Monster Integration - Chapter 146 Fire Strike II

Chapter 146 Fire Strike II

The silver bolt of concentrated fire shot toward the incoming Monster Hog.

The silver bolt of the fire looked very s.h.i.+ny as it pierces the air as it aims toward the monsters head.

The bolt is traveling through the air very fast but to me, it looked very slow due to the excitement.

I am little surprised though, seeing a lone bolt of fire shooting through my sword.

After reading the skill's description, I thought my sword, at least would release five to six bolts if concentrated fire but it had released just one.

From what it read, the number of fire bolts depends upon mana and quality of the fire ability.

I have enough mana to produce four to five bolts but my fire quality is lowest, probably this is the reason my sword had only released a single bolt of concentrated mana fire.

The monster looked alarmed as fire bolt reached near its nose in a moment but it couldn't do anything about it.

''Puchi!" Firebolt pa.s.sed through the monster head through its nose while the monster is wide eyes as it loses the momentum.

"Thud!" its giant body fell directly in front of me but I was able to react a bit due to the weakness in feeling.

Without wasting time, I quickly took out a piece of treant heart from my pocket and popped in my mouth.

Only when its mana refres.h.i.+ng sensation had spread in my body, did I feel good enough to move my body as mana started to enter my refinement engine.

The Fire Strike skill that I had just used took nearly 90% percent of my mana, making me extremely tired in second.

This skill is extremely lethal but it also takes way too much of mana, it is not suitable for the Initial level Specialist grade evolver like me to use in crowded fights like this.

If not for I have treants heart as insurance, I would have used this skill as last resort.

It takes minutes to digest normal mana potions but It only takes a few seconds by treants heart.

Seeing no monsters are near me, I looked at monster Hog that I had just killed, except for the small hole in his nose l, there are no injuries on its body.

Look like my mana bolt earlier had melted its whole d.a.m.n brain.

I would have removed the core from its body but I don't think I have the ability to do that and there are lots of monsters here.

As I was observing a body, I felt monster is coming toward me, without looking I started circulating Fire Strike without even looking at the monster.

This time being familiar, I didn't get the surprised feeling hot sensation and wholly concentrated on taking an aim at monsters head which is coming toward me with furies expression.

Like last like concentrated silver fire traveled to my sword from my palm and converted into the firebolt which shot toward the monster like a bullet.

''Puchi!" The firebolt had pierced the monsters head, this time my aim is little better as it pierced from s.p.a.ce above the nose.

''Thud!" The monster body fell with a thud not far away from me.

I first eat the piece if treant heart before walking toward the monster.

I am in awe of the power of this skill, just one move, I just need the one move to kill a B grade monster.

The skill power is so great that it disnt feel any obstruction pa.s.sing through the monster head and there is even little energy remains to come out of its head.

This is the real difference between Knight grade Skill and Grade 1 skill, their power is like a heaven and earth.

Looking at the power of Fire Strike, its power is greater than the Piercing Spindle skill that will have, which I sure am Knight grade skill.

Seeing no monster coming towards me I look toward jill whom earlier fighting not far away from me.

When l looked at her, I found that she is also looking toward me with a shocked expression.

Not just her, many people that I become familiar with me are looking at the same way as jill.

I just have them smile and looked away from them but I didn't fail to notice five monsters body around jill.

But no one surprised seeing that as last few days her killing score is better than our group's peak specialist grade revolver.

I again started to fight to see the monster coming toward me.

As time pa.s.sed by monster numbers kept increasing but they are still manageable as we are enclosed s.p.a.ce and there is so much s.p.a.ce for the monitor to enter.

Whatever monsters came toward me, I kept killing them with the fire strike, this skill power is so amazing that I wouldn't want to use anything but this.

After I killed my fifth monster, I stopped eating treant heart for recovery and went back to drinking mana potions.

I have limited number treants heart if keep squandering them at this speed they will not going to last till I exit this realm.

I did it because not only I will waste the treant hearts this way, I will also lose on supreme combat exercise.

As using treant heart, I will feel less strain of battle and circulation of my supreme combat exercise slows down.

Combat is the only thing I depend on to advance in a supreme combat exercise.

I have received many injuries because not eating treant heart for combat but I also reached 22nd move of exercise in very less time.

It is becoming harder though to advance more in exercise.

Although pain is a lot less compared to the one I felt after eating mystic medicine but it is still pain none the less but I am still confident in creating the fifth seal of exercise today or tomorrow.

I keep fighting on killing monsters with my terrifying kill, enjoying the rush of power when I felt deathlike intuition.

Intuitively I activated my s.h.i.+eld and move it toward where I felt danger.

"Bang!" something heavy collide against my s.h.i.+eld, breaking nearly all bones of my body.

I felt so immense force that I've never felt before and my body flew like a broken kite.

"Bam!" next moment, I collided against forcefield, the rest of my body parts that were left safe got injured due to the collision, taking me to the death's door.

If I didn't do something withing second, I will surely die without knowing which monster sneaked attacked me.