Monster Integration - Chapter 1502 - Battle of Giants II

Chapter 1502 - Battle of Giants II

Chapter 1502 - Battle of Giants II


Our weapons clashed, creating a rattling forcefield that shook the arena like never before; I feel a huge ripple running across the forcefield before it got absorbed by it.

While Sarah is fine by the attack, the vine humanoid shook loudly; that shaking got the surprised gasp from the audience.

"So, you do have a limit after all," Sarah said, the first time her blazing eyes had something like a smile it, which had lasted for a moment before it disappeared as Sarah came at me with an even more powerful attack than the previous.

I wish I could tell her that while the humanoid shook because of her attack but it was not because she got the upper hand in the attack; the reason for its shaking is my mistake in its creation.

One could not make a humanoid and want it to act as the human body. I had crafted this humanoid with all the data I had, but since I had never fought with humoind, I could a.s.sume many things while designing it.

In the first clash, many of its flaws were revealed, and I am fixing them as I attacked Sarah back.

I am very lucky that I am testing my Vine Humoind against Sarah, where I could fix the flaws while fighting her; if it had been Ellen, Jill, or Elija, I don't think I would have gotten the chance; they would have finished me before I could do anything to fix it.


Our weapons clashed again, and this time, the vine humanoid shook even more than before and nearly moved back a step in the sky.

"Hehe, it would be long before I tore you out your Vine Demond Micheal," Sarah said, and she came toward me for another powerful attack with the intention of crus.h.i.+ng me as soon as possible.


She attacked me like being possessed, with each her attack being more powerful than previous, and by her fifth attack, I begin taking a step, which increased her confidence further and madness.

I took a step back after step, moving all around the arean, never getting too close to the forcefield. With such bodies, this gigantic arena had become quite small; I don't want to crash on it by mistake and lose the battle.

While I am fighting against Sarah, much of my focus is not on it. I am directing 30% of my focus on the battle while the rest 70% is invested in fixing the Vine Humanoid.

The humanoid had fixed enough that I have the confidence to defeat Sarah with it, but I have not interested in doing that this early.

This is a great chance for me to fix all the mistakes of my Vine Giant, and seeing there are high chances of me fighting Elijah, Jill, and Ellen today and using it in the fight, I rather fix every mistake the humanoid have; I will not get that chance in a break or during the fight with them.

While Sarah kept beating my humanoid, I kept fixing every problem it has, and it is quite nice of her to increase her power with every move; it is helping me a lot in finding the tiny problem.

"One thing about you had not changed, Micheal; you are hard to beat even when you are down," she said with a smile, but I could tell she is very angry at not being able to beat me despite using immense strength.

She had begun to channeling that anger to harvest even more power from her Inheritance; it is not just me who is getting benefits from her; she is also getting benefits from me.

She is using me to get herself even angrier and channeling that anger to harvest more power. At first, she was doing that unconsciously, but now she is doing that intentionally.

Unintentionally, I may have given her a solid way to harvest the power from her Inheritance, and I like it even one bit, especially since she is a member of Sky Saber. I would have been fine if it has been Rachel, she is a free-natured person, but Sarah is narrow-minded, just like her organization.

Still, I did not do anything, let her beat me like a dead dog, even intentionally taking more steps back to fan her ego.

As such, half an hour pa.s.sed, and I had fixed nearly all the problems the humanoid had. On the outside, the humanoid looked the same, but on the inside, it had changed very much, and now that the humanoid is fixed, its time to finished this battle.


I let out a laugh and stopped from taking a step back before swing my sword at her. Seeing that, her look of surprise appeared on her face before aura blazes around her, and she attacked in kind.



Our weapons clashed, creating a huge shockwave in the arena and also in the hearts of the crowd as Sarah took a step back. She had a shocked expression on her face as she could not believe this had happened.

I did not give her time to process, and my huge diamond vine humanoid appeared in front of her and swung my sword at her, and she responded on time despite being shocked, but this time, my sword did not clash against her but flew past her sword.

She tried to catch up with my sword, but her speed is too slow, and seeing that employed her defensive method, the most powerful one, like a blur, her wings appeared on the front of her, covering her whole body.



I laughed seeing that and attacked the weakest spot on the wings, while others may think I moved and attacked her back since wigs are busy at the front and protected by a defensive s.h.i.+eld, which is as strong as the wings.

Any defensive method that leaves any area of the body unprotected is not a good defensive method, and this one is her inheritances best defensive method; how will it leave anything unprotected.