Monster Integration - Chapter 1480 - Top 50 II

Chapter 1480 - Top 50 II

Chapter 1480 - Top 50 II

Battles after battles are being fought, and believe it or even at this stage; eleven people had finished their battle in a single move, the difference between 'Monster' and non 'Monster' has become apparently clear in the battles.

Twenty-three battles have been finished, and now only two battles have remained; only Me, Sophia, and the other two people have remained.

There is a quite high chance that I might fight against her, and that prospect couldn't help but make me happy; it had been quite a while since I had the last fight against my friend, and seeing the way she is looking at me, she also feels that we fight.

"The next battle will be of Micheal Zaar of Riverfield Academy and Zach Summerfield of Mistson," Marla announced, and disappointed expressions couldn't help but flash in my and Sophia's eyes; we really wanted to fight each other.

Well, Zach is not bad either; he is from Mistson but belongs to the faction of enemies of my mother, so I could not treat him as I would treat my cousin who very surprisingly won her match earlier, though the opponent she was was quite weakest.


I landed on the ring at the same time as him and found him looking at me intensely, "Micheal Zaar, I really wanted to fight you; I couldn't believe my wish of fighting you have come true," he said while giving me a canine smile.

"Yeah?" I asked back; he looked slightly angry by my short reply but got over it very quickly, "Higher-ups wanted me to test your abilities, see how you fare against me," he said confident laugh.

'Is this guy delusional or something? He clearly saw me beating the c.r.a.p out of Herman but still believing he could defeat me,' while its true this guy is powerful, as powerful as Elina, but it still not enough to face me.

Or maybe it is my mistake, till now I had shown two moves of mine and which more than any 'Monster' did and now they might be having seconds thoughts believing whether I am truly a 'Monster.'

I shook my head of those thoughts and let him believe whatever he wants; I will finish him in a single move and go back; I am still feeling quite disappointed that I did not get to fight Sophia.



The countdown finished, and the audience let out a loud fight, 'Fight!' just as they did that, we both summoned our armor.

"Vaporous of B"

Our Inheritance armor appeared on our body, and it did not waste any time and begin launching an attack, but before he could launch it, he found vines coming toward him, seeing that he immediately abandoned the attack and began to summon the defensive method.


The cancellation of the attack cost him dearly; by the time his defensive s.h.i.+eld begin forming, my vine had already reached him and broke through his defense, and began wrapping itself around him.


He tried to fight off my vines and even shouted my names, but I did not listen to it; the moment the vine had finished wrapping around him, I lifted him up and threw him across the forcefield hard!


He tried to stop the momentum, but it was futile, the distance is too short, and the force I threw him is too big; by the time he started to affect the momentum, he already crashed on the forcefield.

"The Winner is Micheal Zaar!" Marla announced with the enthusiasm that with not present when I beat the Herman; that time, her voice was very bland, and there is even some faint shaking.


The audience cheered loudly like last time, and this time, I waved at them, making their cheers even louder, and when I came back to the partic.i.p.ant's area, some people even clapped, not all of them, just my friends and my cousin despite getting glares from her colleagues.

"Nice throw; it was faster than the previous one," Elina commented as I sat back on my seat, "Herman was a little weak; I had to be a little careful not to trigger any protection amulet of his, while Zach was quite powerful, I could take some liberties with him," I replied.

While we were talking, the next match got announced and minuted later; it was finished. Sophia had blasted her opponent like rocked when he crashed against the forcefield; he fell directly unconscious, a stretcher had to come to take him to the infirmary.

"The Top 25 had been decided, and now the Top 25 will fight for the place in the Top 10," Marla said, bringing out a cheer from the audience.

The power difference between the monsters and non-monsters was too great; half of the battles had finished in less than a minute, the longest battle that had been fought is two hours long, it of Elina.

With the most battles being finished quickly, the matches for Top 50 finished by evening, giving ample time to finish off the battles of Top 25 to select the Top 10.

"The rules of Top 25 will be different," Marla said; very few people got surprised by it as most of them know the rules of selecting the top 10; it had been the same for thousands of years.

"The Twenty five partic.i.p.ants will get divided into five groups, and each group of five will fight Battle Royal till there are only two people remained standing in the group," Marla added.

From each group, two people will move into the top ten, which makes ten people from the five groups.

"Now that the Rules have been stated, let's find out the people of the 1st group, who will battle first," Marla said, and projection of twenty-five people appeared, and it begins to shuffle till five images came out of it.

"Two Monsters," I muttered as I saw the name of the two monsters in the first group, and there is also my cousin Joana in it.