Monster Integration - Chapter 1478 - Top 100 V

Chapter 1478 - Top 100 V

Chapter 1478 - Top 100 V

"Good luck!" I said to Elina as she got up to the battle; her opponent is from Sky Saber, and the way he is looking at Elina, she seemed to want to copy me, defeating in a way that she would feel shame about it for a long while.

"b.i.t.c.h, you will pay for what that b.a.s.t.a.r.d Micheal did?" He said as he landed on the arena.

"You are joking, right? I would have been a little worried if it had been Rachel or Sarah who had said that, but with your puny strength saying it is making me laugh," Elina asked back with a smile.

"You b.i.t.c.h, just you wait for the battle to start!" he said angrily.

3, 2, 1

A few seconds later, the countdown started, and the crowd begins chanting excitedly, waiting for another revenge battle.


The crowd shouted, and next moment and next moment, both of them burst out of great power. Both of them are fire Elements, its just that Elina had Phoenix Bloodline while Camden, her opponent, had Apex Inheritance of Metalic Fire Element.

In their first clash, it had become very clear that Elina held the upper hand in the battle as she pushed him back for more than five steps backs and began to attack him furiously that he could only defend.

Camden is now looking like he had swallowed the fly; as Elina attacked, she also taunting him before bas.h.i.+ng him with the powerful attacks.

She had reduced him to only defending; her attacks are so fast that he can barely defend against them, much less launched the attack of his own.

I looked at the people of the Sky Saber who are watching the battle with wide eyes, hoping Camden to win, but there is no way he will win; if it had Rachel or Sarah, there would have been some hope, but Camden is nothing in front of the power of Phoenix.

In just short of the month, Elina's power had grown exponentially. If she had two more months or at least a month, her power would have been equal to that of the 'Monster'; Phoenix's bloodline is not any common Bloodline.

Every host of Phionix Bloodline who was able to reach the Tyrant stage is shockingly powerful, and they are very hard to kill; they are dubbed as 'Undying Monsters' sometimes. Elina just had begun harnessing the power of her bloodline; there is so much power for her to unearth from it.

I have to say the defensive methods of the members of Sky Saber are quite good; Samual had wings Type defensive method, which was very quick and flexible despite not looking like it.

On the other hand, Herman had a defensive method that used centrifugal force to ward off any attacks that touched the surface, just like my defensive method, but my defensive method is a lot better.

Now, this Camden had a lot of defensive methods; he likely had defensive methods for every type of attack, and his defensive methods are quite good. If there has not been such a power difference between the two, Elina would have had a very hard time dominating her opponent.

She would have already won the battle; if not for her unwillingness to reveal more of her strength, she would have finished the fight sooner. This way is also good; it gives her something of the challenge to finish off her opponent in limited strength.

Currently, she is cornering her opponent by constantly attacking, not giving him a single chance to attack or run away. Slowly and surely, he is moving toward the forcefield, the direction in which he did not want to move but have no choice but to do that.

A minute had pa.s.sed by, and there is only a meters distance from the Camden and the forcefield that is covering the arena when he decided to use the speed method to run away.

He timed the moment perfectly, and if Elina had used the same amount of strength she had been using in the past attacks, there would have been an 80% chance that he would have been able to get away; unfortunately, that did not happen as instantly Elina doubled the power behind her attack.


He crashed across the forcefield and fell down bloodily; he is very much conscious and now looking out at Elina with hate.

"The winner is Elina Charleston Salazar!" Marla announced, and crowed cheered for her loudly. Elina waved at the crowd before walked into the partic.i.p.ant's arena, where she welcomed back with applause; even some members of Sky Sabers clapped for her.

After Elina finished her fight, few more people of supremes fought; in them, the shortest battle lasted for less than minutes while the longest was more than an hour; by the time evening rolled, Jill's name was announced.

Her opponent is from the Silverstone Academy, a quite powerful one, but as he stood in front of her, he begins sweating and gripped his weapons tightly.

The battle started and ended the very next second with a 'Bang' sound as her opponent crashed on the forcefield.

Jill got covered in a thick black mist like some scary phantom and appeared in front of her opponent and attacked. He barely able to see the attack coming with no ability to respond; by the time his hands moved, he found himself cras.h.i.+ng on the forcefield.

It is the seventh battle of today that ended in a single move; they did not give their opponent a single chance before finis.h.i.+ng up the fights dominatingly.

Battles after battles continued being fought in the arean, one by one; my friends finished their battles till it was time for the last battle at midnight; it was of Ellen against a young woman from Bloodsun.

Ellen crushed that young woman became the thirteenth person to finish the fight in a single move. Her opponent only saw holy light covering her, and the next second she found herself splattered on the forcefield.