Monster Integration - Chapter 1499 - Against Sarah III

Chapter 1499 - Against Sarah III

Chapter 1499 - Against Sarah III

"It is the Ghoul Ruin, right? It is because that ruin you have made such huge improvements," She asked; she knows the answer already; she just wanted to confirm it, which I will not obviously.

There are two reasons I don't want to give conformation, first because the teacher will have my skin if I did not. The 'I' is the only resource site we have, and it is a strategic resource of ours.

And second, seeing my performance, some idiots from the academy will try to stay in ruin; it is natural when one gains something phenomenal from one place, others want to visit that place and do the same thing.

We will need to take some heavy precautions against it in the next cycle. I am not a narcissist thinking it, but it will happen, and it might be one of the reasons why the teacher had asked not to say anything about the ruin in public.

"I have read about it; it is said there are lots of Ghouls there who are hundreds, thousands of years old?" She asked back; I did not reply as before, just kept my face expressionless.

"With such skills, I will not able able to beat you with normal moves; I will have to use my cards," she said, and a terrifying aura burst out of her.

There is one thing I like about Sarah, her craziness about the battle, and in battle, she became pragmatic, leaving behind all prejudice and self-ent.i.tlement she has for her opponent.

"Art of War: War Angels Fury!"

She said, and the terrifying aura released from her turned to metallic flames; they are not flames; the aura releasing from her has become dense enough that it begins to look like the flames.

Sarah had understood that she could not beat me with the normal methods, so she decided to use the raw power against me, and this move of her reeks power that air around her aura flames began to create sparks.

"Let me see whether your skills are enough to deal with this attack of mine," she said with a laugh and slashed her sword at me.

Her slash is a normal slash; there are no flashy moments in it, and that makes it have a minimum weakness or, as others might put it, it is easier to deal with since it is a simple slash.

There is the reason she chose to use simple slash, and that is because she will easily able to deal with any tricks I pulled since it does not contain any complication.

Seeing the powerful attack, a smile couldn't help but appear on my face. She is right in everything but wrong in one thing; she thinks she could blast me with such a powerful attack, but she is wrong; she is not the only one who could produce such a powerful attack.

A powerful aura burst out of me as a flood of thick energy released from my runes and spread to every inch of my body.


A laugh couldn't help but escape my mouth as I swung my sword toward her; the greatsword moved at lightning speed, making one believe it is rapier that is moving and not the greatsword.

Sarah got surprised seeing such power come from me, and she pours more energy into her attack, making faster and more powerful


Our weapons clashed; this time, I did not use much of my skill; it is a show of pure power; I did not use my skill; if I wanted to, I could have directly circ.u.mvented her sword and attacked her body directly, but I did not.

I wanted to beat her in every angle, from Skills to Method; I want to wipe that prejudice off her mind. I would have liked to beat her too, a little, but I will not go that far; her Sister and Jim will not forgive me if I did not.

A crus.h.i.+ng shockwave released from our attack, making the whole forcefield ripple and base of arean shakedown below.

A shocked expression appeared on her face as she shook by the attack lightly; the slight seemed to have to blow her fuse or something as rage appeared in her eyes which had quickly transformed into fury.


She said ever so slowly before she swung her sword again, and this time her aura begin to climb steadily, reaching higher every moment, making aura flames around her denser and denser.

The way her aura is growing at unprecedented speed, something seemed to have clicked; I could feel the slight change that is occurring in her attack; it does not only become powering, but it is becoming even more perfect.

She is now truly looked at Angel in a fury, and that is likely the reason the power of her attacks is growing as the attack itself is called 'War Angels Fury.'

What is happening to her pretty common; some attacks need an emotional spectrum to work on and greater than emotion, the higher the power they are able to harness from it.

Seeing her powerful attack is coming toward me, a smile appeared on my face. A powerful aura blasted off as I swung my sword toward her's.


Our weapons clashed and released a powerful shockwave that produced another ripple across the forcefield.

The attack is very powerful enough to make one proud to be able to produce it, but it did make Sarah feel anything other than fury, as her attack was not powerful enough to shake me; it her who shook again lightly.

"You!" she said with fury and swung her sword again as power of her begin to increase at a greater rate than before.


Our attacks begin to clash at a faster and faster rate, shaking the arena louder and louder; the crowd has become absolutely mad as they began to cheer like crazy as our attacks became more and more powerful.