Monster Integration - Chapter 1498 - Against Sarah II

Chapter 1498 - Against Sarah II

Chapter 1498 - Against Sarah II

The powerful aura's shot through our bodies; it is so intense that it made our hair move as if there is wind blowing.

"Art of War: Devine Blessing!" She said, and a golden ring appeared above her head

She flapped her wings; a single flap gives her amazing speed that would make normal Kings feel like she is teleporting.

'First Boost!'

Seeing her using her power, I did not hold back either and directly used the first boost. As I did, runes sucked the energy from my refinement and created a thick solution that spread through every inch of my body, giving me a huge boost in strength.

With the first boost activated, I moved toward her, and my speed is not slower than hers; in less than a second, we appeared next to each other and attacked.


Our weapons clashed and producing a huge forcefield that produced a faint ripple across the forcefield.

In the champions.h.i.+p, I had used the 'First Boost' before, but the power of the first boost is not this huge; if I used such power that could create a ripple across the forcefield, my opponents would have gotten seriously injured within a single attack, might have even died.

I had been holding back a lot of power, not to forget I have improved some more since I had come back, though that improvement is nothing compared to what I had gotten spending a cycle in the Ruin, it is still something.

I had been restricting my strength since I had come back, and it is the first time I had released some of that power, and I have no doubt, I will have to use all of it if I want to defeat Sarah.

"Art of War: Whirlwind of Blade!"

Right after the first clashed, she used the second attack, and her movements became extremely fast as she launched the attack.


Blade after blade come at me, her long sword have become whirlwind, launching one and attack after another at an amazing speed that is double than mine. To others watching, it looked like she is launching tens of attacks at me every moment, but she is not.

She is launching one attack at a time, but her speed is so fast that even powerful kings would not able to keep track of it, and it looked like she is launching tens of attacks at the time.

Her attack is very powerful, but I am dealing with it without increasing my speed; my speed is similar to earlier, but no attack of hers could enter the immediate range of mine.

I could see a frown appearing on her face, and she had increased her speed even more, but I had dealt without facing many problems.

In the Ruin, I had fought with thousands of years old monsters. The strength Sarah is displaying right now is comparable to the strength of the Green Kings I had faced in my last week in Ruin.

So, one can imagine how powerful Sarah is and the resources that Supremes have at their disposal to gain such strength, which I had gained surviving for cycle there.

While Sarah had the strength similar to the Green Kings, she does not have the skills that old monsters have refined over the thousands of years, and it is time for me to reveal some of the things Ive learned.

I had been holding back on too much; I have only revealed two moves and barely any skill; it is also time for me to show that.



My sword moved as it usually does, and it clashed with her very fast attack, and just as she was about launched another attack, my sword moved on her blade and destroyed its momentum with calculated pushes before moving my sword at her next.

Her eyes have become wide as soccers seeing that, there is the look of unbelievably there as if she could not believe something like this is happening or I have the skill to do something like it.

While she is shocked, she did not waste time responding. Just I crushed the momentum of her sword, she pushed more energy in it and moved her sword time mine who was going toward her neck.

She had easily caught up my sword as its speed is not much, just a little greater than before the clash after I borrowed some of the momentum from her attack.


She stopped the clash of my sword by placing her sword directly in front of mine, and this time, she is very careful not to let me crush and steal her momentum.


Right after weapons clashed, I moved my sword sideways like earlier, and this time she was aware and tried to stop, but she found out no matter what she does, she could not stop it.

It is like my sword learns every weakness of her sword and using it move forward, and she could only watch me helplessly as all her tries were to left to ruin.

My sword moved again moved, and this time, it had entered her immediate range, and her sword again appeared in front of me, radiating more power, and this time too, I used her momentum to move forward despite her many tries to spot the charge of my sword.

It moved closer and closer toward her neck, and this time, she did not move her sword to defend; she just continued to look at me.


When my sword just a hand distance away from her neck, it had stopped, and an energy defensive screen appeared in front of my blocking its way. The defensive method is nothing special, it might be one of the weakest s.h.i.+elds she has, but it stopped my sword's charge.

As I said, the defensive s.h.i.+eld is nothing special, and I could break through it if I strike its weakness; I just need to add some power to my sword, which I will not; she knows that too, that is why she used her worst defensive method.