Monster Integration - Chapter 1475 - Sweet Revenge IV

Chapter 1475 - Sweet Revenge IV

Chapter 1475 - Sweet Revenge IV


"This young man is quite spirited, don't you think, Mavis," Patriarch Bradford he watched kid from the Sky Saber beaten down to every inch of his life in the most humiliating way.

"He deserved it; using the power of one's organization to oppress those who are without any backing is worst of what we humans could do," Matron Mavis said before she turned and directly looked into the eyes of the leader of the Sky Saber into the eyes.

"It should be us Supremes who should set a good example in front of others, not show them how to use our authority to oppresses others," she said, and this time her voice as hard as iron.

Due to the way their founder grew and the rules laid down by her, Hawthorn Sea abhors those oppress the other, and they have the strictest punishment for them. They have many times expelled their members when they found them using authority in an unjust way.

There was even a famous case of expelling the successor when they found out how he was misusing his authority; they had not only expelled him but also sealed his power, he died a month later by suicide.

"Matron Mavis, this matter was years past us; we have punished him for what he did and even sent big remuneration," One Vice lord sitting beside the leader defended.

"If I cut some of your limbs, will the remuneration would be enough to calm the anger of your organization?" Matron Mavis asked while putting a wizened smile on her face; seeing her smile, many people from the Sky Saber shuddered visibly.

Matron Mavis is another name Smiling Mavis; it is Matron Mavis only smile on two occasions, one when she was happy to line normal person, and other time when she was feeling urge to kill, she had slaughtered hundreds of enemy Tyrants in the last war while having the same smile on her face.

"Matron, we have done enough; he should be grateful we have done that much; other Supremes have done even that," Said the leader of Sky Saber in his deep voice.


A couple of snorting voices rang out across the multiple stations of supremes; everyone knows how shameless Sky Saber is; it is most shameless supreme.

"Change your thinking, young man; such thinking has brough ruins to many organizations, including a Supreme," Said Patriarch Bradford before Matron Mavis could say anything.

The leader of Sky Saber opened his mouth to say something but closed it and looked at the station of the Riverfield Academy and looked at their Headmistress in the eyes and felt surprised in the heart.

He is one of the most powerful men in the world. So powerful that he could slaughter other Tyrants like chickens, and when he looked at the eyes of Riverfield Academy's mistress eyes, he expected her to flinch away or at least show some fear.

Nothing of that sort happened; the weak little Headmistress of the Riverfield Academy looked at him directly in the eyes without showing any fear; he even saw the pride that was hidden in those eyes.

He looked at her for a couple of seconds before looking away. He notes down everything that is happening; he is not a person who forgets the insults done to him or his organization.

The little b.a.s.t.a.r.d dared to insult his organization on the world stage, he dared to insult a Supreme, and for that, he will pay the price, not only he but Riverfield Academy will also pay the price including that Headmistress of it which is showing pride for her student.

Last time he did not take action with respect for Hawthorn Sea and Wisdom Tower, but this time he will take action.

'It will not matter even if Hawthorn Sea and Wisdom Tower protecting it from behind; it will be a little bit of manipulation with few people dying, the deed will be done before the Wisdom Tower, and others could know what happened.'


I kept banging him across the floor, injuring him before the strange power could heal him. I have to say that strange power that came from deep within him has surprised me greatly, its healing efficacy greater than I had imagined; it is healing his injury at a lot faster speed than I had imagined it to be.

Its a great thing for me; I had thought after I break all his bones, I will have to stop and so as not to trigger any life-saving charm, but with this strange energy, I could beat him the way I want.

Seeing how much power I am using to crash him repeatedly on a flood like a ragdoll, it much be torturous for him, even I who had experienced all type of pain when I think about the pain he must be feeling.

While the pain is great, it will be not long-lasting; the long-lasting would be the shame; he would be a guy that got thrown like ragdoll hundreds of times without creating a shred of resistance.


It is not like he is not resistant; he is heavily resisting; even now, he is screaming through the bondage while attacking my vines with powerful attacks, but they are not working as my vines like sponges sucking all the power from the attack.

That power is being converted into the saw energy and used to it, throw him even more forcefully across the arena.


It had been barely five minutes since the battle started, and I had thrown him on the arena more than a hundred times, and since the first time threw down, crowed had been silent, not making even a slight sound.

The only ones that are making the sounds are commentators; after the initial shock, they started talking in full force; this is the kind of Juicy thing they needed, and they are using all the words they have in vocabulary to make this fight even juicier for their viewers.