Monster Integration - Chapter 1474 - Sweet Revenge III

Chapter 1474 - Sweet Revenge III

Chapter 1474 - Sweet Revenge III

People watched in shock as the defensive sphere of the Herman Collapsed, and he revealed himself bound in the diamond vines.

He looked amazing; he already has a handsome face, and his wind and lightning Armor is beautiful, and on top of that, bound in delicate diamond vines. If not for vines connecting to my right hand, they would have thought of him as a magician who is performing an 'Escaping Art.'

"Um, Ummm Ummm…"

Also, he is struggling; I kept most of his body open, binding only his hands, feet, and mouth so that he could make no sound.

I would have loved to keep his mouth opened, but I feared he would accept defeat too early, so I bound him. I have to collect interest of my revenge; I could not let him accept defeat before I collected it all.

"How does it feel to be powerless, unable to do anything despite trying your all?" I asked him slowly as he struggled, not only with physical power but also with powerful all attacks which are being smoothly absorbed by the vines.

"Seeing your expression, you do not like it, I a.s.sume?" I asked softly and as I gripped the vines tightly in my hands and lifted him in the air slowly till he reached fifteen-meter ups in the air.

I could feel the panic rising in his eyes, and he tried to attack my vines while also trying to say something threateningly.

"So you can relate how I felt when you made me criminal without being a one and gave me missions that were above my grade,"

"Every mission was dance with death; the slightest mistake and I am dead," I said with a smile.

My smile seemed to have scared him quite a bit as I felt him shudder visibly.

"You are a very powerful man, belong to a very powerful organization, a little person like me could not do anything to you other than this," I said and brought him down very hard.


He crashed into the arena like a boulder cras.h.i.+ng on the ground, but he was not a boulder, and no matter how strong his Armor and body is, I had pulled him strong enough to break the couple bones of his body.

The arena had gone completely silent; even some weirdos and commentators are not making any sound.

"I have done nothing to you, nothing and what I could have done to you? I was simply an ant in from to you when we first met," I said while remembering the moment he had come to my apartment with his nose high.

"I was weak as an ant compared to you, but you have still decided to squash that ant for no reason and the methods you use only worst of the humans would use them," I said and lifted him and this time even higher.


I begin to lift up and throw him down; each time, I would lift him higher and brought him down with even more force than before.


He is screaming and trying to use every move he has to get rid of wine as I crashed him across the floor of arean, but nothing is working; my vines have become a sponge, absorbing everything he had to give.

He is using his most powerful attacks, even some miscellaneous moves that every inheritance has to get out of such tricky situations, but nothing of them is working on my vines.

They remained strong as ever without gaining a simple scratch; they may look delicate as jewelry, but they are anything but that.

I could feel his blazing killing intent; it is so great that it could drown a normal person to unconsciousness, but it nothing to me. Forget my Killing Rule power that helps in dealing with the Killing Rule; the killing rule I am feeling in my heart is ten times as this and a lot more refined.


"That year, I felt most hopeless Ive ever felt in my life and understood what people in high position could do; rules are just words to them which they can ignore at their convenience," I said and began to crush him down with even more power.

My words are very sharp, and a lot of powerful people are going to be very angry hearing this; it might even affect the academy.

I understood their gravity of my words and the effect they could cause, but I am still saying them because they need to be said.

Though my words will not stop people like Herman from oppressing others, I hope it will give those being oppressed hope. Ive come across some people who are oppressed by the powerful, and not everyone fights back; some chose the easy way out, die by suicide.


"I really hate you, you know," I said and again made him crashed across the floor repeatedly, breaking numerous bones of his body.

In these few minutes, I must have broken the hundreds of bones of his, even thousands, and injured him quite much, but the injury of his is not serious, or not serious enough to activate the life-saving charms.

I am very careful about that and using the perfect amount of force and angle to crash him down; I want him to experience maximum pain and shame without threatening his life.

Activation of his life charm would end dastardly for me; it would bring 'Attempt to Murder' charges on me which I did not want. I have experienced the criminal's life, and I don't want to experience it ever again.



I had stopped talking, and now, I am just beating the s.h.i.+t out of him with far more fervor than before. There is something strange in him; just a second ago, I had felt a huge amount of energy coming from deep inside of him and begin healing his injuries at a very fast speed.

Now, I want to see how long this strange energy could keep healing him because I am beating the s.h.i.+t out of him without holding anything back.