Monster Integration - Chapter 1479 - Top 50 I

Chapter 1479 - Top 50 I

Chapter 1479 - Top 50 I

"I have to win today, and I will get one step closer to my goal," Elina said to herself and me as we walked toward the partic.i.p.ant area.

It is the next day, and today, the Top 50 will fight for the place into the Top twenty-five, and if the fights finished early, the Top twenty-five would fight for the place in the Top 10.

"Don't worry, you will win the next battle," I said rea.s.suringly as we walked into the partic.i.p.ant's area, which is big as yesterday with only half a chair and these chairs different than the chair we sat on yesterday.

"Where did they got these chairs," I asked as I sat; the chair of today is very good, far better than of yesterday. I could feel a very powerful vibration coming off from it, and it is relaxing every strain my body is feeling.

Seeing the wonderful function of the chair, I looked around. A minute later, I became very sure that this chair is not from our world; though we could make something like it, the design and runic configuration on its part is too different for it to be from our world.

I sat on it comfortably as Elina did and wait for other partic.i.p.ants to arrive. They trickle in slowly, members of an organization after another. The members of these Supremes have dwindled a lot; there is not a single Supreme that was able to maintain all their members.

Even powerful Organisation as Hawthorn Sea and Crystal Domination had found numbers of their members cut into half. In this stage of the Champions.h.i.+p, everyone is Elite; there is no one who had able to reach here by blind luck.

Everyone had arrived, and like yesterday, Mary is sitting at my right, and unlike yesterday, she is quite nervous, except for 'Monsters' battles of today, going to be very hard for everyone.

"Welcome Top 50!" Marla greeted amidst loud cheers, "Today, The 50 of your will fight each other for the twenty places, and if time has, we will commence the matches of Top 25 to get our Top 10,"

"Without further ado, let's start the battles of Top 50," Marla announced, and a screen appeared, displaying the projection of all fifty of us, which begin to shuffle, and seconds later, the two images came out.

"The First Battle will be of Ellen Ashford Versus Mack Keaton!" Marla announced and crowed cheered; some even shouted Ellens's named loudly.

On the forum, there were even bets about whether she will able to finish this battle in a single move like all her previous battles; seeing the good odds, I dumped a lot of money in the bet.

Mack is powerful; if not, he would not have reached here, but I feel Ellen will able to finish her battle and finished it with a single move. When I had met her briefly a few days ago, she had tried to blast me up with her aura; though she was not able to do that, I was able to get a feel of her aura.

It is vast; it felt vast as the sea. For one moment, I felt Ellen holds unlimited power, and I was no match for her; I knew it is soul compulsion talking, but it still gave me an idea about her strength, and if I am right, then this Mack is no match for her.

She is 'Monster' among 'Monsters' a 'Super Monster,' the only people who could make her use more than one move are the 'Monsters,' and Mack is not one.


I was right about her; as their battle begins, Ellen again covered herself in the holy aura and punched the man in his stomach, sending him cras.h.i.+ng on the forcefield. Mack was a lot more powerful than her previous opponents, but he still lost in the single move.

After her, two more 'Monsters' fought back to back, finis.h.i.+ng the fight in a single move, just like Ellen had.

"The next Battle is between Elina Charleston Salazar of Riverfield Academy Versus Harper Ryan of Crystal Domination!" Marla announced.

Time for Elina's battle came, and this time, it is a very tough opponent; Harper is very powerful; I might say he is as powerful as Elina.

"Good Luck!" I said, and this time, she might really need it; she nodded at me one last time and flew toward the arena.


The battle started a second later. It started with the bang; Harper had signature Apex Inheritance of the Crystal Domination called Crytal Dominion; it is an extremely powerful apex Inheritance, counted as one of the Top 5 Apex Inheritances of the world.

Both of their armor and weapons are beautiful; Harper had beautiful blue while armor and blade and whole Elina had her Purple Violet Phoenix Armor.

Both of them have similar strengths as none of them were able to push back the other; they clashed equally.

Half an hour pa.s.sed, and in this half-hour, the plain arena transformed into the world of fire and crystal.

Harpers is launching thousands of crystalline shards at her, and Elina is replaying in kind with the thousands of Purple Violet wisps which somehow able to neutralize the shards of the crystal.

Their battle continued, and I had thought this battle would continue for hours without seeing any result when suddenly little more than an hour later, Elina begin to get an edge.

Her fire had become slightly darker, and she begins to push back Harper. Harper had tried to deal with the powerful a.s.sault of Elina using a mix of offensive defense methods, and it worked for a while before she begins to push him back again and this time harder than before.

Minuits pa.s.sed, and Elina continued pus.h.i.+ng back when half an hour later, she was finally able to push him back enough till his leg touched the forcefield, thus making him lose the battle.

The battle seemed to tax her a lot as the announcement of her winning was made; she fell on her knees weakly, she was only able to get up a minute later.