Monster Integration - Chapter 1503 - Win!

Chapter 1503 - Win!

Chapter 1503 - Win!


My attack did not break through her s.h.i.+eld, not I had expected it to, but it shook Giant Angel Sarah from top to bottom and made her took steps back.

As she did, I appeared next to her and launched another attack, not giving her any chance to respond.

She seemed to be quite furious by my sudden charge as I felt her aura is climbing explosively, but this aura will not give her the strength to fight against me.


My sword clashed against her defensive wings again, sending a powerful shockwave of energy that these metallic feathers are on the wings are trying very hard to consume.


While this time my attack failed to break her wings, its still sent her back. The defensive wings will not be broken easily; it is the best defensive method of her Inheritance.

If it had been broken by a few of my attacks, it wouldn't be the best defensive method of the angel Inheritance; not to forget, her strength is increasing every moment, making her defensive method stronger and stronger.


I continued to attack her wings over and over, always attacking the same spot. Sarah seemed to have noticed that I am attacking the same spot over and over, but she was not able to do anything against it.

She tried moving her wings at the last possible second to creating energy spong like earlier, but nothing worked.

She could do very few things against me; seeing I am making her steps back repeatedly, in the past one minute, there had not been a second where she stood on the same spot; I am not giving her a chance.

The only thing she could defend and try to harness more power from her Inheritance. So that she could become powerful enough to discard the defensive method and respond to my attacks with her attacks.

That is not going to happen; I will not give her a chance to do that, I want to finish this battle in the next few minutes, and I will do that no matter how much her strength increased and while it may not seem like it, I am halfway done in breaking her s.h.i.+eld.

Due to my repeated, fast attacks, there is a s.h.i.+t load of my Inheritance Energy spread those wings. Usually, such a defensive method destroys the energy immediately, but due to me repeatedly attacking every second and releasing a large amount of energy into it, it was not able to destroy my energy which spreading into all its weak points.

Her defensive method would have broken by now if not for her continued rise in strength; every moment, she is harnessing power from her Inheritance and using it to fortify her defensive wings further.

She is very aware of what is happening to her wings, and she is actively pus.h.i.+ng against my energy; every time I attacked her wings, I could see her energy pus.h.i.+ng against mine.

This battle had lasted longer than I had thought; well, I can't be at fault for it, it is mostly due to Sarah, who is surprising harnessing power from her Inheritance, in this battle, she had made enough progress than normal Kings would not make it their lifetimes.

Even 'Monsters' would need at least a month to make such progress, but Sarah making is less than an hour, and she is still progressing. She is far more talented than I had thought, controlling her fury in such a way that she would be able to harness an immense amount of power through it.

I am sure she had understood the mechanism of harnessing power through an Inheritance, which makes her extremely dangerous.

If she did not die before she matures, she would be one terrifying tyrant, and I sure the Grimm Monsters watching the battle had moved her up in their threat list, upper than Victor, who holds the power of storms.


Another of my attack landed on her wings, and I heard the sound I had been waiting to hear; a faint crack appeared on one metallic feather; the crack is very faint, and it even started to heal, but it did not matter, as the destruction of the wings is not far.

Crack Crack Crack


A laugh rose through my mouth as I launched another attack, and this attack created cracks one more than ten feathers, and the attack after that create even more cracks on the metallic feathers.


Sarah said with a look of horror on her face and started to push back against my energies, but it is a losing battle for her; the damage is already done, she could push back, but it will not help her much.

Crack Crack Crack…

I smiled at her from the vine giant's temple and continued with the attack till they covered the whole wings.


A loud banging sound rang out through the arena, and the wings covering Sarah broke into pieces like gla.s.s and spread on the flood before disappearing.

Sarah watched me in horror as I destroyed her defensive method, and immediately she began to summon another one but the speed of its forming slower than it should have with her strength.

With me destroying her defensive method, the shock of it has hurt her badly, but despite the grievous shock, she had wasted no time in activating another defensive method; her reaction is quite admirable, but it will not going to help her.

I poured more energy into the sword like I had not in this battle, powered up its weight enchantment further, and I swung my sword at Sarah.


My attack had broken through the newly forming s.h.i.+eld like it was paper before striking Sarah on the chest with the back of my sword, she tried to defend with her sword, but her sword was too slow.


As my sword struck the angel, she shot back like a rocket and crashed on the forcefield, hard.