Monster Integration - Chapter 1495 - Jill Vs Joana II

Chapter 1495 - Jill Vs Joana II

Chapter 1495 - Jill Vs Joana II

Bang Bang Bang

One after another, Jill gutted seven Joana's, which made Mist covered the whole arena, the Mist is not very dense, but it is not light either.

I had activated all my ocular abilities as the Mist became denser; everyone did the same. We did that not only to observe Jill's who till now finished all her battles in a single move, but also observe the Empire of Mist.

The Empire of Mist is a very rare art, and the more information one has about it, the better; who knows when one has to fight its host outside, Supremes held many duels and challenges among themselves.

Sometimes, they even compete for the seeds and treasures, so it is very important for the powerhouse, especially those of our standing who will become part of the top hierarchy of our organization.

It is important to have deep knowledge of the abilities of our allies as much as enemies; sometimes, lines get blurred.

Large scale war between the organization is very rare, but it happened every few hundred years. Most of the time, Pyramid is able to diffuse it or keep it minimal, but sometimes, it gets blown out of their hands too.

Once upon a time, the academy had gone through a large-scale conflict; the conflict was so great that we had lost more than half of the members to it and even had to abandon the academy for a brief period.

Though we won it by utter destroying the whole party that was many times stronger than us, the cost of winning it was too great, and that academy is very careful not to let it happen again but always prepared for it.

A minute had pa.s.sed since the battle began, and after killing nine Mist Joana's, Jill stopped chasing them, and now she stood center of the arena with her eyes closes.

Clang Clang Clang

She is not moving from her spot, as if trying to sense where real Joana is hiding, and Joana is taking full advantage of her that as she is attacking with one atta after another, and these are not simple mist arcs but really powerful attacks which Jill is easily able to deal with even with her eyes closed.

While Jill may look standing and only defending, she is undoubtedly using many methods of her Inheritance to find Joana, and there are really good sensory arts that he method has.

Ramona Hawthorn once part of our academy, and if anyone knows more about Abyssal Star Inheritance, then it is us; we know far more than the Hawthorn Sea itself, which Ramona Hawthorn herself established.

Those notes were left by her excellency Roosevelt who was a partner of Ramona Hawthorn.

Before coming to Orcoz city, I got to read some of that information, and I was shocked by what Inheritance could do; the strength Ramona Hawthorn had when she was a Tyrant was simply incomprehensible.

No wonder no one was able to match that strength even after three thousand years; the strength is too much for one to gain.

Clang Clang Clang

Three minutes have pa.s.sed since the battle begins, and now not only attacks are coming toward Jill but also all types of chains that want to bind her, but whenever chains came, her fiery sword moved and turned them to dust.

Joana even tried to box Jill in the box of Mist, but her black sword turned the box into dust.

Her fire is really powerful as the Mist from the Empire of Mist is not weak enough to break into dust by just contacting fire, but the abyssal fire of the Jill is too powerful that Mist had no choice but to break into tiny dust particles.

It would have been great if both of have had a similar level of power; one had Legendary Grand Art while the other has legendary Inheritance; their clash would have been amazing.

Everyone knows what is happening here and knows that Jill would win; she had not won yet because she could not use her full power against it. If she used her full power, she would have need a bare few seconds to finished joana due to their immense power difference.

Currently, Jill does not want to use her full power and instead decided to use finesse to finish off Joana.

Still, one has to marvel at the Empire of Mist; even after using her senses for such a long time, Jill was not able to find Joana; any other art would not have been able to illude her for this long.

Seconds ticked by, and Joana upped her offense, trying all sorts of attacks and bidings, even tried to attack Jill creating sharp spikes beneath her feet and above her; she even tried to attack her with fine needles and mist meteors, but everything crashed under the fiery abyssal blade of Jill.

A crowd that had thought the fight would end in seconds have got completely dumbstruck and now watching the battle with the keen interest which they had not displayed at the beginning of the battle.

Four minutes pa.s.sed when Jill finally opened her eyes, her eyes are s.h.i.+ning in purple light, and there was a smile on her face; her smile had entrapped the whole audience.

Since the champions.h.i.+p, she was always expressionless, but it is the first time any expression appeared on her face.

"Got You!"

Jill said with a smile and disappeared from her spot; the next second, she arrived near forcefield with her sword straight in the air.

At first, the crowd did not realize why she kept the sword this way, but they immediately understood when Joana materialized with a sad face and Jill's sword is very close to her neck.

"I Lost," she said with a defeated sigh, " I thought I would keep you trapped for at least five minutes, but I was not even able to do that," she said; Jill could only smile hearing that.