Monster Integration - Chapter 147 Sudden Changes

Chapter 147 Sudden Changes

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I am at the death door! Every bone of my body had broken and blood could be seen from flowing from every part of my body.

The attack came so suddenly that I barely had a chance to defend against.

By the time that I knew the monster is attacking, I barely had time to defend properly or use the skill.

Still thanks to my knight grade s.h.i.+eld, I am alive if it were any normal Grade 1 s.h.i.+eld, I would not be at death door but really dead.

I am very seriously injured and if I didn't do anything in the next few second either monster will kill me or the excessive bleeding.

I even lost my sword when I collided against the forcefield, I hope it will be here somewhere, I don't want to lose my knight grade sword.

I am barely able to shake my limbs due to serious injuries much less move them to take out treat heart from the storage of my right pocket but there is still hope.

More than a week ago, I saw a girl sucking her sleeve when she got very injured by the minister.

That piqued my interest and I kept watching her while fighting the monster.

It turned that girls have sewed special place at the end of sleep to keep potion bottles for an emergency.

I got interested and I also copied her and made s.p.a.ce for potion bottles under my sleeves and morning today I change potion bottle with pieces of the treant heart.

I crane my neck downward despite feeling the immense pain and move my right sleeve.

It is very hard and painful but I kept going and soon my sleep reached my mouth.

I open my mouth and loosely bit it with my teeth.

Soon the small piece treant heart melted in my mouth and started to heal my injuries speedily buy before I could smile again, I felt an impending danger again and next moment I again hit by a monster.

"Bang!" I wasn't able to see monster clearly as my eyes were little murky due to blood.

This time my body fell on the open s.p.a.ce and I can feel sound of intense fighting around me.

I lay on the ground in an unnatural position potion as my wounds are still healing due to a piece of treant heart earlier.

This is reason probably am not dead, despite bones of my waist are crushed.

Laying in the ground, I tried to move my limbs.

This time my injuries are really heavy, I could die in a few minutes if my injuries did not stabilize.

The piece of treant heart I ate earlier will not able to heal me, it would be a blessing if it is able to stabilize injuries and made my limbs capable enough to move a little.

I know monster could attack me any moment and end me despite that I did not give up and keep trying to move my hands.

As the second pa.s.sed, the monsters attack I have been expecting did not come and my twitching hands started to move a little.

I kept moving my right hand little by little till it reached near my right pocket, I kept moving it and moving it and soon it reaches my right pocket.

My hand went inside my storage and I removed the biggest piece that I kept it for emergencies.

It is from peak specialist grade treant and it will be more than enough to heal all my injuries and charge my mana to hundred percent.

My hand slowly come toward my mouth as I kept worrying about the monster attack that could hit me any time.

As the piece of treant heart coming toward my mouth, I am trying to see the scene around me but I barely able to some blurry figures.

My eyes had become murky due to blood and I can see clearly; as I am dying to see which monster b.a.s.t.a.r.d sneaked attacked me.

Soon the treant heard hear my mouth, I opened my mouth fully despite feeling pain from my broken jaw.

The big piece of treant heart enter my mouth and next moment there burst of refreshment that started to spread from my mouth, healing injuries of my whole body.

As the seconds pa.s.sed more and more of my injuries started to heal and I got relatively good control over my hands that I can clear the blood off them.

As my eyes gained clearly, I get the full view of the fights that are going around me.

I thanked my luck than I was not crushed by the foot of monsters as the closest fight is just two meters away from.

I would be miserable if I were too crushed by 12 m tall monster.

Anther minutes pa.s.sed and I get relative control my body and I can barely stand up.

When stood up, I saw the shocking scene, not much away from me.

There is Bitsy is fighting against an about fourteen meters tall monster and that monster is the peak of Specialist stage.

The monster looked very angry as tiny bitsy sunning around its body, attacking whenever she wished.

Rachel saved my life again! I said looking toward bitsy.

I am sure this is the monster that sneaks attack me.

My body is stronger than normal specialist grade evolvers due to four seals and mid-stage specialist stage monster is not powerful enough to make me reach the death's door at the single attack, moreover, that attack is pa.s.sed through my s.h.i.+eld.

I activated my second sword my waist as lost my sword after I collided against the forcefield.

I was about to start circulating Fire Strike to attack the monsters when a red arrow came out of nowhere pierced the monster skull.

"Thud!" a giant monster fell on the ground with a loud thud and soon bitsy came toward me running.

First, she looked around for Ashlynn but when she didn't find her she turned to me and started to kiss my cheeks and shamelessly asked for a treat.

"Hahahha! Here you go!" I said, as took out the treat and gave it to her, I gave her one of fruit that Ashlyn brought yesterday.

Bitsy quickly left after eating the fruit and walked toward the direction where I collided the forcefield to find my sword.

The sword is really important to me, it is only offensive knight grade artifact I have and my previous Grade 1 sword nothing compare to it.

I didn't have to search very hard and I found it nearly forcefield.

After I activated my sword, I again started killing monsters but this time I a not lost in the power of the skill.

I kept myself vigilant every moment of my fight so mistake earlier did not happen.

If I had seen that attack second earlier, I would have been better condition defined against it.

The more and more monster kept coming and we keep killing, he is an inside forcefield is completely filled with monsters, that you could not take a step without stepping on the monster corpse.

Time pa.s.sed as kept fighting and soon it three hours since Rachel opened the forcefield.

A sudden change occurred in the fight as monsters orcs suddenly became crazy and started to run like a headless chicken.

Instructive fear could be seen on their faces, seeing something wrong, Rachel quickly closed the forcefield and seeing her, max also did the same.

The remaining monster inside the forcefield quickly killed by Rachel and us.

Soon we forme to know the reason for their fear and monster as a monster outside forcefield started to fall one by one large yellow clouds loomed over them.

Extreme Horror appeared on everyone's faces when we saw what that yellow cloud is made even Rachel is no exception.