Monster Integration - Chapter 1496 - Two Second's

Chapter 1496 - Two Second's

Chapter 1496 - Two Second’s

"The Winner is Jillian St Palen," Marla announced, and the crowd cheered; though the cheer was less defeaning than Ellen's battle, it is still louder than one imagined seeing the mood of the crowd when the battle began.

Jill came back with applause and received in the partic.i.p.ant's area too, and she deserved it just as much as Ellen deserved hers.

She fought the battle as it should be; if she wanted to, she would have easily used a difference in power to blast Joana into the forcefield, but she did not; she used her senses to find Joana and beat her, and it is not easy to one when Empire of Mist activated.

"The battle was amazing; it might not seem like it seeing there were no earth-shattering moves, but it was."

"It is not easy to find the person once Empire of Mist activated; I myself would have taken more than fifteen minutes to find Partic.i.p.ant Joana," Marla said, the first time really saying something meaningful about the battle.

The crowd was a little surprised, but they still cheered hearing her words.

"Now that the second battle is over, it is time for the third," Marla said excitedly as the screen appeared in front of her, and six images begin to shuffle, and before two came out seconds later.

The crowd cheered loudly, seeing the name of the two people; they have left quite a mark during the battles.

"The Third battle is between Jonathan Pearson of the Silverstone Academy Versus Elijah James of Sundering Peak," Marla announced, and the crowd absolutely went mad they did during when the battle of Ellen and Victor was announced.

Both of them got up as their names announced and flew toward the arena; these two had fought during the battle royal of the top 25 but soon became allies to defeat Rachel, and now in the top 10, they will going to finished their unfinished battle, so how can crowd not excited.

"Last time, I did not get a chance you finish you, but this time you won't be that lucky," Jonathan said, hearing that smile on Elija's face stiffened and his eyes became sharp, but soon they turned to normal and smiled returned to his face.

The change in expression happened so fast that most in the crowd did not notice it, but we in the partic.i.p.ant's area did, and Joanather did, and he got angry seeing it and opened his mouth to say something, but he closed it as the countdown begin.

3, 2,1

The countdown begins, and with each number, Jonathan's eyes became intense; he looked like he wants to tear Elijar apart.

The intelligence said Jonathan was egoistic and took offense to slight things; I did not believe since he never behaved as such but seeing how he is looking at Elijah, I am willing to believe that intel.

Just for showing slight anger, Jonathan got angry at Elijah. Even I did not like Elijah for some strange reason, but I would not get angry with him showing especially when it is my mistake.

In the last battle, it was Jonathan who was at a disadvantage against Elijah, but the words he makes one think the opposite, if I had been Elijah's place, I would have gotten angry.

Still, I think Jonathan is an idiot; you should antagonize someone who is stronger than you, and Elijah is stronger unless Jonathan is hiding his strength very well, which I did not think so.

Such idiot moves make the battle harder for one, and if the other person is very powerful, then he can make things very embarra.s.sing at the arena as I did with Herman.


The countdown ended, and the crowd shouted 'Fight' as they did; both of them summoned their Inheritance Armor, but one strange thing happened, Elijah Armor immediately on his body, and he disappeared from his spot.


Jonathan's eyes widened, seeing that he summoned defensive measure; as he did, Elijah appeared in front of, and his sword moved at lightning speed and crashed through the half-formed defensive measure.

Horror appeared on the Jonathans face as they begin to move back his greatest speed, but in front of Elijah's sword, his speed is slow.

Elijah's sword appeared on Jonathan's neck, and he even drew out the drop of blood from his neck.

'What just happened?" I asked myself; the battle is over just as it finished; it barely took more than a second for a battle to finish.

The crowd did not notice what happened; only a second later, they saw Elija's sword on Jonathan's neck and a strop of blood on it, and they did not cheer, not a single one.

"Winner is Elijah James," Marla announced; her voice did not have its usual excitement when she announced the winner, she tried to fake it, but it came out a little stoic.

Sometimes even the good actors can't fake.

Few thousand people applauded and cheered at her announcement, but it is nothing compared to the usual millions.

While Elijah smiled and even waved at few thousand people cheering at him, Jonathan still in shock, he could not believe he had lost.

"I am not lost!" suddenly Jonathan screamed and moved toward Elijah, but he hadn't taken a step toward him when suddenly he fell down on the floor, unconscious; a moment later, people arrived with a stretcher and carried him away.

When Elijah came back, we all stood up and applauded; the speed he displaced is amazing; he was so fast that 'Monster' like Jonathan was not able to respond at all; even jill had not displayed such speed in her previous battle.

"It was quite a battle, hun? Finished before it even begins," she asked the crowd, totally not saying anything about the earlier incident; if I had been in her place, I would have done the same.

Jonathan acted beyond reproach; instead of gracefully accepting his defeat, he attacked his opponent when his back was toward him; it was beyond shameful.