Monster Integration - Chapter 1500 - Against Sarah IV

Chapter 1500 - Against Sarah IV

Chapter 1500 - Against Sarah IV


In this battle, I wanted to teach Sarah some lesson and prove how wrong she had been to be prejudiced around me for all these years, and instead of doing that, I had helped increase her power.

I don't know, whether it is my face or the things I do, or its just with Sky Saber's members who want to defeat me so much that they end up harnessing strength from their Inheritances.

When I had fought with Herman, his strength had also increased considerably, but it is still nothing to power up that Sarah is having right now.

Her strength is increasing rapidly that now, the power of attacks had reached highest in the champions.h.i.+p, we have surpa.s.sed the last attack that Ellen and Victor had performed each other.

'I think I had helped her enough; it is time for me to give her some challenge,' In this clash, I had not used much of skills; I used the raw power for raw power; it is time again for me to use some of my skills.



Our weapons clashed, and this time, I directly broke the momentum of her sword by striking at its weakness.

In this clash, she had been using simple moves to deal with my skill easily, but no matter how simple her moves are, I could still break them; she does not have enough battle experience to counter my skill.

I had fought thousands of life and death battles against those old ghouls in the ruin, thousands of times I had nearly died, and two times, I had reached very close to the death, and I survived and got the battle experience that barely anyone with a similar stage as me.

This experience, these skills are not easier to deal with. Raw power is away, but it only works when there is a difference of power between the two parties, and there is a difference of power, but it is an opposite difference of power.

I stole the momentum of her sword and moved my sword toward her heart, she had put up the surprise of a huge amount of Inheritance Energies which would have blasted any king to pieces, but my runes have sucked that energy, and now I am using that converted energies on my sword.

Seeing me breaking the momentum of her attack, fury blazes even higher in her eyes, and her aura begins to climb even higher at greater momentum as she moved her sword toward mine to defend her heart.


A thick aura covered her sword as it appeared in front of my sword clashed against mine, stopping my sword on the track. Seeing that, a smile couldn't help but appear on my face.

'Even in a fury, she could show some ingenuity,' I thought, seeing my stopped short. On her sword, she had created a sponge of very dense energy. This sponge act like a net that will stop the momentum of the sword and attack as once the sword is stopped, it will attack the sword and host that is using it.

It is a very powerful move she had created but very costly; it needs a huge amount of energy, even powerful Kings would not waste so much energy, but Sarah has all the energy in the world, seeing the way she is harvesting from her inheritance.

Her had failed, or it could be said it succeeded halfway as it was able to stop my sword on its track and now, I want to see how many time she could use such trick to stop my attack as my runes will take all the energy she is willing to give me.


I attacked, and clas.h.i.+ng sounds begin to ring out even more intensely, and with each failing attack, the fury in her eyes grows, and she harvests even more power from her inheritance.

Our clashes are creating huge ripples across the forcefield and shaking the ground below. If we had fighting outside, forcefields released from our attacks would have turned ground into craters, and the trees would have turned to dust.

The arena is very powerful; it is very hard for kings to anything to it; in the past thousand years, not a single battle in the area was able to for the crack on a single tile of the area, and since its inception, only one King level battle was able to for a crack on it and it single faint crack.

"Art of War: Legion!"

Suddenly, Sarah activated another more, and as she did, seven phantoms of angels that looked like her are released from her; these phantoms are very real; even normal Kings would not able to spot the difference in them seeing how perfectly they are copying aura and her look.

Now there are eight Sarah's around me, and each of them is releasing terrifying power, which is kept increasing her power; she had not let go of her earlier move; she is using two moves together.


All eight Sarah's screamed as they came at me, their attack is powerful, and their movements are synchronized, and seeing crossing their movements are, and how energy is flowing between them, I could tell they are using a battle formation which will make their attack even stronger.

Sup Sup Sup

Seeing powerful eight attacks are coming, seven diamond vines released from me. Each of the vines is diamond green, and a one-meter long red diamond blade is attached to their end.

The one-meter blade is nothing; I had to increase the side of the small blade to bigger; it does not damage its sharpness or integrity, seeing how much energy I had poured inside it for not that to happened.

The seven vines moved toward the seven phantoms like Viper, this move is quite powerful, and I want to see if these phantoms would able to stop my vines, as I planned to finish these phantoms in a single move.

I wanted to anger Sarah even more so that she would fight me at strongest so that I would defeat at her strongest.

Professor Jenkins would have liked me to finished my fight as soon as possible, revealing as little about my strength as possible.

I have followed those directions till now, but now I want to enjoy the battle since I had come out of the ruin; I had not enjoyed any blood-burning battles, and this battle had begun to burn it, first time in quite a while.