Monster Integration - Chapter 1508 - Quarterfinals

Chapter 1508 - Quarterfinals

Chapter 1508 - Quarterfinals

"Dear Lords, Everything went according to plan, either today or tomorrow, the whole human world will watch, the would be a beacon of their race killed in a most gruesome, humiliating way by the Grimm Monster," said the old werewolf with a toothy smile.

The heads of the most powerful tribes smiled and looked at the huge screen where numerous past battles are playing, marking down those with great future potential for an a.s.signation. costs a fortune, especially when it is human territory; not only a huge amount of wealth is spent, but they also have to use their spies, which had been integrated into human society.

The most loyal humans and spies have needed centuries of work to place them in human societies.

Putting spies is not easy work; in more than ten thousand years, humans have learned many things, and for their spy to infiltrate even the lowest level organization in the central continent needed centuries of clear record.

Even the lowest level organizations go over the records of five generations, employing DNA signatures to Family energy signatures to truthseekers, everything is employed, n.o.body wants a traitor or worst spy in their organizations.

Still, with enough planning, we could place a spy in organizations below Supremes; it is a totally different matter to place a spy in the supreme. The chances of spies successfully infiltrating there are nearly impossible.

"Let's watch the show them; let's hope the host of Celestial Inheritance is not weak," said the Foxwomen, getting a laugh from all the tribal leaders. All of them know how foolproof this plan is; the host of Celestial Inheritance will die, the question is whether he will die today or tomorrow.

The two hours break is nearly over; there is barely fifteen minutes before the champions.h.i.+p begins, while outside it may have been fifteen hours, but inside my Inheritance s.p.a.ce, I have more than an hour.

I wish I had more; I am very close to perfecting the upgrade, but still, very far, I would not be able to do it before the semifinals; I will have to fight my battle or battles of today with my current strength.

It will be a very tough battle; I don't whether I will be able to qualify for the finals tomorrow or not, but I will try hard, the final will be amazing, and I want to be in it, fight the strongest of my generation.

I worked on my Inheritance for few minutes before I closed it and began working on my vines, creating humanoids from it. In the ruin, I had not thought about them, but ever since the teacher gave me an idea, I had been thinking about them very much.

It is not just about creating the huge humanoid but creating the smaller ones too, and an army of them; I have thought about creating thousands of them, hundreds of thousands of them, even million.

Others might say it impossible, a fools dream, even if I have the energy of hundred powerful Tyrants, I would not be able to reach ten thousand, forget a hundred thousand, but I did not say I would use my energy.

My self-created Inheritance and the unique const.i.tution allow me to do things that are near impossible to others but possible to me, and as long as I tried, I might be able to create an army of millions when I reached Tyrants Stage.

Currently, I should focus on perfecting the humanoid, I had fixed most of the mistakes, and now I want to make some improvements that I had thought during the fight; one of the improvements would change the humanoid's face.

The face of the humanoid is too ugly; though I should not focus on the limited time I have in improving its looks, I still couldn't help but spent few minutes making its face look good.

The ugliness from the humanoid is gone, though it did not become beautiful, it becomes nice to look at, and that is fine by me.

After I worked on the face, I begin to work on improving different aspects; I continued to work on it, till there is only one minute have remained till the champions.h.i.+p begin.

I opened my eyes and removed the energy s.h.i.+eld that was covering my seat and saw everybody returned and now sitting at their chairs with fresh faces; I am the only one who looked like I had just woken from sleep.

I circulate my energy inside and outside, removing all the traces of tiredness from me. It's a good thing; I am wearing the ant crease uniform; otherwise, I would have had to straighten them up with my energy.

A few seconds later, I looked as fresh as others and waited for a blue energy field above disappear; I did not have to wait for long as a few seconds later, the blue energy s.h.i.+eld has disappeared.

"Welcome to the quarterfinal of 10000th World Champions.h.i.+p," Marla announced as she appeared center of the arena, wearing a completely different gown than before.

"All of you already know the rules, but I will state them again," "Of the Top 5, the one who had finished his/hers battle quickest will reach semifinals directly, and that would be Elijah James who had finished his battle with a second," she stated and looked at Elijah.

"Congratulation Elijah," Marla said that; he nodded with his trademark smile on his face.

"The remaining four in the Top 5 will fight the battles, and two will emerge winner will reach semifinals and fight against Elijah for the seat of final,"

"If Elija wins the first semifinal battle, then he and his next opponent would be reached directly final; if Elijah win the first battle and lost the second battle, he will still go to final and fight against the first winner or semifinals, which he lost against,"

"And if Elija lost both of the semifinals battles, then the two opponents who will beat him will reach the finals," She stated out the rules to the excited crowd.