Monster Integration - Chapter 1489 - Top 10

Chapter 1489 - Top 10

Chapter 1489 - Top 10

"What do you think this Kid had done in the arena, Mavis?" Patriarch Bradford asked, seeing Micheal unraveling the gazebo and taking and back his vines.

"I don't know, but it must be something if he decided to put on such a show," Matron replied.

The little boy could fool the others with his acts but not them; they could clearly see he was doing something while putting such acts, but they did not investigate it, there is nothing illegal what he had done, and everyone has right to play some tricks.

Without such a trick, the Champions.h.i.+p is bland; she hopes that his trick will be something good, she will be quite sad if it is not.

"So, mavis, where did you put this young man of Riverfield Academy in Top 10?" Patriarch asked.

"He should be at 8th above your student," Mavis replied; the old man did not get angry at Mavis as she placed his student at 9th; he knows the strength of his student, and 9th is a fair a.s.sumption.

If her Inheritance had been able to use her const.i.tution's power wholly, the number would have been quite higher, but alas, their Inheritance is average at best.

"Well, I think you are wrong about him; I think he is at 5th, even 4th among Top 10," the old man said, drawing small surprise from the old women.

"Why are you estimating his such high? Are you betting on the other moves that he hadn't used?" "He is not the only one, you know? Others have hidden quite a much of their strength; they will reveal it when it needs to be," Mavis replied.

"You are right, but I still think this guy is hiding more strength than others," Bradford said before changing the topic and discussing the other things.

He barely gets time to meet the old friends, even after he retired for hundreds of years; there are tons of responsibilities, the Champions.h.i.+p have given him some time break, and after it was over, he will go back to his duties.

"You have done well, Micheal; you have come this far into Champions.h.i.+p without revealing much of your abilities; it will benefits you greatly in the further part of the champions.h.i.+p," Professor Jenkins said, and we flew back toward our Major.

Professor Jenkins is acting quite differently than usual, she is actually smiling, and her smile is not small; she is smiling ear to ear.

She is not the only one who has a smile on her; other professors are smiling too, including Professor Josephine.

Me reaching Top 10 is a great thing for the academy, a thing that hadn't happened in the past thousand years. Teacher had called me earlier, congratulating me on reaching the Top 10.

"Tomorrow is very important if battles did not last long, then two finalists should be selected tomorrow," Professor Jenkins said, gone the cheery smile she had on her face for past few minutes and her usual persona had returned.

Tomorrow will be battles of the top ten, and as the Professor said, if battles did not take extremely long, the finalist will be selected tomorrow. These two people will fight for the Champion crown day after tomorrow.

The battles tomorrow will be very intense; I will likely have to use all my strength, every bit of it, move forward in the Champions.h.i.+p, and get one of two finalist spots.

There is a very high chance I will fight my friends tomorrow; I will finally get to fight Jill and Ellen tomorrow, just the thought of couldn't help but make me excited.

There are three people I think who most powerful in the Top 10; they are Elijah, Jill, and Ellen; three of them had not much revealed their abilities, except Elijah, who revealed his amazing speed, but I think that speed is just tip of the Iceberg, he is hiding much more than just a speed.

"I hope you will reach the finals, Micheal; till now, only people of our academy able to reach that spot, and that was more than three thousand years ago," Professor Josephine requested.

Since I had entered the Champions.h.i.+p, professor Josephine never requested me of anything; she just said I should fight without worry, so her request is quite surprising, but I will try my all to fulfill it.

The academy members had reached the Final of the Champions.h.i.+p only one time, and they had to fight each other for the crow of Champions.h.i.+p; it was a battle so amazing that it shocked the world, it had got thousands of books written about it.

When we reached the Manor, it was midnight. I did not waste a second and directly went to my room and laid on the bed before closing my eyes; I did not change my clothes or shower, which I usually do.

It took me a moment to reach my Inheritance s.p.a.ce, and I begin working on it; I have nearly completed it, and if I wish, I could level up now, but I will not, I want to check every part of it before I decided to go through it.

The Champions.h.i.+p is important, but so is my future; till now, I had the perfect base, and I do not want to jeopardize even for the Champions.h.i.+p. There is another reason, the most important one, my pride.

I have pride as a creator, and my pride will net me to use my creation that I was;t completely sure of. So, I will use every minute to perfect my Inheritance and try to make it to my satisfaction before the final.

As for the battles tomorrow, I will have to win them all on my own, it will be very difficult when there are opponents like Ellen and Jill, but if I give my all, I will have a chance to win against them.

I worked for few hours before I slept; I need at least four hours of sleep to be top of my game tomorrow's battles; not sleeping will not do me any good.