Monster Integration - Chapter 1497 - Against Sarah

Chapter 1497 - Against Sarah

Chapter 1497 - Against Sarah

"Now, let's see who the partic.i.p.ants are of the fourth battle," Marla said, and a screen appeared in front of her with four images; with three battles finished, only four people have remained to fight.

The four images begin to shuffle up, and a few seconds later, two images come. Seeing the images, I was a little surprised at first before a smile appeared on my face; I have wanted to fight with her for a long time, and now my wish had finally been fulfilled.

"Sarah Graves of Skyber Saber Versus Micheal Zaar of Riverfield Academy," Marla announced, bringing the huge cheers from the crowd, the level as they have given to Ellen.

I did not get up immediately; instead, I closed my eyes for a second before opening them. When I got up and flew toward the arena, there is something different about me; receptive people from the partic.i.p.ant's area could sense something had changed about me.

I had something locked in me before I left the ruin; it is not runic in nature, but of consciousness; it was more life self-hypnotism which had restricted some things me, and now I am fighting against Sarah, I had released some of conscious restriction and change in me was imminent.

I felt a couple of intense gazes on me; the most intense of them all is from Marla, it lasted for only a moment, but it took me all my willpower to resist.

Soon, I landed on the arean and Sarah a few meters away from me, "Its been quite a while since I wanted to fight with you," Sarah said, stealing the words right from my mouth.

"Me too," I replied.

We had too many differences and dislikes for each other; I did not have that, but Sarah did, and due to her not changing her opinions despite my thousand tries, my dislike for her also grew.

Now, she became one of the people whom I will not talk to even if we are only two people in the room, and I am; she also feels the same.


We continued to stare at each other when the countdown begins, and that did not change anything; we continued to stare without moving.


The countdown finished, and the crowd shouted 'Fight.' Far louder than they had before, probably thinking we might finish the battle on the move like previous and decided to give us encouragement to fight longer.

As the countdown finished, Inheritance Armor appeared on our body, while mine is Armor, she'sForm,' and it is above a second level form, which is level above that of the Samual.

Till now, she had only displayed a level 1 form; it was the first time she revealed this form. It looks like she considered me quite a threat; otherwise, she would not have summoned the second form directly.

Sarah's angel form is different from the others; while Angel forms of Rachel and Manual wore battle robes, Sarah's angel wore Armor.

Sarah is wearing very extremely beautiful black steel armor with purple streaks, and her large wings are not feathery like Rachel and Samual but of Black Steel like her Armor.

Her Angel is Angel of War, an angel that is specially born for battle; other angels could not match it in the might.

Our Inheritance Armors appeared on our body at the same time, so are the sword in our hand. This time, I had taken out my real sword, not rapier than I had been using till now.

I could feel surprised gazes on me as they looked Diamond Bladed greatsword in my hand; till now, I had been using a rapier and most of them likely have thought I am light weapon user, not a heavy weapon such as this.

Only those who had read the intelligence about me or knew me knew I am a heavy weapon user.

As our weapons and sword appeared in hand, we did not move; we kept looking at each other for a seconds before suddenly we both flew toward each other.

Our speed is great, so great that we arrived next to each other moment later and swung our swords at each other without wasting a moment.


Her long sword clashed against my great sword, and just as it did, a surprise couldn't help but flash in her eyes, seeing that small smile couldn't help appear on my face.

She had a beautiful long sword with a purple metal blade and black handle; the blade had a beautiful mural drawn on it which attract attention instantly. Not only her long sword is beautiful, but it is also heavy, very heavy, the heavies weapon I had encountered in similar level human.

Still, my sword is heavier, and that surprised her as she thought she had the heaviest weapons due to that a.s.sumption; she had received quite a shock when our weapons clashed, she barely able to stop herself from shaking.


While it surprised her, it did not stop her from launching another attack right after the lightning speed; I also moved my sword at the same time as she, and we clashed again with more strength, releasing forcefield powerful enough to crush the normal kings to dust.

Such strength is very hard to see in Kings, as we are not using any energy for the clash, only our physical attributes, and that is what makes these clashes amazing.

Physical strength is extremely important; inheritance like mine or War Angel Inheritance demands greater physical strength, which is not easy to gain unless one has a huge amount of resources and can work till every muscle in one's


Our blades clashed against each other without a break, without using any energy, only physical strength.

She wants to prove it she is better than me as she always thought, and I want to prove to her how wrong she in thinking that.

We clashed nearly a thousand times before we suddenly stopped, and fearsome aura burst out from our bodies; the small test is over; it is time for us to bring out the big guns.