Monster Integration - Chapter 1490 - Ellen Vs Victor

Chapter 1490 - Ellen Vs Victor

Chapter 1490 - Ellen Vs Victor

"Welcome to Top 10 of the World Champions.h.i.+p; are you guys excited? " Marla asked, and the crowd answered her through their cheers; they are way too happy to be here, today not only be matches of the but also of the quarter-final and finals.

Marla has quite an ability to engage the crowd, even though she is using some of her soul abilities to draw more crowd to her audience, drawing millions of people is not easy; when most of these people are Princes, normal tyrants could not do that.

But Marla is not a normal Tyrant; she was the Champion, the Battle Queen of the previous champions.h.i.+p, best of her decade, doing something like it is not that difficult for her.

"I once again congratulate all of you for reaching the Top 10; you all have worked hard to reach here," she said while looking at us in the partic.i.p.ant's area, which now has only ten seats.

The seats of each of us are quite far from each other; there are at least a meter and half distance we could not talk comfortably in such distance, it does not create a feeling of talking.

That is the reason why they have kept such distance between the seats. In the last champions.h.i.+p, an argument occurred between the two members of the Top 10, and that quickly turned into a nasty fight in the partic.i.p.ant's area, which was very embarra.s.sing for the organizers.

This time, they decided to keep the s.p.a.ce between the seats, so people could not have heartly conversation and thus have no reason for the argument.

I think the organizers overreacted; those two were idiots to start to fight in the partic.i.p.ant's area; we are not going to do that and other things; they would have at least given us a choice where we want to sit, not just pasted our names on the list.

On the left side is Elijah, who I am, for some strange reason feeling dislike and the right side of me is Sarah, who I really dislike. I would have liked if one of my friends had been on either side, I would have been fine Victor or any other partic.i.p.ants besides me who I did not know except for these two.

"I will not let your excited heart wait and start the battle immediately," Marla said, and the crowd cheered as the screen appeared in front of her with images of the Top 10.

"Let's see who will fight the first battle!" she said, and images on the screen began to shuffle up before two images tumbled out, seeing then crowd couldn't but let out another defeaning cheer.

"The first Battle will be of Ellen Ashford of Crystal Domination Versus Victor Madden of the Blazing Spear," She announced amidst defeaning cheer of the crowd.

Even against the voices of millions of people, her voice was able to reach every ear unimpeded.

The battle had started with the bang; they had chosen both partic.i.p.ants who are extremely strong; it will be a great battle, and the crowd knows it.

Both Victon and Ellen rose from their seats and flew toward the arena slowly; today, Elina is wearing a different type of suit.

It is a suit that looked like it weaved in the very fine thread of gla.s.s, and it is of holy white color; the only other color present on her gla.s.s suit is blue, which symbol of her organization drown in.

3, 2,1!

Soon they landed on the arean and looked at each other silently; they did not speak, just stood silently till the countdown started where both of them nodded at each other respectfully.


The audience shouted, and at the same time, both Elina and Victor moved at each other at great speed, even while their inheritance armor appeared on their body.

The screen showed the reaction of the crowd to their speed; they had their jaws hanging out. Till now, there was no Monster Vs. Monster battle, a single monster is fighting the monster.

Both of them showing the power that they have no shown before, especially Victor; he looked like is walking in a blizzard, seeing the show and lightning moving around his Armor; at the same time, a faint roar could be heard from him.

The roar shocked many people, the weak-willed princes in the crowd had fallen directly unconscious hearing the roar. Victor had powerful beat Bloodline; there is no intelligence what type of beast it is, the only information we have that it is Blizzard Element.

Another strange thing is that Victor using the Spear; in all the battles, he used a sword, and his info also said that he is a sword user, but the way he is holding Spear as if he extension of his body, the sword is just façade that he fooled everyone with.

Spear is where his mastery lies, and anyone should not be surprised seeing he belongs to Blazing Spear; they specialized in Spear.

While Victor looked like a walking blizzard that could destroy anything in his path, Ellen looked like a G.o.ddess that is walking in the mortal world.

A beautiful regal holy white gown appeared on her body; it highlighted every single curve of her, but n.o.body will have any indecent thought toward her; the blinding holy aura around her will make sure of that.

The regal gown she is wearing does not have a single Armor piece on her; the down looked like it will tear apart with the slightest touch of anything sharp, but Ellen did not seem too worried about it.

She seemed revealed in shock of others seeing her wearing gown in battle; she had never revealed this form before, till now she always summoned her bloodline armor, even in the intelligence there was no mention of it.

Both of them revealed things no one ever thought, and this is just starting, more surprises will come as the monsters revealed their true powers in the battle, and I could not wait for it.