Monster Integration - Chapter 1473 - Sweet Revenge II

Chapter 1473 - Sweet Revenge II

Chapter 1473 - Sweet Revenge II

"There seemed to be a heavy feud between these two children," Patriarch Bradford commented.

"Well, you wouldn't if you had someone tried to kill you through the insidious means," Matron Mavis asked back while casting a glance at the Sky Sabers stations.

The people from the Sky Saber looking like it had nothing to do with them; they are not at fault.

"Good, good, it adds spice to any compet.i.tion when some revenge or feud is played out, it makes Champions.h.i.+p even more interesting," "Don't you think Mavis?" Old Man asked, "Hmm!" The and women hummed in affirmation.


The countdown begins, and they continued looking at each other; his eyes are filled with bubbling anger, barely restraining himself from attacking while I remained calm; there is no speck of killing intent that could be felt from me.

While we may show emotions or no emotion, it is undeniable that we will attack each other the moment the countdown is finished without wasting even a moment.

1 "FIGHT!"

As the countdown reached one, the crowd shouted 'Fight' loudly; that exact moment, we both summoned our Inheritance Armor.

His Inheritance Armor is Green Purple; it looked like it is made of wind and lightning. From the intel academy was able to acquire, he does not have Apex Inheritance, but a year ago, he and Miranda had acquired something in the Ruin that made them as powerful as Apex Inheritance holder.

"Ravaged Storm!"

He said, and wind and lightning covered his whole body before flowing out of his hands toward me; as it came at me, it started to get bigger and bigger, releasing powerful fluctuation that is really powerful.

Seeing the attack coming, I couldn't help but frown lightly; the attack had too fast; he had launched the attack right at the moment his Inheritance Armor appeared on his body. This is way too fast; he is second faster than normal Inheritance to launch such a powerful attack.

He understood; he scored big with such a quick and powerful attack; it could be clearly seen from his smile.

It is hard to respond to such attacks as by the time one did; the attack already would reach close to one, and there very few people defend against such huge attack without getting injured in return, its good thing I not one of those people.

My self-created Inheritance and my special Inheritance Runes give me all the power I needed instantly; if I wanted to, I could have launched my attack at the same times as his, but I did not, I decided to wait for a fraction of a second.

Let him have his moment because it is the only one he is going to have; after I started, he will become incapable of doing anything.

'Rose Vines!'

I let the storm come close, and when it had crossed more than half a distance and grown more than five meters long, I attacked.

I released three vines from my hand, I could have easily launched ten times more, but three would be more than enough for me to deal with him, he is strong, but he is not that strong, three vines with some of their special abilities revealed would be good enough.

Three diamond green vines moved toward the storm; my vines are completely green except for the really sharp red tip that looked like it could pierce through anything.

I could see his lips curling as I saw my delicate diamond green vines, thinking these delicate-looking vines will shatter the moment they came in contact with his storm; I wish I could tell that idiot how his storm is nothing in front of his vines.

No worries, he will see it a second later and receive quite a shock; I am going to show him the ability of vines, which I had not used since I had gotten out of the runes.

Sup Sup Sup

Finally, my vines crashed into the wind and lightning storm of him and pierced through it; while pa.s.sing through it, they begin to suck the storm apart by visible speed.

This ability is not new before becoming the King; my vines had this ability, that is how I used to such the poison and harvest the Grimm Monsters, but that time, the vines were not able to such the active attack unless they bound the attacker.

Now, my vines could such an active attack; the more vines I use, the more power of the attack they can absorb.

By the time the tips of my vines pa.s.sed through the storm, the six meters had spread storm and had reduced to the four meters, and it is still reducing my vines are still pa.s.sing through it.

As my vines pierced through the storm, they increased their speed suddenly, and their movements became even more graceful than before.

Herman saw the vines coming at me with the speed of lightning, and thoughtful expression appeared on his face for a fraction of a second, as if thinking of ways to deal with the coming vines, which are coming at like a dreadful dagger.

"Storm Sphear!"

He said, and right that moment, a sphere of wind and lightning came out of him, and by the time my vines have reached him, the sphere had completely covered him from every angle.

The defensive method seemed very powerful, the wind and lighting are thick, and they are spinning at a very speed. It is similar to my Rose Cover, a very hard-to-deal defensive method.

Though it is harder to deal with, my vines are very capable of dealing with defensive methods.


The small red tip of the vines began to spin at a very fast speed and tore through the defensive method of Herman.


The audience seemed to be shocked by the ingeniousness that loud gasps could be heard around the arena.

My vines have pierced through the Sphearicle defensive s.h.i.+eld of Lightning and Wind and reached Herman. As they reached him, they did not attacked him as he expected but flowed around his body and bound him.

He tried to resist, but before he could put much resistance, his hands, legs, and mouth had been completely bound by my vines.