Monster Integration - Chapter 1494 - Jill Vs Joana I

Chapter 1494 - Jill Vs Joana I

Chapter 1494 - Jill Vs Joana I

"Winner is Ellen Ashford!" Marla announced, and this time her voice is very genuine, and she seemed really excited by the win; she should be; Ellen is her junior after all.


The audience let out cheers so loud that those precautions have to kick in manage the noise so that it would not blast off one's ears. The crowd is beyond pleased seeing the battles, and they let it know with their voice.

Not only the crowd had cheered, but we people in the partic.i.p.ant's area has also cheered; the battle had been excited for all of us too, it had let us know what level of partic.i.p.ants we will be facing in our battles.

Soon Ellen flew back into the partic.i.p.ant's area, and except for slight tiredness in her eyes, she seemed fine. Which had surprised quite many people and left their eyes calculating, wanting to guess how much strength she had revealed in the battle.

Clap Clap Clap

While everyone gauged her with calculating eyes, we gave her due respect she deserves for this battle; we stood up and welcomed her back with applause.

"Wow, what a battle, it completely chartered the record of the last Champions.h.i.+ng," Marla said while placing the hands on the chest.

"Partic.i.p.ants this time are super powerful, and I hope, next battle would provide us the same amount of excitement as this battle," Marla said excitedly and moved her hand up that made the huge screen appeared in front of her.

The images began to shuffle before two images came out of the remaining eight; seeing the images, a small disappointed sight came out of the crowd. Seeing the partic.i.p.ants, they did not feel this battle will be as exciting as the previous.

"Jillian St Palen of Hawthorn Sea Versus Joana Michealson of Mistson," Marla announced, and the crowd cheer, but their mood was less excited.

Seeing it is Jill versus Joana, they did not think the fight will be excited as previous or long as the previous, but I do not agree with them and nor is the people sitting in the partic.i.p.ant's area.

The crowd underestimates Joana and her Empire of Mist too much; though she will lose, it will not be a quick battle as they think. The Empire of Mist is not legendary Grand Art for nothing, and it does not come to the weaklings.

Even a person as powerful as Jill will have to spend some time to crack the Empire of Mist. If she did not have the overwhelming advantage of strength over Joana or both of them had about similar strength, then the battle would have lasted for hours.

Still, the battle will exciting; I could feel it in my gut; it will not be disappointing; I can feel it.

Soon, both of them reached the arena and looked at each other without saying the word; while both of them are silent, one had expressionless and confident, and the other is quite nervous.

Despite having a poker face, one could see in Joana's eyes how nervous she is, but one could also sense the excitement, she is very excited about the fight, and she will not give up before giving her all.



The countdown begins, and seconds later, the crowd shouted 'Fight,' as they did, abysmal flame covered Jill's whole body, and she moved toward Joana; her speed is very fast, seeing her speed, it is very clear that Jill wants to finish the fight soon as possible before Empire of Mist activated fully.

Once it did, it will take her at least a few minutes to finished the Joana, which she did not want to see.

Jill appeared in front of Joana before her Inheritance Armor had fully covered her, and she swung a sword made out of the abyssal fire.

Seeing the sword, Joana's expression changed drastically, and she begins to move back to dodge the attack, but unfortunately, in front of Jill's sword, her speed is too slow.


Before Joana could do anything, Jill's sword had reached her, cutting through her waist. Within a moment, Jill's sword cut Joana into two, creating a sizzling sound as her fire sword burned the blood.

Bang Bang

But Jill did not seem happy about it, and one could understand why, as next moment two parts of Joana turned misty while and exploded one after another, spreading mist everywhere in areana.

These two parts seemed to contain an awful lot of mist, as it covered the whole areana light, a couple of explosions more, and the whole arean will have quite a lot of mist.

Last time Joana was not able to produce such an amount of mist from the single body, so either she had been hiding her strength, or she broke through; my bet is on breaking through.

This time Joana reacted too quickly, even before her Inheritance Armor appeared on her body, and not to forget the newfound confidence Ive seen in her eyes when I saw her entering into the partic.i.p.ant's area.


A melodic laugh of Joana rang out as she appeared ten metered behind Jill and launched hundreds of misty arcs at her.

'Snort!' Puchi!

Jill snorted, and the next moment, she appeared in front of Joana, completely dodging the attack before piercing her misty sword at Joana's guts and drown out blood.


An expression of pain appeared on Joana's face before it transformed into that of a smile, and like previous Joana, this Joana also turned misty and exploded.

The power of the explosion is quite great. If Jill hadn't disappeared a moment before the body exploded, she would have got caught in, and It would have injured her quite much.

Her Abyssal Fire that is covering her would not have been able to protect her fully; the explosion may not look much, but it is powerful even that I did not want to get caught in it.

The injuries wrought by the Empire of Mist healed slowly if one is trapped in the Empire of Mist.