both of their attacks are producing so much energy that the absorbing speed of formation is not powerful enough to absorb all the energy.

Few more minutes have pa.s.sed, and their attacks have become even stronger, and now the sparks in the arena could even be seen by common Princes and the Kings.

The power of their attacks has reached the mind-blogging level, Mira who was clearly defensive for few minutes has refused to use the defensive method; she had to answer Jill's charge with her attacks.

Which I think is a very smart move; going complete defense against an opponent like Jill, who has is packed with powerful attacks, is not wise. She will break your defense when she does; you will lose as she will not give you a chance for any offensive.

Half an hour had pa.s.sed, and battles had reached its final phase; Mira is letting out all she had been hiding; it shocked the crowd when she finally revealed her trump cards; some of her trump cards were powerful enough to send Jill very close to the forcefield.

With the help of her trump cards, she was able to gain the complete edge over Jill for whole minutes before Jill begin to dominate her again and began pus.h.i.+ng her against the forcefield.


Mira resisted with all her strength, but Jill was quite adamant and had the power to back it up that she had made Mira finally crash into the forcefield.

The crash was not loud; if she had meter more, she would have been stopped herself from cras.h.i.+ng against it, but that is a scenario she can't have; she had lost, Jill had defeated her fairly.

"The Winner of the First Quarterfinal Battle is Jillian St Palan!" Marla announced amidst the roar of the crowd.