Monster Integration - Chapter 145 Fire Strike I

Chapter 145 Fire Strike I

''After five minutes, both camp will open quarter of the forcefield for the monster to come in." Rachel said.

After William left for max camp, Rachel started to give orders.

''Please follow the direction given to you for the formation and those who will create a ruckus will be punished." She announced.

"I don't why Rachel have to be serious all the time, she could just chill a little." Said jill softly.

I wanted to ask her to keep quiet but stopped myself, seeing now that she bother became a super elite, even if Rachel heard she won't be able to do anything much less anyone else.

Soon Rachel started to give us some, it's just simple tips to fight in the enclosed s.p.a.ce safely and lethally.

Rachel said that she is only going to open a quarter of the camp so the monster could come in.

I was a little confused why they opening quarter of the forcefield as this quite big entrance and thousands of monster could come in a minute and it would be really hard to fight against them even if Rachel helped.

If we opened only 10% of the forcefield, very few monsters could come in we could easily finish but as I thought that, the answer to that quickly come in my mind.

If we only opened 10% of the forcefield, it would be quite easy to kill the monster but will take a lot of time and even a day wouldn't be enough.

Opening quarter if forcefield will bring a lot of monsters but it also gives chance everybody to fight and fight will finish quickly and we could swiftly travel toward the exit if this realm.

"Be ready, the forcefield will open in ten seconds!" said Rachel from our back.

Unlike other times, this time Rachel is staying behind. This is half enclosed s.p.a.ce perfect for archer like her.

In this half enclosed s.p.a.ce, she could easily kill any monster she wants from the highpoint and if monster got closer to her she could easily escape through forcefield as she has control over it but I didn't think her close combat abilities are so bad that she could not defend against them and then there is her monster which she did take out till now.

Seconds started to tics by and I also activated my weapons, I am really excited to fight as I want to test my abilities against this monster.

These Hog monsters look is attack and defense type monster than speed and agility.

Although they have less agility compare to other B grade monster but they still very fast compared to another monster of the same level.

''They come!" Rachel shouted and forcefield went down, Thousands of monster stormed inside with their frightening grunts.

Without waiting for anyone Rachel started to shoots down arrow, every arrow her's will kill the monster.

''Snort!" The monster snorted loudly and kept running toward us and we also met them halfway.

I quickly picked up an initial level specialist grade monster and ran toward it.

"Grunt!" it grunted loudly and attack me with a gain fist.

Seeing powerful fists are coming toward me, I activated my boots and dodged.

Its single is fist is double size of me and its arms are many large, it has both range and power if it has the speed to match with it, this monsters would definitely have able enter Higher B Grade.

I ducked its fist and swing my sword up with my full power toward its arm.

"Chang!" My sword had struck against its arm but other than making a barely visible scratch, it didn't do anything to it.

My attack didn't do anything to it but it sure annoyed it.

''Grunt!" It grunted loudly and launched a kick, seeing the kick coming I took a small dodge sideways, effectively avoiding its attack.

Thank G.o.d I created another seal of supreme combat exercise which gave me small enhancement in my abilities otherwise it would have been really dodging its enormous leg as such close range.

Still, I had to circulate the eighteenth move of supreme combat exercise to dodge it.

Barely a minute a pa.s.sed since the fight started but I already reached the eighteenth move of supreme combat exercise.

Because of heart-wrenching pain, I experience yesterday, I now became more tolerant to pain and I am confident I will create the fifth seal in one or two days.

I keep fighting it for a few minutes, knowing its strength and weakness if this monsters.

Fighting it one thing I've come to know that it has the hardest defense of all the monsters I've fought.

One had to have a very good skill or very good physical or material ability to injure it.

I hadn't used my skill set, my plan is that to first know all the strength and weakness of the monster before using all my strength.

Currently, because of Rachel, the monster horde is in control and no series of injuries or death occurred but it will change soon.

I want to completely know the monster before killing it as I have killed tens of these monster and that time I won't have to think about its weakness.

''First Tide! Second Tide! Third Tide!" I shouted and activated the power of all three tides at the same time.

Now that I completely know all of its strength and weakness, I pretty sure my attack land on the perfect spot.

Dodging its giant fists, I ducked and ran forward before taking staring jump towards its heart.

''Grunt!" It grunted and wanted to strike its big head against my body but before it could do that my sword had already reached its heart.

"pach!…." I was shocked that my sword has barely entered an inch inside, it failed to penetrate even inch of its skin.

Without wasting time, I backflip in midair using the monsters body and my sword as leverage.

As I landed, I saw the monster coming toward in stark anger in his eyes.

without fl.u.s.tering seeing monster very close to me, I activated my skill again.

"First Tide! Second Tide!" I shouted and with the power of skill coursing through my veins, I dodge its close charge.

With me creating the fourth seal, I can use my skill two consecutive without any side effects.

As the power of skill still coursing through my veins, I quickly removed the potion bottles from my pocket and drank it, I will need a lot of mana for what I am going to do next.

I kept fighting with the monster Hog till mana in my central reserve had reached a hundred percent.

''First Tide! Second tide!" I activate the two tides and put some distance between minster as this skill is long range and need some time to activate.

"Fire strike!" I shouted and started to circulate mana with my ability according to skills directions.

I started to hot all over my body as mana circulated through specific circulation.

This knight grade skill can only use fire ability user as it strikes down concentrated bolts of fire.

Soon extremely concentrated silver fire spread into my sword from my palm, it became more concentrated in my sword, become not longer than two inches.

As silver fire bolt reaches the end of my sword, its speed suddenly increased and it released from my sword like a bullet toward the incoming monsters which only a meter away from me.