Monster Integration - Chapter 1488 - Fifth Group II

Chapter 1488 - Fifth Group II

Chapter 1488 - Fifth Group II

Soon, I reached the edge of the arena; there is just a difference of three meters between me and forcefield; a powerful attack could send me there cras.h.i.+ng directly into the forcefield.

'This place is good,' I said, and the next moment, two vines came out from my legs and began to multiple around me at an exponential rate and began to create something around me that attracted the attention of half of the crowd and most of the people from the partic.i.p.ant's area.

A minute later, a beautiful gazebo of diamond vines appeared around me; there is a very beautiful combination of red and green vines. It looked beautiful to me, and the small gazebo even has a comfortable chair with an exact copy of the chair; I sat in the partic.i.p.ant's area.

Under the shocked gazes of the crowd, partic.i.p.ants, and Marla, I sat comfortably on the chair. My vines have a diamond nature, but I could make them soft as a pillow if I want them to be.

I saw everyone looking at me as I am some kind of crazy person, creating a gazebo in the middle of the raging fight, but I am not; there is a purpose to it, it is not just for the show, but other's don't have to know that.

From my gazebo, I could enjoy the battle while doing my little work in the background.

I did not want to be such flashy, but the little data collecting thing I am doing will have to be secreted, especially against the senses of Old Monsters, that professor said that is present.

The powerful artifact inside the arena may able to stop the senses of even the powerful Tyrants, but it can not impede the senses of the old monsters, and I wanted to think that I am the flashy kid who is showing off his abilities.

Once they used tinies bit of soul sense, they will know what I am doing. Though I am not doing anything illegal, I would like them not to find out and get into what I am doing.

The battle had also reached interesting pointing; the three people have completely gone on the defensive as Raina began launching the flurry of attacks on them; the only reason they have not been beaten until now is that they are working together.

Seeing the way they are fighting, it is very clear they have never worked together. Still, they are experienced enough to fight together with the unknown person, and as the battle long on, their teamwork before even better as they get to know their allies moves and fighting style and adjust according to it.

Seconds pa.s.sed, and Raina's attacks became more and more intense; they have become so intense that she turned the whole arean into Ice; it is due to me using a little bit of my fire ability through the vines that Ice had not covered my gazebo.

If I had resisted the Ice with my fire ability, I would have become a popsicle which I do not want to become; the frost power of Raina is pretty strong; I do not want to become freeze in it.

The attacks of Raina had mesmerized the whole audience and made the crowd realize that the quite-looking twin is no less powerful than the fiery twice.

While the battle is going, I decided to observe the Frost of Raina, and I was very surprised by what I had found and couldn't help but marvel at the power of her Apex+ const.i.tution.

Usually, it power of Inheritance that downed all, and in a case like me, the power of Inheritance is greater than my const.i.tution, but its const.i.tution that is powering up my Inheritance, and my Inheritance energy is made by the mixture of elements of my const.i.tution.

So, the attacks I launch will have my Inheritance energy rather than the raw power of my const.i.tution, but as I observe the Ice, there is clearly raw power of her const.i.tution here, and it is huge enough to shock the h.e.l.l out of me.

In this Ice, there is only 45% inheritance energy while 60% is her raw Frost Const.i.tution power, 55% raw frost power that her const.i.tution cannot utilize in her current stage.

It is how powerful Raina is while Inheritance is only capable of using 45% of her const.i.tution; if it had been capable of using the 100% like mine, then how powerful she would have been.

And if this true for one twin and then it much true for the other twin as well, who also have a similar Inheritance and const.i.tution with the opposite element.


While I was busy, Brent broke away from his two allies and came at me, his speed is great, and the spear attack he is launching is quite powerful; unfortunately, it will not work.

As he got closer to my gazebo, a green vine peeled out from the gazebo and whipped at him at incredible speed. His eyes popped out, seeing the vines' speed, and he moves his spear in a defensive position; unfortunately, his speed is too slow.


My vine wrapped across his stomach and smacked him across the forcefield loudly, getting a big gasp from the crowd.

I am not fighting; that does not mean I am weak; my friend wanted to fight, so I gave her a chance.

With Brent gone, the group lost their strength, and it did not take Raina even five seconds to finish them all, and Raina did not defeat them the normal way, smacking them across the forcefield.

No, she froze them on their spot, which is quite a s.a.d.i.s.t move if you ask me. To me, it looked far more s.a.d.i.s.t than me beating the c.r.a.p out of Herman.

Jeffrey and Ella are trying to unfreeze the Ice that Raina had put them, but despite using all their power, they can only melt Ice at a very slow speed.

"The Winners are Raina Addington and Micheal Zaar," Marla announced us winner after even a minute later, Jeffrey and Ella unable to broke the Ice. It is Marla who released them from the Ice; she did that by turning the frost into beautiful icy powder.

It is quite a beautiful scene.